Yanmar SV40 Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤️

Yanmar SV40 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

In this article, I have gathered all of the information on the Yanmar SV40 Specs from the (official site), including Yanmar SV40 features, weight, price, and dimensions.

Yanmar SV40 Specs

Yanmar SV40 Overview

The SV40’s operator station is smartly made so that it is simple to operate and simple to keep an eye on how the machine is running. The controls fit perfectly, and an LCD screen makes it simple to keep an eye on the engine and hydraulic settings. Plus, you’ll have even more authority over attachments if you choose to add a second hydraulic circuit.

Yanmar SV40 Price

Price: $69,950 USD (Approx.)

Yanmar SV40 Weight

Weight: 9,515 lbs.

Yanmar SV40 Horsepower

Horsepower: 39 HP

Yanmar SV40 Max Dig Depth

Max Dig Depth: 11’10”

Yanmar SV40 Features

Convenient hydraulics

There are two auxiliary circuits, standard commensurate control, and a PTO Selector Value that lets you choose between single and double action.

Standard eco mode

With the standard ECO mode, you can save up to 9% on fuel, which lowers costs and makes your business more profitable.

Tight tail swing

Because of its small size, the counterweight can be attached close to the house. This results in almost no tail swing, which is good for tight job sites.

Best-in-class power

Let this four-cylinder Tier 4 Final Yanmar diesel, with its nearly unstoppable 39 horsepower and auto deceleration and ECO mode, make quick work of the hardest jobs.

SmartAssist technology

With its advanced telematics, SmartAssist will save you time and money with features like real-time remote big data, geo-fencing, optimized detection unit scheduling, and more.

Quick change attachments

With our patented hydraulic Quick Coupler system, changing buckets and other attachments on the job site is easier and faster than ever.

Yanmar SV40 Specs


Type Water-cooled 4-cylinder diesel
Output 39.0 HP / 2,400 rpm

Operating Weight

Rubber Track (Canopy) 9,206 lbs
Rubber Track (Cabin) 9,515 lbs
Steel Track (Canopy) 9,493 lbs
Steel Track (Cabin) 9,801 lbs


Max Digging Force, Bucket / Arm 7,209 / 4,211 lbs
Swing Speed 10 RPM
Traveling Speed, High / Low 2.9 / 1.5 MPH
Boom Swing Angle, (L / R) 43° / 65°

Ground Contact Pressure

Rubber Track (Canopy) 4.5 PSI
Rubber Track (Cabin) 4.64 PSI
Steel Track (Canopy) 4.63 PSI
Steel Track (Cabin) 4.79 PSI

Hydraulic System

Pump Capacity 11.2 + 11.2 + 9.7 + 2.8 GPM
Main Relief Set Pressure 3,553 x 2 + 3,133 + 566 PSI

Blade Dimensions

Width x Height 68″ x 15.2″

Fuel Tank

Capacity 14.8 Gals

Yanmar SV40 Review Video

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