How To Make a Server in Minecraft – The Ultimate Guide 2023

How To Make a server in Minecraft?

How To Make a Server in Minecraft: In this no-cost CodaKid tutorial, we’ll give step-by-step instructions on how to create the Minecraft Server – including how to host your server at no cost.

Alongside advice regarding how you can set up your free Minecraft servers on our website, we also provide step-by-step instructions on how to create multiplayer games that allow you to play games with family and friends.

CodaKid CodaKid is awestruck by Minecraft We also instruct thousands of students every year through Minecraft Modifying with Java, the Java programming language. We hope you will appreciate this guide!

Step 1: Get Minecraft Java Edition

These guidelines require that you have Minecraft Java Edition. Minecraft Java Edition. If you have the console, pocket, or Windows 10 edition of Minecraft it is not capable of hosting your own server. Minecraft Java Edition can be bought or installed by clicking here.

If you already have Minecraft Java Edition, then you are able to proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Get the Latest Version of Java

The first step to set up a Minecraft server is to ensure that you are running the most recent version of Java installed. Minecraft needs Java to run and the most up-to-date version of Java will allow us to manage our server without problems.

You can download the most recent Java version here. Java on this page. After that, click on” download” on the blue Java Download button as you will see below:

Get the Latest Version of Java

After that, you must read and agree to the terms of service by clicking the “Red “Agree and Begin Free Download” button.

How to make a server in Minecraft

This Java installation run-time file should be located in the download folder on your computer. If you require help getting to the Downloads folder, enter “downloads” to your computer’s search bar and then go to your Downloads directory.

Tutorials Setting up a server - Minecraft

In the downloads folder, look for your JavaSetup executable file, and then launch this program. A pop-up window will be displayed asking if the program will make modifications to your system. If you click to grant access You may be asked for an account password to gain access.

How to Make Free Minecraft Server

After the application has loaded, then click install Java.

After the application has loaded, then click install Java

If you are requested to remove a previous Java version. Do this since having an older version installed does not assist with server configuration.

How to Make a Minecraft Server

After any previous versions have been removed, continue to follow the instructions until Java is installed and up-to-date.

server in Minecraft

server in Minecraft Close

The first step of setting the Minecraft server is now completed. The next step we need to complete is downloading and setting an actual Minecraft server directory.

Step 3: Download the Minecraft Server

The first step to downloading the Minecraft server involves downloading server.jar. Server.jar download via Minecraft’s website. Minecraft website.

Optional: If you’d like to use an older version of Minecraft, you can see the list of Minecraft versions below. Make sure you click the Server Jar for the version you’d like to be sure that it has the Server.jar necessary to proceed with the following steps.

This link contains the most recent version available to download directly from the Minecraft official Minecraft website.

When you arrive on the page, click on the Download Minecraft server jar link as it is shown.

Download the Minecraft Server

Be aware that you may have an older version than the one shown in the photo. This is normal because the most recent Minecraft version of Minecraft is always being upgraded.

Your computer might warn the computer that the download may be damaging to your system. This is due to the fact that the .jar file is considered unsafe when downloaded on most browsers and on computers. Simply click Keep since the file is an official Minecraft server .jar file that is safe to download.

Download the Minecraft Server Keep

Before running this .jar file, we must create a folder that can house all the files. The most common method is that you create the server file on the desktop. To create this folder you need to go to your desktop and click on an empty space. Click New > Folder, and then click to create a brand new empty folder.

Free Minecraft Server

When it’s clicked, it will allow you to change the directory’s name. Therefore, choose a name that lets you can identify it as it is your Minecraft Server.

How to Create Your Own Minecraft Gaming Server

Go back to your Downloads folder, in the same manner, you did before, and then right-click on Server.jar and copy the file. we’ll put it in the new folder that we created in the next step.

Create a Minecraft Server

After you’ve got your Server.jar copied, go back to your desktop, and then open the server folder that we created earlier. After that, right-click in the folder that is empty and copy your duplicated .jar file.

Make a Free Online Minecraft Server

In the folder, right-click on it, then click open to start the application. This will create the necessary configuration files to run your server. They will be neatly arranged in the new folder that we created.

Minecraft server

By downloading these files, you must agree to the EULA agreement to allow our server to continue running without closing immediately. Download and then save the EULA.text file.

a server in Minecraft

If you open this file, you’ll find the line with eula=false. You can change this to read eula=true like illustrated below.

Setting Up Your Own Minecraft Server

Once you have made the changes, After the change is made, go to File and Save. This will save your text file, ensuring that the agreement is final. After that, you can get rid of the text document.

How to Setup a Minecraft

It is the next thing to do: start the server.jar file once more to download additional folders. Then, open your server.jar file to start the server.

Minecraft Server Download

You’ll see lots of text documents that are new and the server window which opens in the manner shown below.

text documents as well as a server

Your server is now officially up and running and is set to go! The players should be able to see your server’s game under the multiplayer tab when they are on the same connection the server is running on.

If you’d like to host the server in order that your friends can play using a different connection We have an article below that covers this.

Before we get into playing global together with friends, we’ll look at the commands we can use on our server and some server-specific customization.

Step 4: Commands to Run the Server

The next thing we’re planning to create is an executable file that we will use to start our server and make it run more smoothly, avoiding any lag that could.

The first step is to create a brand new text document which we’ll save as a .bat file. Browse to the server folder, and then right-click to create a new text file.

Commands to Run the Server

After the document has been created, be named something that is easily identifiable as the document that will launch our server.

Commands to Run - the Server

Once the file is renamed double-click to open the file and insert the text as is shown below. These are commands that help the server run efficiently.

Useful Command-line Commands on Windows

Let’s take a look at exactly what these commands do and what they can do to our servers. The -Xms1024M and the -Xmx1024M are two lines that assist in making the server run faster by using larger RAM memory. This will allocate a gigabyte of RAM memory to the server to work on.

It is important to note that a jar and server.jar serve as the server.jar file that we share in the same directory. Important note: If your jar file’s name is something different from server.jar it is necessary to be able to identify the exact name of the file in writing.

In the end, the stop at the end of the process allows the program’s batch file to remain open. This helps to identify any issues that could cause a server to crash on start-up or during the game.

The next step is to save the file. Click” File > Save as” to save the file, as we’ll change it into batch files instead of an actual text document.

Run the Server to Commands

When you are in the save as menu goes to the section that you can save as a text document and then change it on all the files. This allows us to change the kind of file that is saved to.

Setting Up Your Own Minecraft - Server

When you have all files selected After selecting all files, After selecting all files, add “.bat” to the name of your files. then save. This creates a new version of your start-server file which is now a batch file.

How To Make a Minecraft Server - The Ultimate Guide

The next step would be to remove the text document that was previously used so we’re not in a confusion about which document we require. The text file must state that it is a Text Document, which is the type we’d like to erase.

Make a Free Online Minecraft Server Using

You should now test the server, and ensure it starts using your batch files. Start the new file and verify that the server begins. If it doesn’t open the server window Make sure you have the right JAR file name for the command you need to run.

Create a Minecraft Server on Windows

If your server has launched successfully, make sure you quit the server window and the command window which launched the server. We’ll now customize our server further.

Step 5: Setting up Server Properties

We’ll now look at property settings for servers that you can modify to alter the kind you want to play in the Minecraft game you wish to play on your server. The server properties file should be opened.

Setting up Server Properties

If you go here, you’ll find a variety of text sections. Let’s look at some of the important sections, and take a look at the things that you’ll most likely need to modify.

up Server Properties

The properties in the image above are a few of the most important ones that you should know about. First, the “gamemode=survival” property is the one that determines the game mode that you and your teammates will be playing in the server default.

The default is survival which means you’ll have food and health to control during the game. The setting to “gamemode=creative” allows players to create, break and fly, as they are invincible and unkillable within this game mode.

The next “spawn-monsters=true” is a property that tells the server that monsters and dangerous enemies will appear. Changing this to “spawn-monsters=false” will stop monsters from spawning even in survival mode.

One of the most important characteristics we have seen in our experience when using Minecraft servers is the “pvp=true” section. PvP is a reference to player vs. play, so this determines whether or not players are able to cause harm to one another.

By default, this setting will be set at true, meaning players could hurt or damage each other during games. Set this to “pvp=false” will block the ability of players to hurt one another.

The command line “enable-command-block=false” is a line that disables the use of the programming command block in the server. Setting this to “enable-command-block=true” will let the command block be used.

The command block can be a useful tool with the fundamentals of programming for Minecraft players. CodaKid offers helpful tutorials covering the command block’s use and the fundamentals of programming in Minecraft.

Below is the line for command blocks. This, you will find the line that determines the maximum number of users who are allowed to join the server.

The default here is “max-players=20” which means that if need a server that is smaller, modify the number to a lower number or, if you wish to host a large number of people you can increase it.

The two properties that are highlighted include the server-IP as well as the level name. Server-IP will be utilized in the next stage of port forwarding in order to play around the world with your fellow players.

The level name determines the world you are playing in on your server. This is defaulted to “world” in default, as an undetermined Minecraft world is created when you create the server files.

It is possible to change it by using any level or map you find on the internet, however, it is important to place the entire map file inside the server folder, and modify”level-name=world” to “level-name=world” into “level-name equals” your name for the new map.

It is now clear that we’ve got a solid knowledge of the server’s properties and the way to personalize our server. Now, let’s do some more work to enable our server to play with our friends.

Step 6: Port Forward to Play Globally (Optional)

Port forwarding is needed to allow the other users to connect to your server even if they’re not connected to the same connection locally. If you are looking to play with your local server using the same connection, this step is not necessary.

It is vital to keep in mind that port forwarding could create security problems, so ensure you follow the steps to forward port traffic carefully.

Each router is unique in terms of setting port forwarding. The router can be used to establish an internet connection wirelessly. It is essential to follow the steps below to access the admin page of your router as we’ll be port forwarding an exact port address that Minecraft uses.

Follow the page and then scroll down to”list of routers available” to discover your router. Do not click on any ads and don’t download any software downloaded from this site. Other software is not required to do this.

Port Forward to Play Globally (Optional)

Once you have arrived at the router’s page that you are on, follow the steps for setting up an entry for port forwarding. The steps will vary between routers, however, the most common steps with all routers are the following. Create an IP address with a static address

Log into your router, and go to the section on port forwarding

Create a port forward entry

This website will walk you through each procedure for your particular router in great detail. When you are at the stage of creating an entry for port forwarding, ensure that you name it with a name that is easily identifiable, such as Minecraft The port’s number must be 25565. The port forward website offers a helpful guide regarding port forwarding for Minecraft here.

Once you’ve got this all set up, it’s time to verify your Minecraft server and see whether everything is functioning properly.

The most difficult part of testing your port forwarding work is that someone with an unrelated connection to you needs to test and determine if they can join the Minecraft server. Port forward provides steps for this on the page above but we’ll provide the steps for this as well.

Step 7: Connecting to your Minecraft Server

Let’s make a connection to our server. The initial step will be to execute our batch file to begin the process of connecting to the server.

Connecting to your Minecraft Server

Once the server is up and running you can open the Minecraft launch page. Make sure to install the right version of Minecraft that corresponds to the jar that you downloaded.

As of the time of writing the article, Minecraft 1.15 was the version that I had downloaded. 1.15 was the most current version and also the server downloaded it. If it becomes outdated, I can create another server or start with the 1.15 version of Minecraft.

It’s an excellent idea to create an unofficial version of Minecraft which we can join our servers. To make this happen, visit the Installations tab and then click”+New.

to your Minecraft Server

When you are done, you need to label the installation using the server’s name and version of Minecraft and choose the version that is the version number that your server download has.

Below is an example of version 1.15 which is why you must alter this according to the latest Minecraft Server version. Make sure you click Create to complete the installation.

Minecraft- server

Next, find it in your list and click Play to launch Minecraft.

Next find it in your list and click Play to launch Minecraft.

Once Minecraft is launched go to the Multiplayer tab.

Once Minecraft is launched go to the Multiplayer tab

Once in the multiplayer tab, click Add Server.

Once in the multiplayer tab, click Add Server

After the new page was opened when you click add server Make sure you add your server’s name as well as the server’s address. This is your IP address that is public to ensure that other players can connect to you.

The IP address displayed in the image is only an illustration. You must enter your own unique IP address. You can find it on the link. It is possible to add a colon and port 25565 before the address. An example would be 123.456.789.0:25565.

server in Minecraft Edit

After this, it should appear that your server is being created and trying to connect. If you’ve experienced a failure to connect, connection, verify the IP address that you have entered as well as your port forwarding configurations.

If you have a green connection indicator with open connections with your server then you can join and play with your very own customized server!

Next Steps

Playing with a Modded Server

When managing your server or playing with your friends you may wish to test some mods. This guide is helpful below on how to add mods to the server that we recently set up! To allow your friends to join the modified server alongside you, they must be able to play with the same mods you do and also an enhanced version of forge Minecraft.

Creating your own Minecraft Mods

If you are a fan of Minecraft Mods and want to make your own mods that you can use on your own servers CodaKid offers a variety of courses that can show you how to build your own customized creatures, biomes dimensions, crazy explosions, special effects and much more!

Minecraft programming makes you feel fun and excited It also teaches you how to master Java programming using Eclipse. Eclipse IDE.

Our courses include text chat and screen share assistance by live engineers in case you need help and our courses come with a free two-week trial!

We also provide individual online coding classes that will teach Minecraft Modding, Roblox Game Development, Python, Scratch 3.0, JavaScript, Unity, Unreal Engine, and other things.

We hope that you enjoyed our How to build the perfect Minecraft Server, the Ultimate Guide. If you liked this Minecraft server guide, we’d love for you to give it to acquaintances.

How to make a server in Minecraft – FAQs

How can I create a Minecraft server?

How to Set Up Your Minecraft Server

  1. Check the latest version of Java. Because Minecraft is a game that uses Java the first step is to check that you are running the most recent version of Java. …
  2. Download Minecraft Server. jar. …
  3. Save the Batch File as a Batch to run the Server. …
  4. The Server Window. …
  5. Transfer Your Ports. …
  6. Connect to your server. …
  7. Change the settings on the server.

Is making a server on Minecraft free?

Mojang provides free server software which users can download and use to control their servers. It is possible to download and install this Java Edition server on the Minecraft website. Before you download, however, you’ll need to ensure that you have the most current version of Java installed. This is crucial for security.

How much does Minecraft server cost?

Best Minecraft Server Hosting – Summary

Host Price From Control Panel
Apex Hosting $3.99 / month Multicraft 2.0
Hostinger $8.95 / month Multicraft
Gamescom $2.50 / month Multicraft
ScalaCube $2.50 / month Dedicated

How do you make a Minecraft server with Java?

How To Make a Minecraft Server – The Ultimate Guide

  1. Step 1: Get Minecraft Java Edition.
  2. Step 2: Download the latest version of Java.
  3. Step 3. Install your Minecraft server. Minecraft Server.
  4. Fourth Step: The Commands required to run the Server.
  5. Step 5: Configuring the Server Properties.
  6. Step 6: Port Forward to Play Globally (Optional)

Can I buy a Minecraft server?

You can set up your very own Minecraft server by selecting an option from a service provider, determining the size you require, and then selecting the version you want to begin with. The majority of the packages are immediately deployed after checkout. Your server is up and running in a matter of minutes.

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