Saudia Baggage Allowance & Fees Guide – 2023

Saudia Baggage Allowance – Saudia, also known as Saudi Arabian Airlines, is the national airline of Saudi Arabia. It operates both domestic and international flights to destinations around the world.

When traveling with Saudia, it is important to understand the airline’s baggage allowance policy to avoid any surprises or extra fees at the airport.

Saudia’s Baggage Allowance Policy

Saudia’s baggage allowance policy varies depending on the type of flight you are taking.

For domestic flights within Saudi Arabia, passengers are allowed one piece of carry-on baggage and two pieces of checked baggage.

For international flights, the baggage allowance varies depending on the destination and class of travel.

Saudia Carry-On/Hand Baggage

The hand baggage allowance for First/Business Class includes one bag and one briefcase. The bag’s dimensions should not exceed 22 x 18 x 10 inches (56 x 45 x 25 cm) or weigh more than 20 pounds (9 kg). The briefcase should not exceed 18 x 8 x 14 inches (45 x 20 x 35 cm).

In Guest Class, passengers are allowed one bag, which should not exceed 22 x 18 x 10 inches (56 x 45 x 25 cm) or weigh more than 15 pounds (7 kg).

However, there are exceptions for flights departing from the USA/Canada to Saudi Arabia. All passengers can carry one bag, but it must not exceed 16 pounds (7 kg) or 45 inches (114 cm) in total linear dimensions.

Additionally, all passengers may also carry an overcoat/wrap, umbrella/crutches, binoculars, camera, handbag/pocketbook, and reading material in addition to the free carry-on baggage allowance.

Cabin baggage allowance

Class of ServiceHand Baggage No. of PcsMax DimensionsWeight upto
First and Business ClassHand bag or Pull bag or Garment bag156 X 45 X 25 (Cm) 22×18 x10 (In) 12 KGS
First and Business ClassOne Briefcase1 56 X 20 X 35 (Cm) 18 X 08X 14 (In) 09 KGS
GuestOne Hand bag or Pull bag156 X 45 X 25 (Cm) 22 X 18 X 10 (In) 07 KGS

Saudia Checked Baggage Allowance

For flights to/from the USA and Canada, the total linear dimensions of all bags must not exceed 62 inches (157 cm). For all other flights, the total linear dimensions of all bags must not exceed 81 inches (205 cm).

Domestic Flight:

  • Guest Class: Passengers are allowed to carry 1 bag weighing up to 55 pounds (25 kg).
  • First/Business Class: Passengers are allowed to carry 2 bags, each weighing up to 55 pounds (25 kg).
  • Saudia Alfursan (Gold/Silver) members and SkyTeam (Elite Plus/Elite) members can carry 1 extra piece weighing up to 55 pounds (25 kg).

International Flights:

  • Guest Class: Passengers are allowed to carry 1 bag weighing up to 72 pounds (32 kg). For flights from the USA/Canada and some other flights, please consult your ticket for specific allowances.
  • First/Business Class: Passengers are allowed to carry 2 bags, each weighing up to 71 pounds (32 kg).
  • Saudia Alfursan (Gold/Silver) members and SkyTeam (Elite Plus/Elite) members can carry 1 extra piece weighing up to 51 pounds (23 kg).

Saudia Excess Baggage Fees

Excess baggage charges -Domestic Flights

  • Extra baggage within size/weight limits (Pre-paid): SAR 138.
  • Extra baggage within size/weight limits (Airport Charge): SAR 172.5.
  • Excess baggage weight between 23 – 32 kg: SAR 138.
  • Oversize piece between 158-205 cm
  • Overweight piece between 32-45 kg: SAR 257.5.

Excess Baggage Charges-International Flights

Online payment (pre-paid charges)

CitiesSaudi ArabiaUSAEUUKIndia
Saudi Arabia$180$172$172$100
Arabian Gulf$105$192$184$184$192
Middle East $105$192$184$184$192
CitiesArabian GulfMiddle EastAsiaAfricaChina
Saudi Arabia$105$105$140$88$160
Arabian Gulf$105$183$155$183
Middle East $105$183$155$183

Airport Charges

CitiesSaudi ArabiaUSAEUUKIndia
Saudi Arabia$225$215$215$130
Arabian Gulf$150$240$230$230$240
Middle East $150$240$230$230$240
CitiesArabian GulfMiddle EastAsiaAfricaChina
Saudi Arabia$150$150$200$125$200
Arabian Gulf$150$260$220$260
Middle East $150$260$220$260

Saudia Overweight Baggage Charges (23-32 kg)

CitiesSaudi ArabiaUSAEUUKIndia
Saudi Arabia$60$100$100$55
Arabian Gulf$75$120$115$115$120
Middle East $75$120$115$115$120
CitiesArabian GulfMiddle EastAsiaAfricaChina
Saudi Arabia$75$75$100$60$125
Arabian Gulf$75$130$110$130
Middle East $75$130$110$130

Saudia Overweight Baggage Charges (32-45 kg, size within 205 cm linear dimensions)

CitiesSaudi ArabiaArabian GulfMiddle EastIndiaAsiaAfricaChina
Saudi Arabia$316$316$285$420$260$458
Arabian Gulf$316$316$504$546$462$522
Middle East$316$316$504$546$462$522

 Saudia Oversized Baggage Charges (158-205 cm, excess weight btw 32-45 kg, or both)

CitiesSaudi ArabiaArabian GulfMiddle EastIndiaAsiaAfricaChina
Saudi Arabia$91$91$100$120$75$133
Arabian Gulf$91$91$144$156$132$156
Middle East$91$91$144$156$132$156

Saudia Baggage Policy for Sporting Equipment

Saudia allows sports equipment as free checked baggage. Sports equipment baggage policy highlights:

Your free checked luggage allowance can include sports equipment.
Excess baggage fees apply to sports equipment.

Special boxes and shock absorbers are needed to transport equipment safely.
On Boeing B777 and B787 aircraft, oversize sporting equipment is allowed.

The excess baggage charges for sporting equipment are as follows: 

International Flights 

  • For pieces exceeding the approved dimensions of 158cm/62in but measuring between 158–205cm, there is an additional charge of USD 100 (CAD 100 for flights to/from Canada).
  • If the pieces measure between 205–300cm (80–118in), an extra fee of USD 67 (CAD 89 for flights to/from Canada) will be added to the previous charge, making it a total of USD 167 (or CAD 189).
  • However, sporting equipment that exceeds 300cm/118in in size or 70Ib/32kg in weight will not be accepted as regular checked baggage. In such cases, it must be sent through air cargo for transportation.

Domestic Flights

  • For each piece that exceeds the approved dimensions of 158cm/62in but is less than 205cm/80in, there is a charge of SAR 100.
  • If the pieces measure between 205cm and 300cm (80in and 118in), there is an additional charge of SAR 100, making it a total of SAR 200.
  • However, sporting equipment that exceeds 300cm/118in or 70llb/32kg will only be accepted and transported as air cargo.

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Saudia baggage allowance for infants

On all domestic and international flights, infants have a free checked baggage allowance of 1 piece weighing up to 23 kg (50 lbs) and measuring up to 158 cm (62 inches)

Infants are also allowed to bring additional items such as a fully collapsible stroller, an infant carrying basket, or a baby car seat

However, there is no checked or cabin baggage allowance for infants traveling at a 10% fare

Saudi Airlines prohibited items

Prohibited items on Saudia Airlines include:

  • Firearms, ammunition, swords, and knives
  • Flammable items such as lighters and matches
  • Compressed gas
  • Detonators, electrical sticks, and similar articles
  • Controlled drugs and medicines
  • Alcohol in restricted quantities
  • Cash amount in excess of the specified limit
  • Electric stun guns, batons, cattle prods, and similar items
  • Pornographic materials
  • Distillery equipment
  • Narcotics
  • Pork and pork products
  • Certain sculptures
  • Wireless equipment and radio-controlled model airplanes
  • Archaeological artifacts
  • Live animals (requires special approval)
  • Used clothing
  • Used tires
  • Cars older than five years
  • Savaged cars
  • Used police cars, taxis, and rental cars

Saudi Airlines’ liquid allowance

Firstly, for the past few years, traveling with liquids in containers larger than 3.4 ounces or 100ml has been prohibited in the aircraft cabin.

Additionally, all these liquid containers must be placed inside a zip-top plastic bag. It’s important to note that the total volume of all containers in the plastic bag must not exceed one liter.

Official Website – Saudi Airlines


Understanding Saudia’s baggage allowance policy is important for any traveler flying with the airline.

By following the guidelines and tips outlined in this article, you can make the most of your baggage allowance and avoid any extra fees or surprises at the airport.

Remember to pack smart, weigh your bags before you leave home, and check with Saudia if you have any questions about their baggage allowance policy.


How much time should I allot at the airport?

Check-in closes one hour before your departure time. Departure gates will close 20 minutes before departure time.

Does Saudia have web check-in?

Yes, for passengers with a confirmed, valid eTicket, Saudia offers web check-in for all domestic and select international flights. Web check-in is accessible 24 hours before departure and 3 hours before departure.

What is Saudia’s policy with regard to the hand baggage allowance?

According to the class of travel, Saudi Arabian Airlines permits each passenger to bring a specific amount of hand luggage. All hand luggage must be stored in the closed overhead rack or under the passenger’s seat.

What is Saudia’s policy with regard to checked baggage allowances?

Every Saudi Arabian Airlines traveller can check a specified amount of baggage. The travel class and itinerary limit the number, weight, and dimensions of this free luggage allotment. Saudia limits checked baggage to 32 kilos.

Does Saudi Arabian Airlines provide online seat selection?

Yes, Saudi Arabian Airlines provides online seat selection for a small cost or for free. It is dependent on your flight reservation.

What are the dimensions allowed for checked baggage on domestic flights?

The standard dimensions for all bags should not exceed 62 inches or 158 cm for domestic flights.

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