Walmart Price Match Policy: The Detailed Process

Walmart Price Match Policy: The Walmart Price Match policy is a helpful policy that lets customers receive the same price for something they purchase at a lower cost.

The price match policy of Walmart also applies to online retailers; you don’t need to be concerned about missing out on great discounts.

Walmart Price Match Policy

To learn more about the in-depth process of price match, start by reading this article:

Does Walmart Offers Price Match on Items?

Sure,’s prices on its online stores are comparable to its rivals. However, Walmart Store’s only price is the same as its items on

If you discover items from competitors priced lower than and want to know more, contact Walmart Customer Care with proof of the price that you discovered on the competitor, and they’ll sell it to you at a lower cost. Read on to find out more about Walmart’s competition.

How Walmart’s Price Match Policy Works? has a broad selection of consumer products, including electronics, clothing, groceries, etc. If you discover a cheaper product in a different store than, You can avail price match to save money.

Furthermore, offers nationwide price matching to ensure that you buy the product at the same price or lower cost.

What are the Criteria?

As with other retailers, offers price matching, and to find out what items you’d like to purchase qualify to be price-matched, it is necessary to look at the following factors:

  • The most important guideline is that the product must be the same. In other words, it should be identical and have identical colors, models, and sizes.
  • The product must be sold through through an official reseller or partner and not through any other channels such as eBay or other retailers from third parties.
  • does not offer rain checks on products that aren’t available.
  • Walmart price matches just one item per day to the customer. This rule does not necessarily apply in New Mexico, and they can price match any number of items they like because they don’t intend to sell the items at a higher price.

Price Match Process’s (the Walmart online site) price is in line with its competitors on the internet. However, you need to be aware that Walmart Store, the brick-and-mortar store, does not price match its rivals.

Instead, they match prices on the website only. Here’s the procedure on what you can do to ask for a price match at

If you come across an item at an affordable price in Walmart’s competitors and you want to apply a price match using the following techniques:

1. You can reach Walmart Customer Service by calling 800-925-6278 or by sending them an email before making your purchase. This will ensure that the item you want to purchase from a competitor’s store is eligible for Price Match.

2. It’s entirely up to whether the product can be priced matched or not. Walmart will notify you if your item is eligible.

3. Walmart can alter its policies anytime and limit the number of items purchased. The company will allow one person receive the price match per item per family.

Walmart’s Price Match Exclusions

Price match exclusion is available in certain circumstances, such as:

  • Purchase any item through, and then later, the price is reduced is not qualified for price match.
  • Prices that are made that Marketplace offers or other sellers won’t be to match.
  • Anything that has a minimum purchase requirement, the item isn’t qualified.
  • It shouldn’t be considered if the item is damaged or worn out.
  • Any prices that result in a pickup discount cannot be used to be matched.
  • Other exclusions include price errors as well as prices at the counter.
  • Pricing match policies do not cover stores located in Alaska and Hawaii. Prices in these states are higher. Therefore retailers wouldn’t be able to price match products if they are priced lower on their list of competitors.
  • does not exclude many more offers from its price match policy, including offers like mail-in rebates or financing products. In addition, discounts also are excluded from a price match.

What are Walmart’s Price Match Competitors?

Walmart Price Match Policy provides an inventory of retailers eligible to price match with The alphabetical list will make it easier to understand. Here’s the list:


If your product weren’t purchased from one of the stores on the list, it wouldn’t be qualified for a price match.

However, if the product you purchase is one of your rivals, you are entitled to the price match.

Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy:

The price adjustment policy operates as follows when you buy an item at a retail store; you can receive a reimbursement for the price difference later when the price is cut. But, Walmart does not have any price adjustment policies, which you can learn more about here.

Does Walmart Price Match Their Online Prices?

The answer is yes. Walmart can price match online prices by 2022. That means you’ll find a lower cost for your items if they’re identical in color, quantity, and brand.

Walmart will price match only items, but they must meet specific requirements to be sold through third-party vendors or in the clearance section on their website.

To learn how you can be eligible to be eligible for a Walmart price match, read the steps below.

Product purchased as Pickup Discount

Walmart offers the possibility of a partial reimbursement on products purchased online purchased and shipped the item to the nearest Walmart retailer to pick up.

The item you bought during ” Cyber Monday” or “Black Friday” will not be priced matched. However, price adjustment is possible for products.

Pricing Errors

The product’s price cannot be confirmed until you have placed the order through If an error in pricing occurs, the order could be canceled by following Walmart’s Terms and Conditions of Pricing. Also, the product you purchased might be removed because of an error in pricing.

However, they will be able to notify you if a cancellation happens. If you’re worried about a potential pricing error, You can also reach out to the Walmart Customer Service Team before you place your purchase.

It is also possible to contact Customer Care before purchasing the item to find out if the product is qualified for a Price Match or not.

Do you match the price of market products?

Unfortunately, you cannot match the prices of the items purchased from Walmart marketplace sellers or any marketplace that competes with it.

Walmart Price Match Policy does not apply to purchases made through third-party vendors or for purchases made through the membership program. purchased from an online competitor

If you want to match the price of a product you purchase on the Internet from a competitor’s site, Here’s what you must do.

  • Contact customer service before placing an order at to determine if the specific item is qualified in Price Match or not.
  • The Customer Care Agent’s decision is final on whether or not the product can be price-matched.

Purchase in-store to an online price

The purchase of the product from a competitor’s store and price match by the online price depends on the store’s manager to decide whether it is feasible.

  • Ask for the Price match from the counter.
  • The store manager will review your eligibility requirements and determine if you are eligible for either a full refund or the difference in cost.

Walmart Store Prices doesn’t price match the item purchased at the store. However, if you find that the price at the store is less than the price at, then you can:

  • Speak with a store associate regarding price matches for the available product on
  • If the associate at the store approves, you can start the process.
  • For more information, scroll down to the In-store Price Match Policy and Procedure.

Walmart In-Store Price Match

Walmart Price Match Guarantee applies to purchases in the store and also. It’s also known as Price Adjustment.

Prices online might differ from those at Walmart Stores. Some in-store items are more expensive than on the Internet, and others are priced lower.

How to Request A Price Match At Walmart?

To request price matches at Walmart, follow these steps: Walmart store. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select that item or product you’d love to purchase
  2. Find the lowest listed price on
  3. Find a Walmart store manager and let them know that you want to request an adjustment in price
  4. The associate should be able to show the price on
  5. The representative will guide you through the remainder of the procedure.

To get a price match on shopping at to request a price match, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the item you want to purchase at, then add the item to your cart.
  2. Find the lowest price advertised by a qualifying online competitor.
  3. Get in touch with Walmart Customer Care by clicking the blue “Contact Us” button that is located under the “Help” tab on
  4. A Walmart Customer Care representative will confirm the item’s price match status before you make your purchase.

If you’re looking to request an adjustment to the price of your purchase in person at the Walmart store, you must follow these instructions:

  1. Bring your purchase receipt and proof of the price reduction on to the Walmart retailer within seven business days of your original purchase.
  2. Go to the customer care desk, and ask an agent to assist you in adjusting your price.
  3. The store manager or employee will decide if they want to grant you the price adjustment.

Can Walmart Refuse Your Price Match Request?

If you’re seeking a refund, price match or price adjustment from Walmart, It’s crucial to remember that the store manager has the ultimate authority to decide whether or not to accept your request.

Price match is not more or less. Even when you meet all the criteria for price matching, Walmart still reserves the right to deny the request to match prices at any point.

How Does Walmart Refund The Price Difference?

If you are the recipient of an adjustment to the price from Walmart, You will most likely receive the refund in the original form of payment.

If the amount you’re receiving in return is less than $10 and you are receiving less than $10, there is an opportunity to get it in cash, regardless of the method you initially paid.

About Walmart Price Match Guarantee

At Walmart, it is possible to purchase products for a meager price each day. If you find products at a lower price in a retailer other than Walmart, you may price match and get a partial refund. To get this done, it is possible to call Walmart Customer Service directly. Walmart Customer Service executive and follow their instructions.

There are specific requirements that you have to meet for price matching. The most important rule for price match is that the product has to be the same as your purchase, and it must be in stock at the date you can price match.

Walmart also provides the option of Price Adjustment, whereby you can receive partial refunds. Walmart Price Adjustment is available in the following situations:

If you bought an item at and its cost decreased after you placed your order, you are entitled to this price reduction. You can claim the price difference as an exchange or refund.

If you have recently purchased something at and it’s now priced lower, you may request an adjustment.

Walmart Contacts Price Match Policy

Best Prices Guaranteed The lowest prices are guaranteed. Walmart Contacts is well known for having the lowest price in the market; however, if you discover a product we offer at a lower price, just send us an email or call our customer service representatives at 1-800-741-5367.

The price of your order matched! You can place your purchase online and add the link to the lower price within the “Coupon Codes and Special Instructions” field during the checkout.

Summary of this Article

After reading this article, you will better understand how to use the Walmart Price Match Program and its advantages. If there’s something you’re not sure about, or if it’s unclear for you, inform us in the comment section below!

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Does Walmart let you price match?

The price match program at Walmart is designed to allow customers to save money while growing their loyalty to their brand. The policy says that when certain online retailers or offer identical products at a lower price, Walmart will match that price.

How do you get Walmart to price match?

The policy of price match includes specific requirements for buyers to be able to meet:

  1. The item should be the same model and make.
  2. The item has to be available on and the retailer’s site.
  3. One item per customer per day.
  4. Rain checks are not given for items that are not available for purchase.

When did Walmart stop doing price matching?

Walmart stores are set to stop matching competitors’ prices. Walmart will end its app-based tool for price matching known as Savings Catcher, which was announced on May 14th., Walmart confirmed this to Business Insider on Monday.

What is the price adjustment policy?

A price-adjustment plan generally means the retailer will refund you. Retailers will reimburse the difference in the price of an item you bought there within the last 14-30 days.