Popeyes Hours in 2022? What Time Does Popeyes Open & Close on Holidays in 2022?

Popeyes Hours

Popeyes Hours: If you’re looking for an excellent breakfast spot close to your home that specializes in fried chicken, then you must know about The Popeyes Hours.

If you’re not a regular visitor who goes to Popeye This is an ideal chance to try and taste the delectable Popeyes Breakfast.

Since the Popeyes timings for breakfast are set and you need to get information about what time Popeyes open and When Popeyes close.

that you do not be able to miss your chance to dine at Popeyes, the Popeye restaurant. Also, you must know – is Popeyes open for Thanksgiving in 2022?

Take note of the passages while we explain to you the Popeyes Hours.

What Time Does Popeyes Open?

What Time Does Popeyes Open

The restaurant Popeye is open seven every day of the week serving delicious fried chicken as well as other mouthwatering meals. The time of opening and the restaurant’s menu remains the same regardless of the day.

Beginning Monday morning If you’d like to know What time Popeyes open? then please refer to the table below.

Popeyes Hours – Days Popeyes Hours – Time
Monday 10:00 AM (Morning)
Tuesday 10:00 AM (Morning)
Wednesday 10:00 AM (Morning)
Thursday 10:00 AM (Morning)
Friday 10:00 AM (Morning)
Saturday 10:00 AM (Morning)
Sunday 10:00 AM (Morning)

Follow the schedule above for the timing of breakfast every day early in the day. Does this mean that you should be aware of what time Popeyes Start?

What Time Does Popeyes Close?

You now have an idea of the opening times of the Popeye Now you must know the closing time. What time does Popeyes close? Almost all of the restaurants adhere to the same hours of closing.

If you are aware of Popeye’s closing time, then you know it is the best time to visit for a delicious meal.

Popeyes Closing Time – Days Popeyes Closing Time
Monday 11:00 PM (Night)
Tuesday 11:00 PM (Night)
Wednesday 11:00 PM (Night)
Thursday 11:00 PM (Night)
Friday 11:00 PM (Night)
Saturday 11:00 PM (Night)
Sunday 11:00 PM (Night)

Knowing Popeye’s closing time prior to visiting the Popeye restaurant is beneficial. If you plan to visit Popeye when it is closed and you are disappointed.

You should verify the Popeyes closing time from the hotel via phone or verify whether their website contains information regarding the closing time of the store.

What Time does Popeyes Close on Sunday?

If you’re a person who plans to visit Popeye during the Sunday hours, you should be aware of the exact time Popeyes closes on Sundays. The restaurant is open all Monday and Friday and every day it is open at exactly the same time, including Sundays.

On Sundays, What is the time Popeyes shut down? Then it’s 11:00 PM night-time. Popeyes open at the same time as the rest of the days. The time of The Popeyes Open is 10:00 AM.

You can then go to an establishment right after 10:00 AM according to your time. This means you can take advantage of the food, particularly breakfast, and the restaurant Popeyes is open.

When Does Popeyes Close on Holidays?

Popeyes Hours

If you are celebrating the holidays and you plan to visit the restaurant to enjoy a delicious breakfast, then it is important to know the exact timing and Time of Popeyes Close.

On most holidays, people don’t wish to know when is the last day that Popeyes Close for the Holidays What’s the reason? It is that people are busy during the holidays and there is no reason to dine outside.

For an unforeseen reason, if are someone who would like to find out when Popeyes close on holidays and holidays, then please look up the holidays listed to make it easier for you.

Popeyes Breakfast and food are available on all of the below days.

  • Veteran Day
  • President Day
  • Labor Day
  • BlackFriday
  • MemorialDay
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • NewYear’s Day
  • New Year’s Eve

Anyone who wants to dine out during these holiday seasons is blessed as they can have a delicious Popeyes breakfast during these holiday seasons.

It is a must to have the Popeyes Breakfast and food is available not just on two days of the year, which are listed below.

  • Christmas
  • Easter Sunday

You’ll miss your Popeyes Breakfast on the above two days, so be sure to hold yourself accountable on the two dates.

Popeyes Chicken Hours – What Time Popeyes Close?

Popeyes Chicken Hours

If you’re a Chicken fan who can’t get enough of chicken from Popeye then be aware of the time as given below.

Popeyes Near Me Now – Chicken Hours

Weekdays Popeyes Open Near Me What Time Popeyes Close?
Monday 10:30 AM (Morning) 11:00 PM (Night)
Tuesday 10:30 AM (Morning) 11:00 PM (Night)
Wednesday 10:30 AM (Morning) 11:00 PM (Night)
Thursday 10:30 AM (Morning) 11:00 PM (Night)
Friday 10:30 AM (Morning) 11:00 PM (Night)
Saturday 10:30 AM (Morning) 11:00 PM (Night)
Sunday 10:30 AM (Morning) 11:00 PM (Night)

What is Popeyes?

What is Popeyes

If you are a fan of a great chicken recipe that is fried, there is no better place to be than Popeye. You must be able to search for the “Popeyes open near Me” so that you can enjoy the tasty foods available.

Popeye was founded in 1972 when the company was founded. It was originally known in 1972 as the Chicken and Biscuit shop, but later, it changed to one name. It was started in the name of Al Copeland in New Orleans however, it now has its headquarters in Miami.

There are 3451 Popeye restaurants in the US’s 46 states.

Popeyes Contact Information

Contact the number below in order to verify the food menu as well as the address of the restaurant, as well as the time at which Popeyes will be closing.

Popeyes Official Website: Click Here

Popeyes Chicken Near Me: Click Here for Store Locator


If you’re looking for Popeyes Chicken, then you should not hesitate and rush to the restaurant and take a chicken order and biscuits now. then visit my site: Tractorsinfo.net.

FAQs – Popeyes

Is Popeyes Open On Thanksgiving 2022?

It’s true! Popeyes is Open on Thanksgiving 2022

What comes in a $5 box at Popeyes?

Only available when you place your order in advance for delivery on Popeyes.com or through the app the company the $5 Big Box comes with the option between two portions of bone-in mixed chicken, or three tenders with two standard sides and a biscuit for five bucks.

How can I find Popeyes Near Me Now?

Use this link to find the nearest restaurant – https://www.popeyes.com/store-locator

How to complain about Popeyes Chicken Near Me?

To complain about your nearest store go to this link – https://www.popeyes.com/support/form?categoryId=dCKSgozcBoCn084Cj9aHYg&subcategoryId=4f89e54b-a7b4-48d5-a74c-7ea3f83d4914