Why is My Amazon in Spanish? Ultimate Solutions Guide 2023

Why is My Amazon in Spanish?

Why is My Amazon in Spanish: This is what happened yesterday. I signed into my Amazon account to search for an item for a new pair of sneakers, and then BAM! The homepage appeared in a different language.

After trying to find a few phrases on Google, I discovered it was Spanish. I was left wondering, ” Everything was in English the last time I was on, so why is my Amazon in Spanish all of a sudden?”

While English is considered the primary language used by Amazon customers, visitors and customers who are already customers enjoy the choice of which language is their preference. Amazon assigns a pre-chosen language to users based on their accounts, device location, and browser settings.

A possible reason for the abrupt change in the language of your Amazon account is that the Amazon website will switch the tongue when you visit a link from a different country.

For instance, if you browse for an item using Google, which leads directly to Amazon.de, the page for the item will be displayed in Deutsch.

Suppose you’re finding that Amazon often changes in Spanish and other language options on your mobile or computer; here are a few reasons why it could be taking place. We’ll also look at solutions to this issue by following the steps below.

Why My Amazon Website Language is Set to Spanish?

The language options will immediately change if you click an unrelated link on Amazon. It’s easy to overlook and is particularly noticeable when browsing on Google.

For instance, suppose you search on Google to find a product from Amazon. The item or link displayed in Google’s Google Search result is from Amazon, Mexico, or a country where Spanish is the primary language. The Amazon language could be instantly changed.

In this post, we’ll discuss why Amazon often shifts to Spanish or other languages that aren’t generally used on your mobile or desktop and how to fix the problem.

Before you proceed to the solution below, close and then reopen your Amazon tab or use an alternative browser to determine how it works. This will aid you in determining the cause of the issue.

Steps to Change Amazon’s Preferred Language

If different browsers display your Amazon in the language of your choice, look into the settings for the language and region of the browser affected. If Amazon is Spanish across all your devices and browsers, the issue is within the settings of your account.

1. Change the Default Language

Step 1. the First step should be to check the Amazon account’s language doesn’t default to Spanish. Select your preferred language in the dropdown menu if you’re using a PC and the flag icon next to the search bar.

Change the Default Language

Step 2. Alternately, go to the Amazon Language Settings page and choose the desired language and select to save changes.

change the default language settings

Step 3. Mobile users can scroll down the Amazon homepage and then hit the globe icon. Choose the desired language and then tap save changes. After that, Amazon will send you an email confirming the language change in the language settings.

change the default language amazon mobile

Step 4: Amazon App users may change their language preference by pressing the hamburger menu icon. Navigate to the Settings menu, Country and Language, then Language, and choose your region’s local language.

Amazon app users can update their language

2. Change Country/Region

Presently, Amazon supports 20 countries with different languages, prices, and shipping methods.

Amazon will show products or pages that are in Spanish when your preferred region or land on the site has been set as Spain or any other languages spoken by Spanish such as Mexico.

To change the Amazon country/region in your web browser, click on the flag icon next to the search bar, and then select the country or territory you want to change. The link is located at the end of the drop-down list–just in case the site isn’t available in English.

change amazon country region

Step 2. Click on the drop-down icon, choose your preferred country, and then click on the Go to the website button.

change amazon country region.

The browser will open in a new Amazon browser tab using the default language for the selected country.

On the mobile application, you can tap the menu icon. Go into the SettingsSettings > Country and LanguageCountry/Region Select from the Countries/Regions that are accessible to you in the English (or the language you prefer) section.

change amazon country mobile app

3. Check VPN Settings

Several websites choose to have a default on-page language that is set by analyzing the visitor’s geographical IP address.

Suppose you’re using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your smartphone or computer, and the server’s location is set as Spain or any other Spanish-speaking country.

In that case, Amazon will most likely display its products in Spanish. Verify your VPN settings, switch to a different server/country and restart the website.

4. Check Website Location and Language

Amazon’s language could be changed to Spanish or any other language when you go to Amazon via a third-party site.

There are three possible reasons for this:

  • A third party owns the default address of the website, and the search engine will be a Spanish-speaking country.
  • The Amazon marketplace site, where the seller of the product has been registered as a seller, is available in Spanish as the default language.
  • The default language used by a third party’s website (or search engine) is Spanish.

When you select a link on Google, and it takes you to Amazon’s Spanish Amazon version, you need to Amazon; and you are not sure, look into the settings of the location setting for your search engine to make sure that the region isn’t set to a Spanish-speaking country.

First step: On a Google Search Results page, go to the Settings (or”Settings icon”) next to the search box. Click Settings and then select search settings.

Check Website Location and Language

Step 2: Scroll down to Region Settings and choose Current Region or a non-Spanish country. Click Save when you finish.

Check Website Location and Language Image

Step 3: For Microsoft Bing users, click the hamburger menu icon, go to Settings, and then Country/Region. Select your preferred country. If you select the United States, choose United States – English and not United States – Spanish.

Check Website Location and Language Settings

Step 4: Please select the country of your choice, and that’s all there is to it. If you’re selecting the US as your country of choice, click United States – English instead of “United States – Spanish.”

bing country settings

5. Clear Amazon’s Cookies

A few Google users have solved the irritating problem with the language switch by clearing all Amazon-related data in the browser. If the problem continues to persist regardless of having the correct region and language settings on Amazon and other third-party websites, Follow the steps below and see if it will help.

Clear Amazon Cache on Chrome

1. Enter the address below in the address bar in Chrome, and then hit enter.


2. Search for Amazon in the search box located at the top right corner. Click the Remove all of the displayed buttons to erase all Amazon-related data and cookies.

clear amazon cookies data chrome

3. Click Clear All at the confirmation screen to proceed.

NOTE: Clearing Amazon’s data will make you sign out of your Amazon account, and you’ll be required to enter your password again for continued shopping. In addition, you might need to change the region and language settings of Amazon after you have cleared the site’s data.

Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Enter this address below in Microsoft Edge’s address bar and press Enter.edge://settings/siteData

Step 2. Input “amazon” into the top-right of the search bar and click the “Remove all” button to remove all Amazon-related data and cookies.

Microsoft Edge

Step 3. Select “Clear at the prompt for confirmation.

Clear Amazon Cache on Firefox

Click the menu icon, go to the preferences and then Privacy and SecurityManage Data, and enter the word “Amazon” into the search box. Choose the option to remove all data displayed and then click Save the changes.

Clear Amazon Cache on Firefox

6. Language Preferences in Browser

Amazon might display its pages in Spanish, depending on your browser’s settings. Permit it, particularly when your browser supports multiple language options (e.g., Chrome and Firefox). Visit your browser’s settings and then remove Spanish from the top list of languages you prefer to use.


Look up the languages in the list of preferences by clicking settings > advanced > language. If you notice any variations of Spanish in the list, click the menu icon beside it, and then click to remove it.

Remove Spanish Language on Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Navigate to the Settings menu and select Languages by pressing to open the menu. If Spanish appears in the preferred languages section, click the icons for menus adjacent to it and click to remove it.

Remove Spanish Language on Microsoft Edge

7. Update Browser/App

An outdated browser or filled with bugs could cause website performance and settings problems. If your browser is constantly defaulting the language of Amazon to Spanish, Make sure it’s current.

For Chrome, visit the Settings>> About Chrome. About Chrome > Settings> About and see for updates. To upgrade Microsoft Edge, go to SettingsAbout Microsoft Edge, and the browser will update itself automatically. It will prompt you to restart your browser to finish the update.

update microsoft edge

If you are using Firefox, Go to the preferences and Follow the instructions in the Firefox Updates section. For mobile users, go to your device’s app store and then update your Amazon app.


It can be frustrating when you frequently change the settings for your language on Amazon. The next time you’re thinking, “Why is my Amazon in Spanish?” This guide will help you solve the issue.

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