Yamaha 225DX Price, Specs and Review (Tri Moto 3 Wheeler) 2022

Yamaha 225DX is equipped with an air-cooled, 4-stroke power mill engine, which has a bore-stroke ratio of 70 x 58 mm (2.76 x 2.28 inches).

Yamaha 225DX featured an air-cooled, 4-stroke power mill engine, 8.8:1 compression ratio, 223 cm3 (13.6 in3) displacement, electric start system, 12V 14Ah/(10 HR) GM14AZ-4A battery, ND X22ES-U spark plug, tubeless 22 x 11-8 tires, and Seat height is 28.3 inches.

Now, let’s find out the Yamaha 225DX Price, Parts Specs, Weight, Reviews, & Images.

Yamaha 225DX

Yamaha 225DX Price

Yamaha 225DX ranged from $1,699 to $1,849

Yamaha 225dx top speed

Yamaha 225dx top speed is 40-60 mph (64.3-96.6 km/h)

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About Yamaha

Yamaha Motor is a Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles, marine products founded on 1 May 1955; 66 years ago, and its Headquarters is in Iwata, ShizuokaJapan which covers the whole Worldwide area.

Yamaha Motor offers Motorcycles, commuter vehicles & scooters, recreational vehicles, boats, marine engines, snowmobiles, small tractors, personal watercraft, electrically power-assisted bicycles, automobile engines, unmanned aerial vehicles, golf carts, cycling components.

Yamaha 225DX Specs

Engine the air-cooled, 4-stroke power mill
compression ratio 8.8:1
bore-stroke ratio 70 x 58 mm (2.76 x 2.28 inches)
displacement  223 cm3 (13.6 in3)
top speed 40-60 mph 
Fuel & Lubrication
Fuel tank volume 2.4 US gallons
oil capacity 1.5 L/1.6 US qt
Ignition & Lighting
start system electric 
battery 12V 14Ah/(10 HR) GM14AZ-4A
Spark plug Tri Moto – an NGK DR7EA or ND X22ES-U
Tires & Brakes
tires  low-pressure tubeless 22 x 11-8 tires
Length  71.1 x 40.2 inches (1,805 x 1,021 mm)
Seat height 28.3 inches (718.8 mm)
Dry weight 317 lbs (144 Kg)
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