What Does The Red Heart Mean On Snapchat - Guide 2024

What Does The Red Heart Mean On Snapchat – Guide 2024

What Does The Red Heart Mean On Snapchat?

What Does The Red Heart Mean On Snapchat: The more time you spend on Snapchat, the more likely you will notice various symbols displayed in front of the names of your friends on”The Friends” “Friends” page.

These emojis could provide intriguing information on the way you and your friends interact with Snapchat.

If you’re thinking, What is the significance of the red heart on Snapchat Look at the top of the page. We’ll explain all you should know about friends’ Emojis on Snapchat.

What Does The Red Heart Mean On Snapchat

Understanding Snapchat’s Emojis

Because of its privacy features, Snapchat gets enjoyed by millions of teens or young adults. Its combination of gift cards and Snaps created it to be an instant popular choice for those tired of texts.

Snapchat also has emojis available that appear just to the right of every chat name of a friend to make the experience of texting more fun. A lot of Snapchat friend’s emoticons are currently in use at the moment and are quite popular with Snapchat users.

The emoji in front of a person’s name within the Snapchat’s “Friends” tab may be determined by the length of time you’ve been buddies, how often you exchange another snap, and the other Snapchat users you regularly communicate with. Every emoji has significance since it shows the strength between the two Snapchat friends.

Each one is rewarded by completing specific milestones with best friends, which makes your Snap experience more enjoyable. Let’s discover the meaning behind these emojis and what the red heart signifies on Snapchat. So you can also share your small accomplishments with your friends.

What Does The Snapchat Emojis Represent?

Most new users don’t expect anything from a messaging app however, the benefits slowly make them expert Snappers.

This is why we’ve put together a list of possible explanations for the Snapchat”Red Heart” emoji, which we’ve gathered via Quora, Twitter, and other websites.

What Does The Red Heart Mean On Snapchat?

There are numerous Snapchat friend Emojis. One of these is the heart in red. What exactly is the significance of the red heart on Snapchat?

The heart-shaped emoji appears alongside a name of a friend on Snapchat after you’ve sent the most snaps in addition to your other acquaintances for two consecutive weeks.

If one of you starts snapping at another person over one another your red heart would vanish. Numerous Snapchat friend’s emoticons are being used right this moment, and they’re quite popular with Snapchat users.

The Red Heart Mean On Snapchat

The emoji displayed alongside a person’s name in the Snapchat’s “Friends” tab may be determined by the length of time you’ve been friends with each other, the frequency with which you share each other snaps, and the other Snapchat users you are most likely to communicate with.

In Snapchat terms the person with whom you share the highest number of snaps is your best friend. Therefore, if you spot a red heart next to an acquaintance on Snapchat this means you’ve been the top best friends for two consecutive weeks.

This is a remarkable snapping streak. Emojis are a very popular choice. In turn, users will also be able to see a red heart next to your name.

Notice: Snap streaks have nothing to have anything to do with what’s known as the Red Heart on Snapchat. If you accidentally break your friend’s snap streak you’ll still be able to get the Red Heart.


Snapchat Emojis are assigned to your friends based on the degree of friendship you have. This is how often you annoy each other by keeping streaks! For instance, the well-known red heart emoji is a reference to this:

Red heart ➝ Red heart signifies that you’ve been your best friend with the person for two weeks in a row!

 The yellow heart Emoji means On Snapchat

We are aware of what the red heart symbolizes on Snapchat. But what is the meaning of that yellow heart icon on Snapchat?

This emoji is a reference to my #1 best friend. This means both you and your partner are the ones to send each other the most amount of the photos.

Two Pink Hearts Emoji on Snapchat

The Red heart that appears on Snapchat is a smbol for BFF The pink heart is a Super BFF. It means that you have been each other’s BFF for the past two months.

Red heart

Let’s review what the red heart signifies on Snapchat.

It’s a noun that means BFF which means you as well as your friend have been the best of friends for two weeks consecutively.


100 Day Snapstreak? Wow! The 100 emoji pops up alongside the flame when you go back and back and forth with someone for a hundred days.

While emojis may not have any significance in real life, however, they can be a fun method of communication via social media, particularly on Snapchat. Emojis on Snapchat shows how well you communicate with your pals.

For example, a huge number in the middle of the fire symbol i.e. the photos with that person could indicate that you’ve maintained contact frequently. If you add other emojis, such as smiley faces or a red heart indicates that the relationship you have is unique.


Beware! Your Snapstreak is set to come to a close. Make sure you snap it right away to keep it going.

Birthday Cake

This friend is celebrating a birthday today. Only displayed if the birthday party is enabled. activated the Birthday Party feature enabled in the settings.


The Fire Emoji signifies the snap streak. Take note of it and you’ll notice that a number appears next to the fire emoji in front of the names of your friends. It gives you how many consecutive days in which you’ve frequently sent photos to each other.

 Smiling Face

The red heart on Snapchat could mean something, does it? Also, the smiley face. The smiley face is the symbol of an ideal friend. Both of you frequently send each other pictures however, you’re not the top best friend.

 Smirking Face

This emoji informs you that you’re one of their closest friends, however, they’re not theirs. In simple terms, they send lots of pictures to you, but you do not.

 Grimacing Face

If you see the Grimacing face emoji displayed alongside the user’s name this implies that you are the same best friend.

 Face With Sunglasses

The emoji is a sign of friendship between two people. It implies the two of you are identical best friends i.e. that you have a large number of snaps with the person you share a common friend.


The emoji signifies a brand new acquaintance. It represents starting a relationship between two people.

Other Snapchat Emojis

In addition to heart Emojis, there are additional emojis that represent different things. Here are some examples.

Sparkle Emoji

When you join an online discussion with one of your buddies from the list the emoji sparkles alongside their name.

Gold star

In the past 24 hours, the user’s Snap has been replaced by someone else. Snap.

Zodiac Snapchat emojis

Zodiac Snapchat emojis

If your Snapchat friends have listed their birthdays on Snapchat the zodiac sign of their birth will be displayed. Like the way, a red heart on Snapchat is related to BFFs zodiacs provide you with an idea of the date their birthday falls.

If it’s someone’s birthday celebration, the cake for the birthday Emoji will also be displayed.

Here are the various zodiac signs specifically for your enjoyment!

  •  Aries
  • Taurus
  •  Gemini
  •  Cancer
  •  Leo
  •  Virgo
  •  Libra
  •  Scorpio
  •  Sagittarius
  •  Capricorn
  •  Aquarius
  •  Pisces

Bitmoji pop up in Chat

The Bitmoji that the recipient is displayed as a status on chat to show that they’re in the chat, too. What’s more? The message will change to a blue dot after you read the text.

Trophy Case

We’ve gone over the issue thoroughly What is the significance of the red heart on Snapchat. But what’s the significance of that trophy?

The Trophy case keeps growing. Each time you achieve a milestone on Snapchat the trophy gets a fresher version added to your trophy case!

The trophies can be represented using diverse Emojis.

Everything You Need to Know About Snapchat

Snapchat is without a doubt among the top adored social media applications among GenZ and Generation Y.

In fact, recent research data suggests the fact that Snapchat has scored 72/100 on a customer satisfaction scale. Snapchat is a step ahead of its rivals Twitter in the race against Facebook.

Chat privacy is among the most fascinating aspects of the application. In contrast to other social media platforms, Snapchat and messages will disappear after a specified period of time (the maximum is 24-hours). However, users are at ease saving messages and snaps whenever they want when they click”save.

In addition, it also includes fun and interactive filters, fun games, action emojis Emojis, location sharing features, and more!

Final thoughts

We hope you’ve gotten the different Snapchat friend Emojis. They look exactly like the ones you see on your phone but have a different significance. Each emoji is an additional aspect of your connection with another user.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does  mean on Snapchat?

 Red Heart – For two consecutive weeks, you have been #1 BFs with one another. Pink Hearts – You have been #1 BFs for two consecutive months. Dedication! Baby – This person is your friend. Face with Sunglasses: One of your best friends can also be one of their best friends.

What does  mean on Snapchat?

Red heart

Let’s go over what the red heart means on Snapchat. This stands for Best Friend and means that you and your friend have been best friends for at least two weeks consecutively.

What does  mean on Snapchat?

What does Sweat Droplets Emoji mean? The sexual fluids are represented by the sweat droplets Emoji in sexual contexts. This emoji can also be used to represent actual sweat or water.