Does CVS Sell Stamps In 2023?

Does CVS Sell Stamps

Does CVS Sell Stamps: If you’re looking to buy stamps in a hurry, but you want to avoid the lengthy line at the post office, you could consider purchasing stamps at your local food, drug, or convenience shop.

Also, since CVS together with their pharmaceutical offerings, provides customers with a large selection of staples for everyday use at their retail locations, you may be thinking about whether CVS also sells stamps.

CVS Sell Stamps

Does CVS Sell Stamps In 2022?

CVS offers a broad assortment of postal stamps as of 2022, in form of a book of 20 stamps at a cost of $10. Customers can pick them up at the cashier’s counter at any CVS in-store store. Please note that CVS does not sell stamps online.

If you’re looking to learn more about the different types and prices of stamps that are sold at CVS and the other options offered, and more, continue reading!

What Type Of Stamps Are Available At CVS?

CVS is currently selling First-class stamps which are sufficient to mail a standard 1-ounce letter (also called Forever stamps) in all of their store stores.

They can only be purchased in a set of 20 since CVS doesn’t sell stamps individually. It is important to note that CVS has only stamps of general designs like the US flag and other common symbols.

So if you’re contemplating buying a selection of stamps with different sizes and denominations as well as in various styles that correspond to various events and seasons, you ought to visit your local post office instead.

How Much Do Stamps At CVS Cost?

CVS offers stamps at similar prices to those at the US post offices, and that’s approximately 10$ for a booklet. Because the face value of one single Forever stamp amounts to 0.55dollars, purchasing the stamps in a book of 20 could cost you as much as 1.20dollars overall.

In addition, as the name implies, Forever stamps do not decline in value with time, regardless of whether postage prices increase, so buying the booklets of 20 is an appropriate option for those who do not use stamps frequently.

Where Can I Find Stamps At CVS?

Customers of CVS can get stamps at the counter for checkout. The majority of CVS stores its stamp book within the cash drawer so that it can be readily accessible whenever customers ask for them.

When you next find yourself at CVS and you are there, simply ask the cashier to hand you the book and they will be able to give you one immediately without discomfort.

Does CVS Sell Stamps Online?

Does CVS Sell Stamps

Unfortunately, no. CVS does sell stamps on its website. Customers can however purchase stamps in any of CVS’s 9.600 store stores across the nation.

Can You Use ‘ExtraBucks’ Reward Points To Purchase Stamps At CVS?

CVS has a loyalty program for customers program named “ExtraCare” which allows loyal customers to earn discounts and rewards on purchases made.

However, it is true that the CVS ExtraBucks program offers some exclusions to discounts on purchases. These are:

  • Prescriptions
  • Card for gift cards
  • Lotteries
  • Alcohol
  • Money order
  • Credit cards
  • and postage stamps.

What Should I Do If My CVS Doesn’t Sell Stamps?

Usually, it is the case that all CVS stores offer stamps in-store throughout the year. In the event that the local CVS has run out of stamps but hasn’t replenished as of yet, or they do not offer stamps frequently or at all, you can talk to an agent from customer service and inquire about their selling postage stamps policy.

If they’re likely to replenish their stock soon They can inform you about the date of availability or help you locate the nearest store that stocks these items.

While this may not always cause problems, you should think about calling your local CVS prior to your visit to check whether there are stamps in-store. ( click here to find and reach your local CVS Pharmacy.)

What Other Alternative Stores Sell Stamps?

Apart from CVS and many other stores, other pharmacies stores, convenience, and grocery stores offer postage stamps, for example:

  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • Costco
  • 7-Eleven
  • Staples
  • Target


CVS actually sells first-class and Forever stamps in all their locations across the country except for (CVS doesn’t sell stamps on the internet). Stamps are sold at the counters at checkout.

They come in a 20-page booklet which cost the same price as those sold by the US postal services. This costs around $10 and are not redeemable through CVS ExtraBuck credits.

Frequently Asked Question

How much is a book of forever stamps at CVS?

The cost for CVS stamps is identical to that of the United States post office. The cost of a book of 20 first-class stamps forever is $9.80 inclusive of tax costs.

How much does CVS charge for stamps?

The cost for CVS stamps is comparable to that of the United States post office. The cost for a set of 20 first-class forever stamps comes at $9.80 inclusive of tax cost. Additionally, you can purchase an entire set of stamps with the same face for the cost that is $0.55 for every stamp.

Can I buy stamps at CVS Pharmacy?

CVS offers an extensive selection of postal stamps in 2022. It comes in 20 stamps in a book priced at $10. Customers can pick them up at the cashier’s counter at any CVS store. Be aware that CVS does not sell stamps online.