Sonic Happy Hour: Time, Menu & Daily Special Deals - 2024

Sonic Happy Hour: Time, Menu & Daily Special Deals – 2024

Sonic Happy Hour 2024 – Sonic Happy Hour Time

Sonic Happy Hour: If you are interested to learn more about the happy hours Sonic has? If so, you’re at the right spot We’ll provide you with all the information you need regarding Sonic Happy Hour 2024.

If you’re in the market for something sweet for dinner at a lower cost the time is up. Just search for the closest Sonic restaurant to enjoy a special Happy Hour meal.

It is a great time to shop. Happy Hour always comes with a variety of deals and special discounts every day. We will be seeing Sonic Happy Hour Time Sonic’s Drink Menu Sonics’s special offers and more in this post.

What Time is Sonic Happy Hour

Happy hours at Sonic

Sonic offers 50 percent off any drink or slush during the happy hour in Sonic, which is between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00. This is the longest-running offer in their history and is applicable to all kinds of drinks, slushes, and soft drinks.

Another benefit is that if you purchase anything through their app, you’ll receive 50% off every drink at any time of the day.

Sonic is a great alternative to Sonic in that you can mix it with any other current offer, meaning that in the end, you’ll receive food and beverages for a low cost.

happy hours at Sonic

When is Sonic Happy Hour?

Sonic’s happy time is from 2:00 until 4:00 at night. The daily update of the shakes’ price since they are not part of the 50% off sale however they do offer some deals on shakes.

Details of Sonic Happy Hour

Name of the brandSonic
What’s SpecialSonic Happy hour
when is happy hour at sonic2 to 4 pm
Applicable on which daysAll weekdays
Prices in happy hours50 % off on Drinks and slushes

Based on the information from the table above with the information in the table above, you should be well-informed about what is the happy hour at Sonic.

Sonic happy hour drinks

We have observed what time happy hour begins at Sonic and we will now check out the drinks they offer during Sonic’s happy hour drinks.

Sonic happy hour drinks

Sonic Slushes include a variety of flavors such as CherrySlush, Blue Raspberry Slush, BlueCoconut slush, as well as PoweradeMountain BerryBlast Slush.

A variety of Lemonade and limeades can be chilled with all kinds of natural lemonade strawberry, DietCherryLimeade, CranberryLimeade, limeade, and DietLemonade.

Certain coke products are offered at half-price.

Sonic deals Tuesday

In addition to the happy hour drinks, the restaurant also offers an exclusive discount for families on Tuesdays. The discount starts at 5 and lasts until it closes.

During these hours, this deal is among the most well-known ones for families who want to dine out and have fun as they enjoy many things for 50 % off the menu.

Sonic deals Tuesday

The Cheeseburger is only half price on Tuesdays.

Notice: The Tuesday deal does not include items such as double cheeseburgers Signature Slinger, Jr, Deluxe Cheeseburgers Quarter pound Cheese Burgers.

These are the things that you are not able to sell in the deal on Tuesday We have something special for you.

There is a chance to get for free medium-red Bull Slush If you place an order through the app.

Red bull cans in only $4.99.

Sonic Special Drinks

At Sonic You can get drinks for half price. However, various locations offer other food items at various discounts, including the 99-cent corn dog.

Sonic half-price shakes 2024

There are many different shake combinations available at Sonic and this is made by hand mixing Master shakes we’ve included a few below:

  • Oreo Peanut Butter
  • Cheesecake Oreo Shake
  • Strawberry Shake of Cheesecake
  • Oreo Chocolate shake
  • Shake with Cheesecake.

What is Sonic Special Today?

Sonic offers new dive-in deals every day, and those who are particularly will be looking for Sonic’s morning drink to put down and get their morning routine started drinking.


All the details were about chilling out and unwinding on hot summer days between 2 and 4 with refreshing lemonade or slushes that are half price. I hope you are feeling the urge like drinking a good drink you feel cool so don’t sit there and watch and take a sip today… but not at 2:00, because the happy hour begins at 2:00. Drinks are available, and chill.

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Can I get all the drinks at discount?

If you purchase them through Sonic’s app Sonic application, then you will receive all drinks for half price all day long.

Does Sonic give you any special offer at Dive In?

Sure, they offer special deals at Dive into and are frequently updated on their website as well as their social media channels.

What does Happy hour drink include?

It comprises Iced tea Slushes as well as soft drinks like Coke.