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www.yourkfc.co.uk Survey: Kentucky Fried Chicken, shortly known as KFC, is a fast-food company that is a staple worldwide, with over 20,000 fast-food chains.

It is the second-largest fast-food company in the entire world with annual sales of billions, just from serving its customers throughout the year.

KFC is a fast-food restaurant specialising in tasty chicken and beef items that are up to par in terms of quality.

The patrons of KFC remain loyal to the food chain due to the high quality and the service they provide.

Various dishes are served to consumers, each having distinctive flavours and fresh ingredients that aren’t usually found in any restaurant.

www.yourkfc.co.uk Survey

KFC takes care of its customers and does not just serve meat and chicken items for customers but also offers a range of sandwiches, French fries, sweet dishes, rice meals, and so on.

With its long-standing service to its clients, KFC also loves to receive KFC feedback surveys from its customers following they’ve had a meal at their table. KFC Surveys of customers’ feedback assist the business in better understanding the customer’s point of viewpoint.

KFC Guest survey or KFC customer survey can be completed on www.yourkfc.co.uk, where several questions are posed to customers, and they respond truthfully to improve KFC’s customer experience.

It is possible to access KFC’s customer survey. Still, you need specific requirements to satisfy and be aware of how to conduct the study before starting.

KFC Survey UK Details:

Topic Details
Survey Name KFC Great Britain Guest Experience Survey
Survey URL yourkfc.co.uk
Survey Prize Get 15% off your next purchase
Receipt Valid 3 Days
Survey Valid 14 Days
Survey Limit 1 per person, per receipt
Offer Limit Limit one Free item per receipt and per visit

Rules to Take KFC Survey at www.yourkfc.co.uk

Rules to Take KFC Survey

To Start Your Survey Using KFC Guest Survey, it is necessary to learn the following rules.

  • This yourkfc.co.uk Discount voucher of 20 dollars discount and reward is intended for personal use only.
  • Rewards redeemed cannot be exchanged, sold or transferred to any other place.
  • Rewards that are redeemed must be used before the offer’s expiration date ends.
  • There are no refunds or other redemption options when you save your bonus.

Requirements to Take yourkfc.co.uk survey at your kfc.co.uk survey

There are a few requirements for this KFC UK survey for the clients. Users must be aware of the following conditions before taking the first step in their online survey.

  • Users must be residents of the UK.
  • The user must satisfy the age-required criteria, and the user must be at least 18 years old.
  • It is a single-time limit for a person to participate in the KFC UK Survey to be eligible to be the winner of a yourkfc.co.uk $20 discount card for only one time.
  • The KFC coupon you receive to you isn’t redeemable in cash or by any other method.
  • The members of KFC chains or anyone related to them are not eligible to participate in this survey because of the conditions and terms of KFC.
  • It requires a receipt for KFC shopping.
  • It is required to have a device with a web connection, such as a laptop or smartphone, for this survey.
  • You must have a sufficient understanding or knowledge of Spanish and English to comprehend and take the test.

If you meet the KFC Survey UK specifications, you’re now in a position to complete the survey that takes about 10 minutes to be able to answer the questions completely.

You will receive a discount of 20% upon completing your survey, which is why we’ll guide you through the easy procedures to take the survey and then redeem the following coupon.

Steps to Take KFC Survey UK at Yourkfc.co.uk

The procedure for completing the survey is simple, and you must adhere to the steps described below for completing the KFC customer survey UK.

  • Visit www.yourkfc.co.uk.When you open the website; some instructions are given for the survey. You must follow them.

Steps to Take KFC Survey UK at Yourkfc.co.uk

  • It is suggested that you fill in the boxes provided with your KFC Store Number and Order Number that you received from your purchase on the receipt.
  • Choose the date you last visited the KFC location and select the time. After that, click on the next step.
  • Then, it will bring you to KFC’s Official Feedback page, on which you must respond to a few questions that are asked on an online survey on your experience with KFC.
  • In truth, you must answer the questions and then tell KFC whether the meal you ordered was dine-in, purchased from the drive-thru, and delivered to your home.
  • Be sure to read the questions thoroughly and take the time to answer them by reminiscing about your previous experience with KFC services. It would help if you mentioned or rated the overall satisfaction you have received as an individual customer of KFC during your last visit to their eatery.
  • Questions will concern their meals, services and cleanliness, environment and staff.
  • Complete the survey using your most honest response, as well as you can remember your experiences when using KFC services. After that, press Next.
  • When you submit your feedback, You will be asked to enter your personal information for the contact.
  • Enter your contact details, and hit submit.
  • Once you have submitted, you receive your name on the lucky group of people who will receive 20% off by using the Coupon Code that is sent to you via a text message to redeem.

Based on your feedback survey with KFC, KFC collects the info about its services and customers’ response, and they make improvements to their services to decrease complaints and make the establishment more welcoming to customers.


  1. You can access the survey on www.yourkfc.co.uk and then fill in the four pieces of information needed. Each can be found on the receipt, as shown by the image to the right. They will allow you to access the rest part of your form.
  2. Learn more about the offer. Choose the type of order you want from the available choices, and then tell them the method you used to place your order.
  3. Assess your satisfaction by selecting any of the five choices that are presented. You are asked to rate specific aspects of the restaurant, such as the service, food and premises. Just give your honest opinion.
  4. You may have had a variety of items, each with its own opinions. Pick the thing that has the most impact on your rating of food.
  5. Inform them of any issues that you have encountered during your visit to allow them to improve their services.
  6. Determine the chance that you’ll be back to see more.
  7. Answer the other questions. If you want to receive notifications from KFC and KFC, please enter your email address.

About KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a classic within the fast-food market. The KFC brand is widely known, with over 20,000 outlets in different countries, and it is a popular choice in its specialties.

The vast company has humble beginnings, which can be traced back to Great Depression. At the time, Colonel Harland Sanders started a small roadside restaurant that served motorists. In 22 years, it took until KFC began franchising, but when it did, it quickly grew.

Currently, KFC is considered the second-largest chain of restaurants, just behind McDonald’s, with an annual turnover exceeding $20 billion.

They are still supported by their unique Fried Chicken recipe, the secret mixture of spices and herbs that give their chicken a distinctive flavour.

Apart from their famed poultry, they offer sandwiches, wraps, rice meals and dishes, French fries and sweets.


The rewards are to be used only for personal reasons. They are not able to be sold or exchanged, and they cannot also be converted into cash, except when this is required by law.

The prizes and other promotions can’t be mixed. The redemption must be completed before the offer ends. There are no refunds after the award has been used, regardless of the reason. For more details, please read the SMG Terms of Service on the page for the survey.

Reference Links

KFC UK Contact Details

Contact Page: help.kfc.co.uk/hc/en-gb/requests/new 

Phone Number:

United Kingdom  – 0345 753 2532

Republic Of Ireland  – (+44) 0345 753 2532


KFC Care Squad,

250 Airbles Road,


ML1 3AT,


This article is an in-depth look at KFC UK’s survey for customers. KFC UK survey for customers. All the rules, requirements and procedures are detailed here. If you have a concern, go to KFC’s official KFC website, or leave feedback in the comment box below.

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How long does a KFC survey code last?

At the bottom of your receipt, look for the survey number that you’ll be required to fill out before starting the survey. It is good up to 15 calendar days after purchase.

How does KFC survey work?

We value your honest feedback and appreciate your taking the time to complete our survey. For the first step, fill in the following details in your purchase receipt. *Conditions apply. To receive validation codes when you purchase, keep receipts of your KFC purchase and fill out the survey online within three days after purchase.

How do I claim my KFC rewards?

The Colonel’s Club App is like your Colonel’s Club card. Inform the cashier you’d like to cash in your reward, and scan the barcode using your smartphone. When you’ve got a tip onto your account, it will deduct the premium from your balance.