Case Ih 8120 Combine Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

Case Ih 8120 Combine Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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Case Ih 8120 Combine

About Case Ih 8120 Combine

IH 8120 Case We went out in the field today with a combine 8120 from South East South Dakota.

Corn had a moisture content of 31%, and yields were in the 200 bushels per acre level. We spent a few minutes in the rain putting up the equipment.

The 8120 is equipped with huge wire concaves and skip-wire grates. It comes with a 5/8-inch corn chaffer Sieve and a 1/5/8-inch shoe Sieve. We did add four straight bars on the rotor’s backside.

We were leaving an 8-inch spike bar in the center of the revolving cylinder. We shifted the back four vanes to a slower speed.

We set up an improvised death stall in the field to guarantee that the corn was uniformly loaded on both sides of the operational pan and the sieves. (we had modified the concaves 10 mm smaller to ensure that the load was level.).

Using the concave settings, the rotor spun at 338 RPM and 18-20mm of travel.

Case Ih 8120 Combine Price

Price = $103,195 USD (Approx)

Case Ih 8120 Combine Weight

Weight = 35080 lbs (15,912 kg)

Case Ih 8120 Combine Fuel Capacity

Fuel Capacity = 277 gal (1,048 l)

Case Ih 8120 Combine Horsepower

Horsepower = 360 hp (268 kw)

Case Ih 8120 Combine Specs


Engine Model Class VII
Displacement 30 cu in (0 m)
Power Boost Power 30 hp (22 kw)
Power Measured @ 415 rpm
Power 360 hp (268 kw)

Operating Specifications

operating Weight w/o Attachment 35080 lbs (15,912 kg)
Fuel Capacity 277 gal (1,048 l)
Number of Gears 3

Cleaning System

Self Leveling? Self Leveling


Rotor Length 3 in (8 cm)
Rotor Diameter 3 in (8 cm)


Width Over Tires 152 ft (46 m)
Wheelbase 148 ft (45 m)

Grain Handling

Grain Tank Capacity 750 bu

Case Ih 8120 Combine Review Video

FAQs – Case Ih 8120 Combine

1. How much horsepower does an 8120 combine have?

A 8120 combine has 360 hp (268 kW).

2. How many bushels does an 8120 combine hold?

High productivity in the highest yielding crops is maintained with grain tanks that store 315 bushels for the 7120 and 350 bushels for the 8120 and 9120 as well as quick emptying of 3.2 bushels per minute.

3. What is the Case IH Axial flow 8120 combine harvester?

Case IH Axial Flow 80120 belongs to the combination harvesters category’s more significant machine section 3.73m x 10.356m x 3.95m is the size of the Axial flow 8120 Since 2010, this model has Hillside leveling and Cabin/Chopper. Since 2012, it has been offered without rollover protection and air all-wheel drive.

Final Words

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