Vietjet Baggage Allowance:  Baggage Policy & Fees

Vietjet Baggage Allowance: When planning a trip one of the primary factors to take into consideration is the allowance for baggage offered by the airlines.

In this post, we’ll look at the baggage policy that applies to Vietjet Air, a popular airline that offers both international and domestic flights.

Whether you’re wondering about carry-on baggage, checked baggage allowances, baggage fees, or baggage sizes, we’ve got you covered.

Find all the details you require before you embark on your next Vietjet Air trip.

Vietjet Air Carry-on Baggage

When traveling with Vietjet Air, passengers are allowed to bring a certain amount of carry-on baggage with them into the cabin.

The airline has specific guidelines regarding the dimensions and weight of carry-on bags, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with these rules before your flight. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free boarding process.

Vietjet Baggage Allowance
  • Hand Luggage: Passengers are permitted to carry baggage for carry-on as well as one item for personal use. The maximum weight that can be carried in the bag is 7kg and the dimensions of the bag should not exceed 56x36x23 millimeters. Starting June 1st, 2023, travelers are able to choose 2kg of free carry-on luggage when they make their booking.
  • Checked Luggage: The weight of checked baggage must not exceed 32kg per piece, and the dimensions should not exceed 119cm × 119cm × 81cm. Skyboss ticket is included allowance checked baggage is 30 kgs, but other tickets (Promo & Eco) are NOT included allowance checked. Only 7kg per checked luggage is allowed.
  • For security and safety reasons, Vietjet may ask you to undergo a baggage screening and undergo X-rays or other methods of screening.
  • Vietjet is entitled to verify your luggage in the event of your absence in the event that you are not located.
  • If you do not consent to the exam or screen, Vietjet has the right to refuse to transport you and your luggage on a flight, without a refund or any responsibility.
  • Baggage allowance: VietJet Air permits deluxe and eco-friendly type passengers to bring one piece of baggage and an item for personal use. The baggage weight can be up to 7 kg.

Vietjet Checked Baggage Allowance

In addition to carrying carry-on luggage, Vietjet Air also provides an allowance for checked baggage for passengers. This allows passengers to bring their baggage in, which is then stored inside the baggage hold on the plane throughout the journey. Here below is all about information regarding the Vietjetair baggage limit.

  • Hand luggage Every traveler (except babies) is allowed to carry a piece of the main hand luggage, and accessories up to 7kg. Main hand baggage can be limited to a maximum of 56cm by 36cm by 23cm. Small bags cannot exceed 40cm by 30cm by 10cm.
  • checked baggage Customers can buy checked baggage allowances of 20kg, 30kg 40kg 50kg, 60kg 70kg 80kg, 90kg, and 100kg (depending on the route of the flight).
  • When flying on Vietjet Air flights that use the Skyboss ticket includes the allowance to check baggage that is 30kgs. Other tickets (Promo Eco and Promo Eco) do not include in the allowances in checked luggage.
  • VietJet Air permits deluxe fare-type passengers to check in baggage weighing up to 20kg, with 119 x 119 81cm dimensions. In addition, eco-fare types of passengers can check in baggage that weighs no more than 15kg and has 119 x and 81cm dimensions.
  • The baggage must not weigh greater than 32kg and the dimensions do not exceed 119cm x and 81cm.
  • Items that are restricted There are a few objects that aren’t permitted to be transported onboard like explosives, flammable materials, as well as sharp items.

Vietjet Baggage Price

Vietjet Air offers various options for extra baggage that exceeds the allowance for standard baggage. It is crucial to know that extra baggage is charged an additional cost. The cost structure for extra baggage differs based on weight and the destination.

Passengers should check the official Vietjet Air website or contact customer support to get accurate information regarding Vietjet baggage fees. Here Below is all about information regarding the Vietjet Air extra baggage costs.

Type of chargeDomestic (VND)International (VND)
International – Australia (1 stop SGN)
20kg Oversized baggage380,000760,000820,000920,000920,0001,000,0001,100,0001,200,0001,200,0001,465,000
30kg Oversized baggage470,000940,0001,030,0001,180,0001,450,0001,300,0001,450,0001,600,0001,750,0002,000,000

Purchase at the airport

Type of chargeDomestic (VND)International (VND)
(1 stop at HAN)
(1 stop at SGN/HAN)
SGN-SYD/MEL/BNE Vietnam – Australia International – Australia (1 stop SGN)
Checked baggage300,000/15kg630,000/20kg735,000/20kg1,100,000/15kg
Overweight baggage (charge per kg) (*)40,000315,000
Oversized baggage Service (per piece) (**)300,000600,000

 Convenience service charge (/passenger/sector)

CurrencyDomestic (Exclusive VAT)International

(Applied for the first payment of all the payment methods for Australia/Kazakhstan route and connecting Australia/Kazakhstan route


Airport taxes (/passenger/sector)


From 1st Jul 2018

Departing airportAirport taxPassenger sercurity service charge
Adult (VND)Child (VND)Adult (VND)Child (VND)
Group A (HAN, SGN, DAD, HUI, CXR, HPH, VCA, DLI, PQC, BMV, VII, VDO)100,00050,00020,00010,000
Group B (the other airports except for group A airports)80,00040,000

International Fee

Departing airportType of chargeAdultChild
HANAirport tax25.00 USD12.50 USD
Airport Security2.000 USD1.00 USD
SGN, DADAirport tax20.00 USD10.00 USD
Airport Security2.00 USD1.00 USD
PQCAirport tax18.00 USD9.00 USD
Airport Security2.00 USD1.00 USD
Airport tax16.00 USD8.00 USD
Airport Security2.00 USD1.00 USD
HPH, CXR, DLIAirport tax14.00 USD7.00 USD
Airport Security2.00 USD1.00 USD
BKKAirport tax700.00 THB700.00 THB
APPS (E7)35.00 THB35.00 THB
Tax.G815.00 THB15.00 THB
SINAviation levy6.10 SGD6.10 SGD
Airport security Service35.40 SGD35.40 SGD
Airport Development Levy (effective 13Apr20-31Mar21)0 SGD0 SGD
KULAirport tax35.00 MYR35.00 MYR
Regulatory Services Charge1.00 MYR1.00 MYR
Departure Levy Tax8.00 MYR8.00 MYR
Tax.D82.10 MYR2.10 MYR
RGNAirport tax20.00 USD20.00 USD
Tax.C73.25 USD3.25 USD
REP, PNHAirport tax25.00 USD13.00 USD
Civil Aviation Fee5.00 USD5.00 USD
HKGAirport tax120.00 HKD0 HKD
Tax.G390.00 HKD90.00 HKD
Airport security55.00 HKD55.00 HKD
TPE, TNN, RMQ, KHHAirport tax500.00 TWD500.00 TWD
South Korea
ICNAirport tax28,000 KRW28,000 KRW
PUS, TAEAirport tax23,000 KRW23,000 KRW
DELAviation security fee1,124 INR1,124 INR
User Development fee63 INR63 INR
Passenger Service Fee91 INR91 INR
BOMUser Development fee312 USD312 USD
Airport Development fee850 USD850 USD
Aviation security fee1,124 INR1,124 INR

User Development fee101 INR101 INR
Aviation security fee1,124 INR1,124 INR

Aviation security fee1,124 INR1,124 INR
CUTE Charge100 INR100 INR
User Development fee1,416 INR1,416 INR
Aviation security fee1,124 INR1,124 INR
KIXAirport tax2,780 JPY2,780 JPY
Passenger Security Service320 JPY320 JPY
International Tourist Tax*1,000 JPY1,000 JPY
NRTAirport tax2,130 JPY2,130 JPY
Passenger Security Service530 JPY530 JPY
International Tourist Tax*1,000 JPY1,000 JPY
HNDAirport tax (PSFC, effective from 27 March 2022)2,950 JPY2,950 JPY
Passenger Security Service100 JPY100 JPY
International Tourist Tax*1,000 JPY1,000 JPY

Airport Tax (PSFC)980 JPY980 JPY
International Tourist Tax*1,000 JPY1,000 JPY
NGOAirport Tax (PSFC)2,620 JPY2,620 JPY
Passenger Securities Service350 JPY350 JPY
International Tourist Tax*1,000 JPY1,000 JPY
DPSPassenger Service Charge225,000 IDR225,000 IDR
MELPassenger Movement Charge60 AUD0 AUD
International Passenger Service Charge (effect from 14/01/2023 – 30/06/2023)24.28 AUD24.28 AUD
Safety and Security Charge5.49 AUD5.49 AUD
SYDPassenger Movement Charge60 AUD0 AUD
International Passenger Service Charge36.13 AUD36.13 AUD
Safety and Security Charge4.10 AUD4.10 AUD
PLUS, TAEPassenger Movement Charge60 AUD0 AUD
International Passenger Service Charge52.58 AUD52.58 AUD
Safety and Security Charge4.08 AUD4.08 AUD

Vietjet Baggage Size

Vietjet Air has specific baggage dimensions for hand baggage as well as checked baggage. Here are the complete details regarding the cabin luggage size. and Vietjet air baggage size.

Vietjet Cabin Baggage Size

Vietjet Air’s policy on cabin size for baggage is as follows:

  • Hand luggage is the main item and should not be larger than 56cm by 36cm by 23cm in size.
  • Passengers can also carry one small handbag, for example, a lady’s bag camera, magazine, book, or duty-free bag in a size not exceeding 30cm x 20cm and 10cm.
  • Furthermore, passengers may carry one jacket bag that is not larger than 114cm x 60cm x 11. cm and a laptop bag that is not more than 40cm x 30cm and 10cm.
  • It’s important to remember it is important to note that weight and dimensions restrictions for baggage that are checked differ in comparison to cabin baggage. The checked baggage’s weight cannot exceed 32kg for each piece, and the dimensions shouldn’t exceed 119cm by 119cm by 81cm.

Vietjet Baggage Allowance Different Class

VietJet Airlines has different baggage allowances for different classes. Here’s the breakdown:

Vietjet Baggage Allowance Economy

Vietjet Air offers various fare types, including Economy Class, which is a popular choice among travelers. The baggage allowance for Economy Class passengers may differ from other fare classes. It’s advisable to review the baggage policies for Economy Class before packing for your trip to ensure compliance with the airline’s regulations.

  • The Skyboss tickets provides an allowance of 30kg for checked baggage
  • Eco ticket It doesn’t include the allowance to check baggage
  • But, starting on June 1, 2023 when you purchase Eco or Deluxe tickets for domestic and international flights, one passenger (excluding infants) is allowed to carry one carry-on piece of standard baggage up to a maximum of 56cm by 36cm by 23cm. There will also be a small bag that is a maximum of 40cm by 30cm by 10cm
  • Promo ticket This ticket doesn’t provide a allowance to check baggage.
  • Hand baggage: For every passenger (except infants) there is a maximum of the main hand luggage as well as accessories up 7 kg are allowed.
  • The main hand luggage can be limited to a maximum of 56cm by 36cm by 23cm. Small baggage is not allowed to exceed 40cm 30cm 10cm.
  • Baggage checked: Passengers are able to buy prepaid luggage according to pre-paid packages on VietJet Air’s website, ticket office VietJet Air website, ticket office agents, ticket office, and Service Center. Service Center.
  • Each bag cannot weigh more than 32kg, and its dimensions must not exceed 119cm by 119cm by 80cm.

Vietjet Domestic Baggage Allowance

If traveling in Vietnam via Vietjet Air passengers must take note of the national baggage allowance. There are specific regulations and limitations for domestic flights in order to provide the smoothest journey for all passengers. 

If you are aware of the baggage allowance, you will be able to be prepared for any last-minute issues and have a relaxing trip.

Checked Baggage Allowance:

  • Passengers can buy different levels of a checked baggage allowance that range from 20kg to 100kg, dependent on the route of the flight.
  • Skyboss ticket holders enjoy the option of a checked baggage allowance of 30kg.
  • Customers who purchase tickets to fly domestically are entitled to 20kg of check-in baggage at no cost.
  • The maximum weight of the checked bag is 32kg and the size must not exceed 119cm the dimensions of 119cm by 81cm.

Carry-On Baggage Allowance:

  • Beginning the 1st of June, 2023 when you book Eco as well as Deluxe tickets on domestic or international flights, one person (excluding infants) is permitted to carry standard baggage.

Vietjet Deluxe Baggage Allowance

If passengers choose the Vietjet Deluxe class of fare There may be additional benefits and advantages, including an increased baggage allowance.

The additional allowances offer more flexibility for those who require additional baggage space.

If you’re considering taking the Vietjet Deluxe class of fare ensure that you read the specific baggage rules to know the benefits that it provides.

Checked Baggage WeightDeluxe Class : (*) Deluxe ticket is included allowance checked baggage is 20 kgs.
Checked Baggage SizeThe dimension of the item cannot exceed 119cm by 119cm by the 81cm
If your itinerary contains flights operated by other carriers in addition to Vietjet Air, different baggage rules could apply. You can find all the information about the baggage allowances applicable to every flight you’ve booked on the ticket you purchased or on the website of the carrier operating before travel.
Deluxe Class: 1 piece of 07kgDeluxe Class : 1 piece of 07kg
  • Vietjet Air’s baggage policy is only applicable to flights conducted through Vietjet Air flights only. If your travel itinerary contains areas operated by other airlines the special baggage policies of the other airlines are applied to these segments.
  • For Vietjet Air Flights the SkyBoss ticket can be counted in the allowance of checked baggage of 30 kgs. An upgraded ticket is included in 20 kgs. The Eco ticket is not part of the allowance for checked baggage.
  • We suggest that you put your items in bags specifically specially designed for travel to avoid any damage to your luggage and its contents during transportation.
  • It’s always beneficial to personalize your luggage with tags or stickers. Tag the baggage with your name and contact details to help you locate your luggage more quickly after you’ve departed.
  • To safeguard your belongings and avoid damage, losses, or delays, we want to remind you to not carry any perishable, fragile important, valuable, or personal items into your baggage.


Being aware of the baggage policies of an airline is vital to have a comfortable and stress-free traveling experience. We discussed Vietjet Air’s allowance for baggage including topics like carry-on baggage and checked baggage allowances baggage charges, as well as the sizes of bags.

If you are familiar with the policies prior to your departure you are able to pack according and avoid any unforeseen difficulties.


Does Vietjet Air Include Baggage?

Absolutely, Vietjet Air allows baggage as part of its fare rates. However, the allowance for baggage can vary depending on the factors like the class of fare, the destination, and the status of your membership.

It is crucial to verify the baggage policy specific to your particular flight to be aware of the baggage allowance as well as any additional fees which may be applicable.

What is the baggage allowance for VietJet airlines?

Passengers are able to purchase Checked Baggage package allowance levels of 20, 30 kg 40kg 50kg, 60kg 70kg 80kg, 90kg 100kg (depending on the route of flight), or Oversized baggage package allowances of 20kg, and 30kg (passenger can upgrade to a higher baggage allowance before 3 hours before the scheduled departure time).

Does VietJet include carry-on baggage?

Beginning June 1, 2023, for booking Eco or Deluxe flights for international (Vietnam) as well as international flights, one passenger (excluding children less than 2 years old) can carry up to 7 kg of carry-on baggage (including 01 main pieces of luggage, and/or 01 small purses).

How much baggage is allowed in VietJet from India?

To ensure safety and health, Vietjet will not transport any item that is heavier than 32kg, or more than 81cm high x wide and 119cm deep. 

Sports equipment is carried on your own responsibility within the cargo compartment upon payment of the fee for transport as specified on the Schedule of Fees.

How many bags can you take on Jet Airways?

Carry-On Allowance: 1 Bag + 1 Personal Item

Does VietJet give free food?

Vietjet meals in the air aren’t included in the ticket. The airline provides an onboard menu for passengers to purchase food and snacks during their flight. Additionally, a hot meal ordering system can be found online prior to your flight.

What is the ranking of Vietjet?

AirlineRatings also ranks Vietjet at a seven-star status which is the highest rating for safety in aviation around the globe for 5 years beginning in 2018. It is also “the top 10 most secure low-cost airlines in 2022” from 385 international airlines.

What type of airplane does Vietjet use?

Vietjet is one of the first airline in Vietnam & region who has the new modern Sharklet A320 of Airbus.

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