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Contents If you’re willing to use the SBS On Demand iPhone on your device, you can stream high-quality entertainment without limits.

If you are looking for the best way to turn on your SBS services, you have found it. Today, I’ll explain how to activate your assistance using the link on your Smart TV.

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About SBS on Demand

About SBS on Demand

SBS on demand is a streaming service in Australia that you can use for free. You have 11,000 hours of drama, stories, and shows from all over the world. You can choose a genre like drama, comedy, or horror.

Compatible devices

SBS is available on many different devices, so you can watch your favorite shows on the one you like best. Compatible devices include:

  • Phones and tablets. Users can watch SBS App on Apple devices with iOS 9.3.5 or greater and Android tablets and phones with Android 4.4 or higher.
  • A computer for home use. It can be used on any computer.
  • Internet-enabled televisions. You can watch on some Samsung TVs, LG TVs, Panasonic TVs, Hisense TVs, Sony TVs, Blu-ray players, HbbTV-enabled TVs, and other devices.
  • Video game consoles. On Xbox 360 and Xbox One, you can watch your favorite SBS shows.
  • Boxes that can be closed. You can also use set-top boxes from Telstra TV and Fetch to get in.
  • The Apple TV. Platforms from the 4th generation and up can download it.

How to Create New SBS On Demand Account for your Smart TV?

If you need help setting up your new Smart TV account, I’ve written down all the proper steps below.

Create New SBS On Demand Account for your Smart TV

  • Look for the “Create Account” or “Sign Up” button.

enter required details to create sbs on demand account

  • Now you have to fill in all the details, like your First Name, your active Email address, the password you want to set, your Birth Year, and your Gender.
  • Please check the details.
  • After doing these things, you must click the “Create Account” button.
  • Check your email; we’ll send you a link to confirm your account.
  • Check your account now. It will show you a screen that says thank you.
  • You can now quickly sign in with your TV, and your account will be set up in a few minutes.

How to Activate SBS on Demand on Apple TV using

Activate SBS on Demand on Apple TV

If you have Apple TV and want to use SBS on demand, follow the steps below:

  • The first step is to turn on the Apple TV and go to the Apple Store. Now, look for the SBS on-demand implementation and click to install it.
  • Now, once the app is downloaded, open it by signing in with your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Click on anything to see it. Click And when you click the screen, it will show a six-digit code.
  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Enter the login information again, and you will get a 6-digit code.
  • Step into the TV and use the SBS on-demand services.

How to Activate SBS on Demand on your Android TV using


Here are all the steps that Android TV users need to take to use SBS on demand: –

  • You must first open your Android TV and go to the Play Store. Once in the Play Store, you can look for an SBS on-demand app by name.
  • You can download the app to your device and wait for it to be installed. Open the app once it’s been installed and finish the sign-in process. When you open any content, the screen will show a six-digit code.
  • Now, open your web browser and type into the search bar. Once you get to the official page, enter your login information to unlock your account.
  • Find the six-digit code and type it in.
  • So, SBS on demand will be able to offer its services.

How do I Activate SBS on Demand on Samsung TV Via

Activate SBS on Demand on Samsung TV

If you have a Samsung device, then follow these steps:

  • Open the Samsung Smart TV’s app store by turning it on.
  • Find the search box in the app store and type “SBS on demand” into it. Then tap “download” to get the app.
  • Let the app download correctly, open it, and fill out the sign-up steps.
  • You need to enter information like your name, email address, phone number, and any other information asked for.
  • Open a web browser on a different device, like a phone or laptop, and go to
  • You’ll need to enter the 6-digit code from the Samsung TV, and then you can watch your favorite shows on your TV.

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So, in this section, we’ve talked about how to turn SBS Activate on and off on different devices. I hope it helped you connect your device to SBS on-demand applications. If you want to know how to do it with other devices, please let me know in the comments. – FAQs - FAQs

The SBS On Demand Not Working on my device. Help me out please?

People have said that “SBS On Demand Not Working” has happened to them, so here are some things you can do to avoid getting this error.

  • Before turning on the device, you should check the power cord.
  • If the device’s power cord isn’t plugged in, please plug it in.
  • Check to see if one’s device is connected to the internet.
  • Check to see if the WiFi router is plugged into the wall or not.
  • Check to see if the thing is working right.

Why can’t I get SBS on my smart TV?

We recently decided that Samsung TVs won’t have the SBS On Demand app after 2012. The “v2 app” is the name of this one, and it was made in 2012. We did this because the SBS On Demand app doesn’t work well on these older TVs and devices.

How can I start watching SBS Catch up tv?

You must have a real SBS account to watch SBS on a big screen. So, you must use the phone to set up the SBS services or app on your device.

Why can’t I get SBS On Demand on my LG Smart TV?

Since 2014, LG TVs have been able to use the SBS On Demand app. You’ll need to download SBS On Demand from the LG content store if you want to use it on your LG TV. 1. Press the HOME button on one LG remote to open the LG content store.

Can I directly start watching the SBS on my device?

No, it would help if you used your SBS On Demand Sign-In information to get into your account first.

How to download the SBS App on Android?

Use this link: SBS On Demand – Apps on Google Play to get the SBS app for your current device.

Can I use SBS On Demand Login on an Android phone?

Yes, SBS on Demand can be used on an Android phone.