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Were you having trouble getting PlayStation Vue to work on your Roku, Apple TV, Android, or another device? If you said yes, read our new post about how to use www.psvue.com/activate on various devices, such as Roku, Android TV, cell phones, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV.

What is PlayStation Vue?

PlayStation Vue, which started in a limited way on March 18, 2015, is an online TV service that lets customers watch their favourite TV channels, shows, movies, and regional channels live without a cable box. On August 26, 2018, about 745,000 people signed up for this service.

The Sony Interactive Media division of Sony of America owns www.psvue/activate, an American streaming TV service. Also, psvue.com/activate tries to imitate the best parts of traditional cable without bulk and trouble.

List of Channels Available on Psvue com activate

Psvue.com/activate promises high-quality content from many different genres. Let’s take a look at some of the best and most popular channels on Sony Psvue.com/activate:

  • AMC (theatrically released films) (theatrically released films)
  • Animal Planet (Dedicated to animals)
  • Bravo
  • CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) (Columbia Broadcasting System)
  • Disney XD/Disney
  • Discovery
  • ESPN (live streaming sports and programming) (live streaming sports and programming)
  • The National Geographic
  • HGTV (Home Design, Decorating and Remodeling) (Home Design, Decorating and Remodeling)
  • Oxygen
  • TLC (Learning Channel) (Learning Channel)
  • TNT (Turner Network Television) (Turner Network Television)

How to Activate PlayStation Vue on Apple TV using www.psvue.com/activate?

Activate PlayStation Vue on Apple TV using www.psvue.com activate

Follow the steps below to get psvue.com/activate working on your Apple TV.

  • Get the www.psvue/activate app from the App Store on your Apple TV.
  • Once you’re done setting up, you must open the app on your Apple TV and click “Activate Your Device.”
  • Next, use any browser on your device to go to psvue.com/activateappletv.
  • Just use your PlayStation ID to sign in once it’s open.
  • Now, all users must do is fill out the www.psvue.com/activate code, and you can start watching live TV.

Activate PlayStation Vue Roku TV using www.psvue.com/activateroku?

Do you want to use your costco Roku TV to watch www.psvue.com/activate? Trying to use Roku to www.psvue.com/activateroku but having trouble? Follow these steps to fix any problems you are having with psvue.com/activate roku:

  • Sign in to one Roku account and look for the PlayStation Vue app to start.
  • After that, get the Roku TV Playstation Vue app from Costco.
  • After that, you need to go to www.psvue.com/activateroku, enter this code, and finish the activation steps (follow the instructions on the screen).

www.psvue.com/activate to Activate PlayStation Vue on Amazon Fire TV?

Activate PlayStation Vue on Amazon Fire TV

Do you want to stream PS Vue on your Amazon Fire TV? To www.psvue/activate it, just follow the steps listed below.

  • Find the www.psvue.com/activate app in the Amazon App Store.
  • Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, choose “Download” and install it on your Amazon Fire device.
  • Now, open the Psvue app and tap “Activate your Device.”
  • Now, open the www.psvue.com/activate app on your phone and click on “Activate your Device.”
  • Use the browser to get to psvue.com/activefirestick from the nearest McDonald’s.
  • Sign in and enter your www.psvue.com/activate code.

Activate PlayStation Vue on my PS4 with www.psvue.com/activate

Do you want to stream on PS4 through psvue.com? To www.psvue/activate it, just follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to the “TV & video sections” menu and choose “TV & video sections to download” to start the activation process.
  • Open the PS Vue app and sign in with your account information. (using your PSN ID).
  • For the first time, all of the channels on psvue.com/activate will be streamed at once.
  • Psvue.com/activate guestlogin will be used on two PlayStation 4 consoles.
  • Try to sign in to your psvue.com/activate account on your phone (as a guest mode).

(Note: Write down your screen’s activation code.)

  • When you go to PSVue.com/activate, type in the activation code on your screen.

www.psvue.com/activate to Activate PlayStation Vue on my Chromecast

Do you want to stream PS Vue on your Chromecast or Android? To turn it on, follow the instructions given below.

  • You can get PlayStation Vue from the Google Play Store and put it on your Chromecast.
  • Now, turn on your PlayStation Vue by going to it.

(Note: Both PS Vue and Chromecast should be able to connect to a network the same way.)

  • Use your PSN ID to sign in to your PS Vue account.
  • To join, open up your Chromecast and click on the casting icon.
  • You can scroll through Chromecast’s list of programs and choose the one you want to cast.

PSVue.com/ activate not Working.

If psvue.com/activate doesn’t work for you, it could be for several reasons. One problem could be that your device doesn’t have a good internet connection or that network filters or other restrictions on your network or device are blocking the connection.

Another possibility is that psvue.com/activate has technical problems, which can sometimes happen when a lot of people use the site or for other reasons.

If psvue.com/activate doesn’t work for you, try some of the following steps to fix the problem:

1. Make sure your device’s internet connection is solid and stable by checking it. If you can, try using a different network, like a public Wi-Fi network, or connecting your device to an additional internet source, like a mobile hotspot or a router.

2. Clear your browser’s cache, cookies, and history to help reset the psvue.com/activate connection, then try to load psvue.com/activate again. You might also be able to fix any problems you’re having with psvue.com/activate by restarting your device and TV.

3. If the problem keeps happening, contact customer service for more help and troubleshooting steps that might help fix psvue.com/activate on your device or in your browser. With a bit of persistence, you ought to be able to get psvue.com/activate back up and running in no time.

Final Word

After all, it was all about www.psvue.com/activate. I hope this page helped you figure out how to activate www.psvue.com on different devices. Also, please comment below if you have any problems with www.psvue.com/activate.

psvue.com/activate – FAQs


What devices does PlayStation Vue support, and how much does PlayStation Vue cost?

It will work with your PS3, PS4, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or Android TV. If you want to try it out for seven days, you can do so with a seven-day trial. After that, you can pay $29.99 monthly to get psvue.com/subscription without making a big commitment.

Is it possible for Costco Roku tv playstation vue users to watch regional channels?

The answer is “yes.” Regional channels like FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, and others can be watched on Roku tv and PlayStation Vue. With the psvue.com/activateroku app update for Apple/iOS TV, you can manage your local channels without signing in.

I don’t have a PlayStation® 4, so can I buy PlayStation™ Vue on Roku?

“No” is the correct answer. You’ll need a PlayStation 4 if you want to use PlayStation Vue. On the other hand, the PS3 and PS4 versions of the service come with Roku Channel.

Is PlayStation Vue compatible with Roku devices?

Yes is the answer. PlayStation Vue Roku Channel users can now watch live TV from their favourite networks, like FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CBS, without needing a Roku stick or box.

Are Apple TV devices compatible with PlayStation Vue?

Yes, the new PlayStation Vue app is compatible with Apple TV. Without a cable TV box or satellite dish, you can watch live and on-demand TV shows and movies from your favourite networks, like FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and others.

How to activate Roku Channels without cable?

Connect your Roku to a WiFi network, and then use the home button on the remote to get to the search menu and issue com/activate Roku Channels without needing a cable.