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Regisconnect Login at

Regisconnect Login: Have you tried to log into’s official portal using your Regisconnect login? Pay attention to this post, and you’ll be able to figure out be able to follow the exact procedure for logging in to the site.

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What is Regis Corporation?

Regis Corporation is a US-based company that runs, owns, and manages one of the biggest beauty salon chains around the globe, specifically across the United States and Canada, in addition to Puerto Rico.

It has over 10,000 salons that are under its name. It was founded by the duo of Paul Florence Kunin in 1922. Regis Corp.’s headquarters is located at St. Louis Park, MN.

The salons run under the control of Regis Corporation-run under various trade names. Some of the most prominent ones include Regis Salons, Super Cuts, SmartStyle, Master Cuts, Cost Cutters, Sassoon Salon, Roosters, and First Choice Haircutters. Hairstyling services offered include hair cutting, hair coloring, and numerous others.

Here’s the brief profile of the business. After you’ve learned about the company better, you can proceed through the Regisconnect login instructions. But first, you must study the information you’ll need to log in to the website and create an account.

Requirements of RegisConnect Login

  • You will need to know the Official RegisConnect Login website URL.
  • Make sure you have an authentic RegisConnect Login username and password.
  • Make sure you are using the most recent version of your browser.
  • P.C., Mobile Phone, Laptop or Tablet, or any of these devices or devices.
  • Excellent Speed and Internet Connection

Regisconnect Login at – Step by Step Guide

Follow the steps carefully in case you are a first-time Regisconnect user.

  • Go to your account on the Official Regisconnect Login website by visiting

Regisconnect Login

  • Please enter your Regis username and password into the spaces provided.
  • Check the box of Policy Agreement.
  • Then, click”Log in” now. LOGIN button.

How to Reset Regisconnect Login Password

Please follow the steps below to change your Regis connect login password if you don’t remember it.

Reset Regisconnect Login Password

  • According to the image above, If you want to verify your password, click the “Forgot Password?” link.

How to Reset Regisconnect Login Password

  • Now, enter your RegisID into the empty box.
  • If you’ve forgotten your RegisID If you have forgotten your RegisID, ask your associate to assist you in finding it in the RegisConnect Employee Directory. They can locate it.
  • Regis Connect Employee Directory Regis Connect Employer Directory can be accessed from the Information menu for employees. Information menu.
  • After completing these steps, follow the Get Questions option.
  • Follow precisely the guidelines displayed that are displayed on the screen.

How to Recover Regis Connect Employee Account Login ID:

There is currently no self-service online choice on the Regis Connect Portal to locate your Regis ID. If you have forgotten your identification number, you can request your coworker or another Regis Corporation employee to search for the Regis Connect Directory of Employees to discover your user ID with your name. The directory is available under the Employee Information menu.

Regisconnect – Contact Details

If you’ve completed RegisConnect steps and are having trouble resolving your issues, you can use the following contact information. Let me walk you through the Contact information today,

Official Regis com login link –

Corporate Address

Regis Corporation

3701-Wayzata Boulevard

Suite-500, Minneapolis, MN-55416


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Why am I not able to use my Regisconnect Login?

You can’t log in to your Regisconnect account due to experiencing issues with your internet, or your server might not be responding. Please notify Regis about the problem if you can fix it but cannot resolve the issue.

I cannot access my Regis Insite Email on the New Regisconnect link.

Regis Insite mail is the student portal service of the Insite Regis Edu. The university portal isn’t identical to Salon’s Regis Connect portal for Salon. The Insite Regis Edu is for Regis University

What are the benefits of accessing login?

Through login, you can access your company directory and view basic employee information. Check information regarding pay stubs using Regis com login. login portal works to aid employees in managing their tasks more effectively.

How do I contact Regis Corporation?

Contact at [email protected] or 800-345-7811 with any questions.