Yanmar VIO50-6A Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

Yanmar VIO50-6A Specs, Weight, Price & Review

Check here In this post, I have compiled all of the Yanmar VIO50-6A Specs information from the (official website), including the machine’s characteristics, weight, price, and dimensions.

Yanmar VIO50-6A Specs

Yanmar VIO50-6A Overview

The Vi050-6A is a strong example of how well this small workspace works. Zero tail swing lets the operator know that no component of the cab or canopy sticks out past the width of the track. This lets you do more work in tighter spaces.

Yanmar VIO50-6A Price

Price: $89,210.00 USD (Approx.)

Yanmar VIO50-6A Weight

Weight: 10,792 lbs.

Yanmar VIO50-6A Horsepower

Horsepower: 39 HP

Yanmar VIO50-6A Max Dig Depth

Max Dig Depth: 12’3”

Yanmar VIO50-6A Features

Powerfully efficient

Let this four-cylinder Tier 4 Final Yanmar diesel, with its nearly unstoppable 39 horsepower and auto deceleration and ECO mode, make quick work of the toughest jobs.

Convenient hydraulics

There are two auxiliary circuits, standard proportional control, and a PTO Selector Value that lets you choose between single and double action.

True zero tail swing

Work in the smallest spaces with the confidence that there will be no tail swing. No part of the cab or canopy goes past the width of the track.

Quick change attachments

With our patented hydraulic Quick Coupler system, changing buckets and other attachments on the job site is easier and faster than ever.

SmartAssist technology

With real-time distant data analytics, geo-fencing, optimized detection unit scheduling, and more, SmartAssist saves you time and money.

Standard eco mode

With the standard ECO mode, you can save up to 9% on fuel, which lowers costs and makes your business more profitable.

Yanmar VIO50-6A Specs


Type Vertical 4-cylinder water-cooled direct injection diesel engine
Output 39.0 / 2,400 HP

Operating Weight

Rubber Track (Canopy) 10,417 lbs
Rubber Track (Cabin) 10,792 lbs
Steel Track (Canopy) 10,703 lbs
Steel Track (Cabin) 11,078


Max Digging Force, Bucket / Arm 6,497 / 4,676 lbs
Swing Speed 10 RPM
Traveling Speed, High / Low 2.9 / 1.5 MPH
Boom Swing Angle, (L / R) 68° / 68°

Ground Contact Pressure

Rubber Track (Canopy) 4.25 PSI
Rubber Track (Cabin) 4.41 PSI
Steel Track (Canopy) 4.42 PSI
Steel Track (Cabin) 4.58 PSI

Hydraulic System

Pump Capacity 11.2 + 11.2 + 9.7 + 2.8 GPM
Main Relief Set Pressure 3,553 x 2 + 3,133 + 566 PSI

Blade Dimensions

Width x Height 6’6″ x 1’4″

Fuel Tank

Capacity 17.4 Gals

Yanmar VIO50-6A Review

The Yanmar VIO50-6A is a strong and reliable small digger that weighs about 5 tons. It’s known for being powerful and getting the work done well.


It’s great for working in small places because it doesn’t stick out at the back. People who know a lot about diggers and people who are just starting can both use it easily.


It doesn’t use too much fuel and it’s really dependable. But it’s a bit pricey, and some people have said that the moving parts can be a bit slow sometimes. For a full review YouTube video Check Here.

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