Target Price Match Policy: How Generous is for Price Matching

Target Price Match Policy: In this age of online shopping, it’s becoming more common for retailers to match the price of their rivals. is one of these retailers providing this service to their customers; however, what is their generosity? There are plenty of things you’d like to learn about Find out more in this article!

Target Price Match Policy

Does Target have Price Match Policy?

Yes. Target has an exchange policy which we’ll discuss in detail later in this article. If you purchase something at Target Store and later find it for less on or one of its competitors online and have the proof, they’ll match the price for you.

Target Price Adjustment Policy

Target gives clients 14 days to ask for price adjustments for every Target product (except the marketplace products) from 2022. This can be done using any checkout lanes with an original copy of the receipt or packing slip.

For online purchases, you can contact Guest Services with the order number, email address, and product details.

If you’re looking to learn more about the items covered by Target’s price adjustment policy and whether Target will change the price of items on sale and so on, read on!

Does Target Offer Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. If you purchase an item at Target in-store or online at and it later decreases at Target or other competitors within 14 days of the purchase, the retailer will change the price for you.

Price Match Criteria

Just like any other retailer, Target has criteria for price matching. This, should you discover that you shouldn’t spend your time in price matching, makes it somewhat easier to follow:

  • The first thing you need to be sure of is that when you decide on a price match on an item, the price must be valid. Target can verify/validate the price advertised by the competitor as well as the availability of the item.
  • Target will match its prices against other Target stores as well as
  • Suppose an item is sold on a competitor’s site at a lower cost. In that scenario, the buyer must show the date of purchase by providing their receipt from the current date or order confirmation code for a pricing match to be made.
  • The item listed on must match the one purchased at Target in appearance and size.
  • Target’s price matches the prices of its stores as follows: Target’s in-store price matches’s in-store price matches, and’s price is the same as Target’s in-store. In contrast, Target in-store wouldn’t price match the other Target stores.
  • If you’re using Target App to match prices, ensure that the app shows the cost of that particular store’s location.
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Price Match Process at Target

If you’re trying to match the price with Target, these steps can be helpful:

  • It is recommended to bring evidence of purchase to prove price matching for the item to verify that you placed your order.
  • To allow Target’s price match policy to become effective, it is necessary to check the exact product (brand name size, colour, etc. ).
  • Price match can be requested in stores or on the website
  • The price match is valid when you submit your Price Match request no later than 14 days after purchase at Target or by contacting a competitor.


There are some restrictions from the Target store as well as to match prices and price match, so you need to know:

  • Target does not accept manufacturer discount coupons, coupon codes, or other promotions in the interest of price match.
  • Target will not price match items on clearance, sale items (including, refurbished products, limited quantity offers, coupons, gift cards, online exclusive discounts/promotions, and free shipping promotions.
  • Price errors are not covered under the Target price match policy. In addition, any special discounts such as Amazon Prime or Amazon Fresh Exclusive deals are not covered.
  • Target GiftCard or prepaid gift card is not included.
  • Other exceptions include market items that third-party sellers sell.

Target Price Adjustment Process

Pricing Adjustment with Target is easy. If you discover the exact item at a lower price at Target and in the 14 days after purchase, This is the information you must do:

  • When you realize that an item you purchased at Target is priced lower in the 14 days following the purchase, make sure you keep a receipt showing the date you purchased the item. They’ll adjust the price and refund the price difference.
  • A person shopping at Target can price adjust for you at any time in any store. So, visiting the same store isn’t necessary if you bought the item.
  • If you’ve purchased an item at If you have purchased an item from, you can contact its Guest Services line: 1-888-591-3869.
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Target Competitors’ List

Here’s Target’s list of Competitors who are suitable to be eligible for the price match:


If you’re planning to match the price of any item from Target, you must be sure that these items are on the list above. If they’re not the case, then you cannot price match the item on

Does Target Do Price Adjustment On Online Orders?

Target can adjust the cost of any products sold online on The easiest way to make price adjustment requests to purchase online is to call the Guest Service at 1-800-440-0680.

Alternately, you can make use of it. Alternatively, you can use the live chat option when you have an account with a Target account to request an adjustment to the price. You’ll need to supply your order number, email address, name, and the price of the product you wish to alter.

When your application is accepted, then you’ll receive a credit using the same credit card you used to pay using.

Can Target Adjust The Price Of Sale Items?

Target will alter the price of goods placed in an offer 14 days following purchase, with some exceptions.

Closeout or clearance items don’t qualify for price adjustments. However, you may return the item within the period and purchase the less expensive one.

Furthermore, Target cannot adjust the price you paid for pre-owned, refurbished or lease and rent products. Items marked down due to typographical mistakes are not qualified to be adjusted in price.

Are There Price Adjustment Limitations At Target?

The prices of items offered through Target’s Marketplace through other third-party Target Plus Partners are not altered or matched at any store or on the internet.

Target can also not permit price adjustments for alcohol-based products because of various state laws.

In addition, customers who are not part of Target Circle Rewards cannot request an adjustment to the price of products that are part of exclusive Target Circle deals, discounts or special deals.

If you want to match the costs of a different retailer for the exact item, You’ll have to ask for an exchange of prices instead of a price adjustment.

For more information on this subject, please refer to our blog posts regarding whether Target’s price is comparable to eBay’s, if Target’s price is comparable to Lowe’s, and when Target’s price is comparable to Walmart’s.

Summary of this article

Pricing match and adjustment policies aren’t easy to understand and confusing, but now you have all the details you require to understand how it operates. If there’s anything that we haven’t covered in this article, or if you have any questions about the pricing policy at Target, you can post them in the comments below!

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Target Related To FAQs


What is Target’s policy on price adjustments?

If you discover an unbeatable rate within 14 days of purchase, bring the proof, and we’ll make the payment at a lower cost on your request. Target price matches and adjustments can be completed at the counter on any lane. To make purchases, contact Customer Services on 1-800-591-3869.

Does Target deny price match?

We are entitled to investigate the price advertised by a competitor and whether the item is available. Product. We will refuse your request if Target cannot confirm the price at a lower level or the item’s availability. The item must be identical to the product with the same brand name, size, colour, weight, and model number.

Does Target match Amazon prices?

Target’s prices indeed match Amazon’s. Suppose your product is of the same model weight, size number, colour, quantity, and model. A caveat is that the item has to be purchased and fulfilled by Amazon, and you aren’t able to claim price matches for products from third-party sellers.

Can Target Employees price match?

If you are shopping in the store at Target, the most effective method to ensure you get a price match is to go to the customer service counter with your phone in hand. Bring them the price you paid on your smartphone, and a Target employee will verify the lower price with the rival.

Does Target self checkout price match?

In short, the short answer is yes. Target can match the lower price for any in-store Target purchase when you locate an item on or certain websites owned by competitors online or in local print ads from Target or in a local competitor’s print advertisement.