How to Activate Soundcloud on Xbox One, Roku, etc Activate on Xbox One, Roku, etc activate activate: SoundCloud is a music streaming platform accessible to musicians and listeners. It can be used to listen to music or upload your own audio.

With a huge number of users, it has grown to become the most popular music streaming website in the world.

It gives you two kinds of memberships, either free or paid, which you are able to access from any device. In addition, it also offers pairing options to ensure you can listen to music across all devices. activate

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Create a Soundcloud Account

Follow the steps below to establish and confirm your Soundcloud account. Follow the steps below to create and verify your Soundcloud account.

Create Account


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  • Visit on a web browser.
  • Click “Create Account” to the upper right.
  • A pop-up will be displayed. Choose the one that you like to set up an account on Soundcloud. Soundcloud account. In this tutorial, we’ll use “Email.” Therefore put in the “Email” address and then click on “Continue.”
  • Select your “Soundcloud password, verify “I’m not a computer” and then click “Accept and continue” to continue.
  • Select your age, and specify your gender. Click on” Continue” and then click on the “Continue” option.
  • In order to “Get Started” give yourself your display name. This could be your nickname. It could be something else. Make sure that it’s something that you are able to remember easily.

After that, when it’s accomplished, you’re now one step towards streaming Soundcloud music. To begin it is possible to download the Soundcloud streaming and radio app available for Android or iOS.

But installing the Soundcloud app on your streaming device or your smart TV will not be enough to enable the app on your device.

You’ll need the Soundcloud activation code for the app, and a step-by-step guide for the activation procedure before you can begin streaming music from the platform using your smart or streaming devices in your office or at home.

Install The SoundCloud App on Your Device

In order to install the SoundCloud application for your phone, you will need to follow these steps as outlined below.

Step 1. In the first stage, start your Google Play Store in the case of an Android device or an app store on your Apple device. Then, Tap on the search bar and search for “Soundcloud”.Then you’ll see the results for the search you typed in.

Step 2. Hit the SoundCloud app and download the application. After installation, you can open the app on the Google Play Store. Then, you must create an account or sign in to your account. Enter your login credentials or your credentials to sign in to your account.

Step 3. You will need to input all the information required to sign in to create an account. And additionally, you have to confirm your email address in order to be able to access all functions of SoundCloud without issue.

Now your account is successfully set up. You are now able to explore the app and play your music of choice.

Install the SoundCloud App On Your TV or Console

The installation of the SoundCloud SoundCloud App on your Tv or console is like the installation on Android devices. Just follow the steps listed below to Install SoundCloud on your console or TV.

Step 1. Visit the Playstore or the app library on your TV or console. Locate Soundcloud through your search box. Install the app by clicking Install. Start the application.

Step 2. Log in to the account that you’ve created on the Android device. The account is now connected to both of your devices. If a code appears on the screen, you need to follow the next steps to connect the devices.

Pair The Devices

Sometimes, an identifying code shows up on the screen when you sign in to the account you have created on your television or console. In this case, you’ll be able to follow these steps to pair your devices.

1. The first step is to open the Internet browser from your Android device. If it is accessible or is supported by the device. Then, you must open their official website. This is

Step 2. The next step is to log in into your account with the same login credentials that you have used for your mobile application. After that, you must paste the same matching code and paste it into the block where it says to enter the code you copied from another gadget to log in. When you are done Entering the Code the devices will successfully pair.

Be aware that it will stop the playing song when you begin playing it on a different device. Activate Apple TV Code

  • Visit the Apple TV apps store.
  • Find the “Soundcloud” application and install the app o
  • n your TV.
  • Browse to the app channel and open the Soundcloud app.
  • You’ll get your Soundcloud activation code to Apple TV. Apple TV.



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  • Go to on a web browser. It could be either a PC or a mobile browser.
  • Click the Sign-in link and then enter your Soundcloud username and password. Then, log in to your Soundcloud account.
  • Enter the Soundcloud activation code to the app onto your Apple TV screen, and then wait a few moments until Soundcloud validates the activation number that you entered. Activate Apple TV Code

  • After the activation code has been valid, after which the Soundcloud account activation screen on your TV will be refreshed automatically and you will gain full access to Soundcloud music and radio services based on the subscription you have.

Activate SoundCloud on Xbox One via

  • Switch on the Xbox One and go to Windows Store.
  • Find the SoundCloud application in the Windows Store.
  • In the search result Select the SoundCloud application.
  • Hit on the Download button for the download, and then install the application.
  • After installation, you can open the SoundCloud application on Xbox.
  • There will be a 6-character activation code displayed on your TV screen as well as a link to activate.
  • Open a web browser on your computer or mobile and visit
  • Log into your account using your SoundCloud login details.
  • Input the code for registration that is displayed on the TV screen.
  • Now you can start listening to the music you love from your favorite artists on Xbox. Activate Samsung Smart TV

If you are not a Tizen Samsung Smart TV users follow the steps below to enable the Soundcloud app on your device.

  • Click” Home” or the “Home” button from the remote of your Samsung Smart TV remote.
  • Go to the left-hand side and choose “Apps.”
  • Log into your Samsung account and then click the “search” or “Search” option.
  • Look up “Soundcloud” by using the keyboard on the screen.
  • Click on it and click” Install”. Click on the “Install” option beneath the “App” details.
  • Launch” Soundcloud” or the “Soundcloud app” after installation and go to “Downloaded applications” and then launch” Soundcloud. “Soundcloud” application.
  • Take note of the Soundcloud activation code on the screen and the instruction to go to
  • Launch your phone or computer browser and sign in to your Soundcloud account and then visit
  • Enter the activation code into the Samsung Smart TV and wait for a few seconds until the code is checked.

How to Install SoundCloud on iPhone/ iPad?

If you’re making use of the iPhone or iPad and would like to view SoundCloud Follow the following steps to download the application.

  • Then, open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  • On the App Store Look to find the Sound Cloud app.
  • From the search results choose” SoundCloud” from your search result ” SoundCloud” application.
  • Hit on the Download button and download the app onto the iOS device.
  • After successful installation, open the application.
  • You can now log into your SoundCloud account with your login credentials or make an account from scratch.
  • You’ll be able to find your favorite music and discover new artists through the SoundCloud app on your iPhone.

Steps to Install SoundCloud App on Android Device

SoundCloud is available for Android tablets and phones. If you have an Android phone it is possible to use SoundCloud using it. Follow these steps:

  • If you’re using an Android phone, visit your phone’s Google Play Store.
  • Click on the Search section and look to find SoundCloud in the Play Store.
  • From the result of your search, choose the SoundCloud application.
  • Click the Install button to install and download the app onto the Android smartphone.
  • After installation, open the SoundCloud application.
  • There are two options: Make an account or Have an existing account.
  • You must sign in to your SoundCloud account with your login credentials or make an account.
  • You are now able to use the SoundCloud app from your Android phone.

So, these are the steps you can follow to activate SoundCloud on your iPhone, Android, or Microsoft Xbox at

How to Activate Soundcloud on Roku TV or Roku Stick?

As such, you don’t need a activation Roku code to begin using this Soundcloud Radio and Music streaming application on your Roku device. In this instance, you can use Soundcloud through Roku TV or Roku stick through the Musiclouds application.

  • Return to the home screen on Roku TV or stick home screen, or hit” Home. “Home” icon.
  • Choose” Streaming Channel” from the Roku “Streaming Channel” at the bottom left of the display.
  • From the expanded menu, click “Search Channel.”
  • Look up “Musiclouds” within the search box, and then select it from the results.
  • Choose “Add Channel” to download and install the Musiclouds” application on your Roku TV or Smart.
  • Click “OK” in the pop-up and then navigate through the store app.
  • Open the” Musiclouds “Musiclouds” App on the Roku and begin streaming.

If you don’t have the Soundcloud application, you are able to listen to the entire Soundcloud songs via the Roku TV and Roku stick through the Musiclouds app.

How to play SoundCloud Tracks & Playlists on Sonos?

To gain access to SoundCloud tracks including new music and audio playlists on Sonos you must follow the below steps:

  1. Choose SoundCloud from the menu of music services that are available on the Sonos HiFi sound system.
  2. Log in with your SoundCloud credentials to access your account.


In this post we’ve discussed how to activate the SoundCloud app on your Android device, as also on smart TV as well as on consoles, and also how to pair these devices. Following these simple steps, you will be able to connect and activate your devices with success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is activate? activate is an activation process designed to activate your SoundCloud account on various devices, Such as smart TVs, Streaming media players, and gaming consoles.

Why do I need to activate SoundCloud on my device?

Enabling SoundCloud on your device provides easy access and streaming music directly from your account via mobile.

Where can I find the activation code for SoundCloud?

The activation code for SoundCloud is typically displayed on your device’s screen when you initiate the activation process. Look for instructions or prompts on your device.

Can I activate SoundCloud on multiple devices?

Yes, you can activate SoundCloud on multiple devices by following the activation process on each device separately.

Do I need a SoundCloud account to activate it on my device?

Yes, you need a SoundCloud account to activate and access your personalized content on your device.

Can I activate SoundCloud on a smart TV?

Yes, SoundCloud can be activated on certain smart TVs that support the SoundCloud app. Follow the activation process specific to your smart TV.

Can I activate SoundCloud on a streaming media player like Roku or Apple TV?

Yes, many popular streaming media players support SoundCloud. Use the SoundCloud app on your device and follow the activation process provided.

Is SoundCloud activation available on gaming consoles?

Yes, some gaming consoles, such as Xbox and PlayStation, have the SoundCloud app available for activation. Check the app store on your console for availability.

Is there a time limit for the SoundCloud activation code?

The validity of the activation code may vary depending on the device and the activation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate SoundCloud within the given timeframe.

Can I deactivate SoundCloud on a device?

Yes, you can usually deactivate SoundCloud on a device by accessing the settings or account management options within the SoundCloud app on that device.

What features can I access once SoundCloud is activated on my device?

Once SoundCloud is activated on your device, you can access your personal library, playlists, liked tracks, and discover and stream music from the SoundCloud platform.

Do I need a premium SoundCloud subscription to activate it on my device?

Activation of SoundCloud on most devices does not require a premium subscription. However, some devices may have limitations or require a subscription for certain features.

Can I use SoundCloud on my mobile device without activating it?

Yes, you can use the SoundCloud mobile app without specific device activation. Non-mobile devices such as smart TVs, Media players, and gaming consoles require activation for use.