Service Credit Union Routing Numbers & Wire Transfer

Simplest banking with CC Bank:

Service Credit Union Routing Numbers: The process of CC Bank is simple to grasp when compared with other financial institutions.

It is home to $2.9 billion of assets and services customers who are members of their United States Military use Service Credit Union Military branches as well as those employed by the Department of Defense.

With more than 36 branches in the United States and 16 in Service Credit Union Germany branches The bank has an excellent reputation on the market. The bank works overseas to allow military personnel to open their Service Credit Union Military account in Germany.

Service Credit Union

What is Service Credit Union Routing Number

A Service Credit Union Routing Number or Service CU Routing Number is 211489656 and is used in order to determine the institution which is involved in participating in the transaction as well as the address where you first opened your account.

It is the Service Credit Union Routing Number also known as Service CU Routing Number has 9 numbers and you’ll receive this question numerous times when making a payment online or via phone using the same.

Different Routing numbers are different for banks, which is why you have to enter the proper routing number. The number 211489656 for a Service Credit Union is also called the routing transit number or RTN.

Its Service Credit Union Routing Number 211489656 is required in a variety of circumstances like auto-loan loan payments or bill payments, as well as direct deposit. This is required when filing taxes tax refunds, tax payments, or by using different bank transfers.

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Where to Find the Service Credit Union Routing Number on a check?

The routing number of Service Credit Union is 211489656 and is located at the bottom left. This is the Service Credit Union, New Hampshire routing number.

This number is on all Service Credit Union checks. Alongside the number, there’s an account number. Service Credit Union Account Number is listed below.

Service Credit Union Routing Numbers

The 211489656 Routing number is valid for US only. The US only. Ford Service Credit Union Germany The Routing Number of Service Credit unions is 54030011.

There are a variety of ways to determine the routing number 211489656 on the internet. You can locate the number on the Online Banking website.

Another method to locate the number is to contact customer service. Simply contact the Service CU Phone number and inquire from the representative on the routing number. He will be able to assist.

If you have a branch nearby you, you are able to reach your local branch to ask staff members to inform you on how to dial the routing numbers.

Open the website of the American Banking Association by clicking this link or use the link of the Federal Reserve Board

You can also find the routing number from this link,

If you click on the links above you’ll be able to obtain the routing number quickly.

How to Wire Transfer or Wire Money to Someone?

How to Wire Transfer or Wire Money to Someone

The process of sending money internationally isn’t easy because when you send money or wire funds internationally through your bank, they’ll cost you an exchange rate.

You won’t know about the exchange rate because they take it into account however it could cause you to lose funds.

This is the same whenever you receive funds. So, always make use of the normal banking system, not Wire Transfer, however, if you have to wire money, you must be aware of the points below.

In conjunction with your Service Credit Union Account Number, You can make use of Service Credit Union Wire Transfer services. To do this, you require a BIC code called SCRUDE51 which helps to obtain wire transfer funds from other countries.

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Service Credit Union Wire Transfer Service Credit Union Wire Transfer doesn’t use its SWIFT platform to move funds.

When the institution you wish to deal via in order to conduct an International Money Transfer has an intermediary bank located that is located in the United States, then it is easier to transfer money through Service Credit Union. All you have to do for a money transfer is

➽ The name of the Intermediary Bank

➽ SWIFT Code of the Intermediary Bank

➽ The address for the Intermediary Bank

➽ Name of the Beneficiary Bank

➽ Routing Number

➽ Name of the bank that the beneficiary is

If you provide this information, you’re good to go with the international wire transfer. But don’t forget to include your Customer’s name (your Name) as well as the Customer Account number (Your Account Number).

The fees charged from Service Credit Union are different for International Wire Transfer and Domestic Wire Transfer.

However, you must find alternative options that offer,

➽ Affordable and better exchange rates

➽ Greater security for your money

➽ Faster speed

➽ Connectivity and better network all over the world

If you encounter any issues it is easy to call the Service CU’s phone number for any assistance with the transfer of money.

IBAN Number for SEPA Transfer

Service Credit Union IBAN is the International Bank Account Number which has 22 digits. This is helpful to facilitate the Single Euro Payment Area or SEPA by facilitating electronic transfers across European countries.

This Service Credit Union IBAN can be obtained at the branch where you opened your account. Alternatively, you can reach CU by phone. The number you can dial to call is 1-800-936-7730 (US) or 00800-4728-20000 (International) it is a toll-free phone number.

It is also possible to inquire questions about the procedure for SEPA and find out more details about it from your local branch or call them again on the number. It is also possible to email them to inquire about the information you’d like to learn about.

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What is ACH Routing Number

The ACH Number can be described as an Automated Clearing House Routing Number. It could be an 8-digit number that is available in your bank account. It’s the electronic transfer of money system that allows funds to be paid and received through Federal ACH Networks in the US.

The ACH Routing Number can be used to pay for smaller payments such as electric bills or for daily expenses. Two of the digits in this code are between 61 and 72.

It is essential to confirm the information with your financial institution prior to when you pay or receive these. ACH Routing number is also referred to in the context of “direct deposits”.

FAQs – Service Federal Credit Union

What bank is routing number 211489656?

Service Federal Credit Union

Is the ACH number the same as the account number?

It is different from the number on your bank account. Look for the ACH Routing Number inside your checkbook. It’s a 9-digit number that is printed right next to the account number.

How do I wire money from a service credit union?

By using BIC code Through BIC code SCRUDE51

How do I set up a service credit union account?

Register with Online Banking, accept the electronic communications agreement and you’re in good shape.

How do I get my ACH routing number?

It’s a nine-digit number that appears in the checkbook alongside the account number.

Can you send money from the credit union to the credit union?

Yes, you can do a wire transfer.

How do I find my service credit union member number?

Send us an email at or contact 800-936-7730 (U.S.) or 00800-4728-2099 (Int’l).

How many checking accounts can you have at a credit union?

There are no boundaries