Taco Bell Breakfast Hours, Menus, Prices, Lunch Hours 2024

Taco Bell Breakfast Hours, Menus, Prices, Lunch Hours 2024

Taco Bell Breakfast

Taco Bell Breakfast Hours: If you are a fan of good food, and food, then don’t avoid Taco Bell Breakfast at Taco Bell restaurant.

Taco Bell Breakfast is well-known among the public for being tasty and featuring TexMex along with Mexican food items. Taco Bell brings great taste to the food it serves all over the globe.

Taco Bell Breakfast Hours

Taco Bell Breakfast Hours

I’m sure you’d like to be aware of the time that Taco Bell breakfast hours start. Also, you should get details on the time at which Taco Bell stops serving breakfast.

The article we’ve published is a piece on Taco Bell Breakfast hours and Taco Bell Breakfast Menu. We also include what is the time that Taco Bell closed.

If you plan to go on a trip by yourself or with a companion, you must be aware of the exact time that Taco Bell stops serving breakfast. Therefore, you’ll have knowledge of the time and what you can be expecting at Taco Bell.

In the meantime, before we start we should know more facts about Taco Bell.

About Taco Bell Restaurant

Taco Bell is known for its unique TexMex as well as Mexican food items. It is among the most popular and longest-running fast-food chains that serve 42 million patrons per week at 7,000 locations around the world.

The year was 1962 when American businessman Glenn Bell established Taco Bell at the age of thirty.

About Taco Bell Restaurant

Taco Bell serves Chicken Power Bowl, Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito, Chicken Quesadilla, Bean Burrito, Crunchy Taco, and many more.

Additionally, Taco Bell serves different tacos, burritos and salads, nachos, beef and omelets, sandwiches as well as chicken, meat eggs, quesadillas, and eggs.

can be frozen in drinks, coffee Iced Coffee, and Diet Pepsi as well as other drinks. In addition, it offers lemonade, chalupa, and bacon, among other delectable products.

Taco Bell food provides delicious food that is high in nutritional value and of excellent quality.

Taco Bell Breakfast hours bring delicious mouth-watering flavor for foodies. Taco Bell breakfast menu offered during Taco Bell Breakfast hours has a variety of delicious foods are available for you to enjoy.

Taco Bell Breakfast Hours – How Long Does Taco Bell Serve

Beginning early at 7 AM early in the morning, until 11 am, Taco Bell breakfast hours will be open for you to enjoy the food you love.

If you are looking for healthy and nutritious food, you should make it a point to visit the restaurant during breakfast times. Taco Bell’s breakfast hours stay the same regardless of the time of day. In the table below you’ll find specifics of when taco bell opens for breakfast.

WeekdayStarting Time of BreakfastClosing Time of Breakfast
Monday07:00 AM11:00 AM
 Tuesday07:00 AM11:00 AM
Wednesday07:00 AM11:00 AM
Thursday07:00 AM11:00 AM
Friday07:00 AM11:00 AM
Saturday07:00 AM11:00 AM
Sunday07:00 AM11:00 AM

It is evident fact that Taco Bell is open all seven days of the week. It’s open from 7:30 am or too late. It’s the ideal time for a healthy breakfast before you head to work, school, your work, or other tasks.

The morning is delicious and nutritious thanks to Taco Bell. What time will Taco Bell close? It’s closing at 9 p.m.

What Time Does Taco Bell Stop Serving Breakfast?

If you’ve always had breakfast early at Taco Bell, then you know the time of day. If you’re not a regular, then you need to be aware of the exact time will Taco Bell stop serving breakfast.

Taco Bell serves food only during hours of service for foodies of all kinds. You are welcome to visit any time and dine in Taco Bell depending on the timing and menu.

If you’re looking forward to the best breakfast but don’t know what time Taco Bell stops serving breakfast and lunch, you’ll go home with an empty stomach.

Taco Bell stops do not serve breakfast after 11:00 am instead, they begin serving lunch. Therefore, you won’t receive a breakfast menu during lunchtime hours.

At 11 am, or earlier, Taco Bell will stop serving breakfast. Now, you must keep in mind the exact time at which Taco Bell stop serving breakfast

When Does Taco Bell Close

We’d like to see you be able to determine what time Taco Bell stops serving breakfast. If you’re looking for what time Taco Bell close, the closing time is 9 hours.

When the dinner hours have ended You won’t be served food, which means you have to get up early to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

When Does Taco Bell Serve Lunch

We’re sure you are aware of when Taco Bell stops serving breakfast. Now let us know the Taco Bell lunch hours.

If you’re looking for what time Taco Bell serves lunch, then it is important to be aware of the following: Taco Bell lunch hours start at eleven A.M. after breakfast hours have finished.

When Does Taco Bell Serve Lunch

Taco Bell stops serving lunch at 02:00 pm. Therefore, if you wish to dine at Taco Bell for lunch, you should be aware of the time at which Taco Bell serves lunch.

It is best to be there at the restaurant during Taco Bell lunch hours for a tasty lunch menu. Now, you’ve got an idea of the time that Taco Bell serves lunch.

DayStarting TimeClosing Time
Monday11:00 AM02:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM02:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM02:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM02:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM02:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM02:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM02:00 PM

Crunchwrap Taco Bell Breakfast

Cruchwrap Taco Bell breakfast is one of the healthiest food items available at Taco Bell and you should give it a try. Crunchwrap Taco Bell Breakfast includes bacon eggs, cheese, eggs Ashbrow, and Taco Bell sauce added as a flavor. All of it is served between two crunch tortillas.

Crunchwrap Taco Bell Breakfast

It’s impossible to be missing this amazing breakfast celebration at Taco Bell. The menu will include Crunchwrap Taco Bell breakfast in two different ways: one made with Taco Bell sauce and the other one with Bacon.

Choose the method you prefer for your crunch wrap. If you are not a fan of the meat option, get an all-vegetarian crunch wrap that does contain bacon in it.

You’ll be amazed to be aware of how well ingredients go together to bring out the finest flavor in this breakfast that is delicious and nutritious.

To relish the crunch wrap Taco Bell breakfast, you must be aware of the time at which Taco Bell breakfast end. It is essential to go to Taco Bell restaurant during breakfast time only.

Taco Bell Breakfast Burrito

Now, you’ve got an idea of the time that Taco Bell opens and serves breakfast. You also are aware of when Taco Bell breakfast ends. Let’s talk about another fantastic item, the Taco Bell breakfast burrito.

Taco Bell Breakfast Burrito

Taco Bell breakfast burrito is the most popular item to eat for breakfast in the morning. The item comes in many varieties including Grilled Cheese Burrito Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito, Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Black Bean Grilled Cheese Burrito, Bean Burrito, Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito as well as Burrito Supreme.

Taco Bell breakfast burrito includes different ingredients, based on what kind of burrito you like. It usually includes eggs and nachos cheese sauce bacon or sausage (your preference) and all packed in a tortilla.

The burrito is also packed with crispy red strips, seasoned beef, reduced-fat sour-cream rice, chips, and rice sauce.

Taco Bell Breakfast Burrito is healthy and all the ingredients are well-matched with each other and taste delicious.

To taste the burritos from Taco Bell, you need to go during breakfast hours. When considering the timing it is important to think about whether Taco Bell serves breakfast.

Make sure you know when Taco Bell opens and what time Taco Bell breakfast end.

So, make sure you’re in the mood for a nutritious and delicious burrito from Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu with Price and Calories

Breakfast menus at Taco Bell offer many items you can enjoy. You can choose from tacos and burritos, hash brown combination, burritos, crunch wrap, and crunch wrap combination.

It is recommended to check out the closest Taco Bell restaurant as well or verify the food item and date to find out, when will Taco Bell serve breakfast. Does it offer the food item you’re seeking?

Name of the itemCaloriesPrice
Cheesy Toasted Burrito Bacon350 Cal$1.49
Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito350 Cal$1.29
Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Potato340 Cal$1.29
 Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito570 Cal$2.39
 Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combo730-1010 Cal$4.59
Mountain Dew® Kickstart™ Orange Citrus70-130 Cal$2.29
Premium Hot Coffee10 Cal$1.69
Regular Iced Coffee10 Cal$1.69
Cinnabon Delights® 12 Pack930 Cal$5.59
Cinnabon Delights® 2 Pack160 Cal$1.59
Hash Brown160 Cal$1.29
Breakfast Crunchwrap Combo830-1110 Cal$5.49
Breakfast Crunchwrap670 Cal$2.99
Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito560 Cal$2.99
Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Steak560 Cal$3.69

To see the costs or the items available on Taco Bell Breakfast Menu, you can click on the link to the left,


Taco Bell – Holiday Breakfast Timing

Taco Bell is open most of the time during the holidays. Taco Bell stays open on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve but the hours can vary. Contact the nearest Taco Bell restaurant and confirm that the hours are correct or confirm the hours of operation.

Taco Bell stays closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition, you can have lunch, breakfast, and dinner at Taco Bell.

HolidayOpen or CloseBreakfast Timing
Christmas EveOpen but hours may vary
EasterOpen07:00 AM-11:00 AM
4th of JulyOpen07:00 AM-11:00 AM
New Year’s DayOpen07:00 AM-11:00 AM
New Year’s EveOpen but hours may vary
Labour DayOpen07:00 AM-11:00 AM
Veteran dayOpen07:00 AM-11:00 AM
Mother’s DayOpen07:00 AM-11:00 AM
father’s dayOpen07:00 AM-11:00 AM
President DayOpen07:00 AM-11:00 AM
Columbus DayOpen07:00 AM-11:00 AM

Taco Bell Lobby Hours

Monday06:00 AM – 03:30 AM
Tuesday06:00 AM – 03:30 AM
Wednesday06:00 AM – 03:30 AM
Thursday06:00 AM – 03:30 AM
Friday06:00 AM – 04:30 AM
Saturday06:00 AM – 04:30 AM
Sunday06:00 AM – 03:30 AM

Taco Bell nearby Restaurants

Taco Bell has restaurants worldwide therefore you must confirm where you are and determine if there are some Taco Bell restaurants in your city. https://www.tacobell.com/locations

When you click the above link after which you can input your city’s name, or type in your current location to locate a Taco Bell restaurant near you.

Keep in mind the time at which Taco Bell starts. It is important to know the time for breakfast and also what time when taco bell will begin serving lunch so it’s simpler to get there and eat at the right time.


Taco Bell is a world-renowned restaurant chain that offers delicious and nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The people love the flavor and flavor of Taco Bell and the quality that Taco Bell delivers every time.

Therefore, we’ve tried to provide information regarding breakfast and breakfast times the restaurant’s breakfast menu close to the time for lunch as well as crunch wraps, burritos, breakfast prices, calories, the timing of breakfast on holidays, and locations of nearby eateries.

Are you planning to go to Taco Bell this weekend or later? What do you want opinions about the breakfast menu which Taco Bell offers during breakfast? Please feel free to share your thoughts, we’ll be grateful for your feedback.

To know more about Taco Bell do not forget to visit the site https://www.tacobell.com/

Taco Bell Breakfast Hours FAQs

What are Lunch Hours at Taco Bell?

Lunch menus at Taco Bell can be enjoyed between 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Is Taco Bell open on Christmas Eve?

The 24th day of December will be Christmas Eve. Also, on Christmas Day, Taco Bell will be open in the same way as always.

How big are Taco Bell’s morning burritos?

Breakfast burritos from Taco Bell – This Giant Burrito weighs 8 pounds (approx 3.6 Kilograms)

What is the caloric content of a Taco Bell breakfast burrito?

The breakfast burrito that is grilled contains 350-440 calories, 150-200 grams of fat, and more than 800 mg of salt (depending upon the potatoes or bacon that are used).