Play Monopoly Collect and Win Game to win over $200,000,000

Play Monopoly Collect and Win Game to win over $200,000,000

Play Monopoly Collect and Win Game

PlayMonopoly US Monopoly Game play: Play Monopoly You can play a game of monopoly in Albertsons and get an opportunity to win fantastic prizes.

It’s the 9th time in consecutive years. In the course of the season, Albertsons will be giving giveaways of more than $200,000 to Monopoly Series and Win the Game.

It’s nearly double the amount of the year prior. What are you waiting for? Get started immediately.

The entire contest offers a variety of prizes including cash prizes of $1,000,000, plus vacation packages, interior décor, and expensive vehicles, as well as family trips that cost $1,000,000.

playmonopoly us monopoly game play

Are you willing to engage in a game of Monopoly with Albertson? If yes, go to and then take part in the contest and be in the running to win $200,000,000 dollars, along with other prizes.

Rules for the Play monopoly Sweepstakes

In order to be eligible for the sweepstakes, one must adhere to some rules that are strict. The most important rules are listed in the following paragraphs:

  • The entry date for the sweepstakes is 1 January 2018. January 2018.
  • The prize total exceeds $200,000,000.
  • The minimum age requirement is 18 years old or more.
  • The Sweepstakes is run by Albertsons.
  • One entry is permitted per person who has an active email address.

Play Monopoly Sweepstakes Participation Quick Guide at

Here, we’ll guide you through the procedure of taking part in the grand prize. The first step is to participate in the game by playing monopoly games. All you have to do is register yourself on to take part in a game of Monopoly.

After you have registered and have registered, you are able to participate in the sport. Once you’ve completed playing, you must follow the instructions on the screen.

Your name will be selected to be the winner of the sweepstakes. If your name is selected then you could win the cash prize of $200,000,000, as well as other prizes.

How To Obtain Play Monopoly Game Ticket?

Participation in monopoly’s collection and winning games require tickets to play. Tickets for entry to the game are available in two ways: buying and without or for free.

When you have received your vouchers, head to the sweepstakes website and play the game. Your gaming skills that are highly rated can increase your odds of winning.

The more you play you’ll be closer to winning. You can also purchase tickets by sending your credit card to the address that you are looking for.

  • Tickets purchased by purchasing: Purchase competing Reward ticket bundle products from any of the participating A Albertsons, Safeway, Pavilions, Carrs, Vons, Randalls, Arrow, Pak ‘n Save Tom Thumb, ACME Stores, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s Supermarkets Star Markets, United Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, United Express, Albertsons Warehouse, Lucky (Southern California only) and Super Saver store locations to get a free entry to the game.

Customers get one Game Ticket for each seller’s offer, and one Game Ticket for each sale. If you buy 10 eligible items within one purchase pass and you’ll receive free Game Tickets. The transaction will be allowed for a duration that is 3 hours.

More information: Eligible participants in general admission bonus tickets do not contain scratch cards, tobacco or alcohol products, or other products prohibited by law. Additionally, online purchases do not qualify for games tickets or season tickets with a bonus.

  • Tickets for free: Mention your full name including your last and first name along with your proper postal address including the name of your city, state, and Zipcode. Place it on a 3-inch 5 inches x 3 inches card. Deliver it to:

MONOPOLY MON-09 Collect and win a Game Ticket Request

Contact: Promotions Coordinator

P.O. Box 965158, Marietta,

GA 30066.

If you participate in the game contest, you are guaranteed to receive at the very least two game tickets, including the primary game ticket as well as bonus gaming tickets.

After receiving the Ticket to play the game via Game code online and gently unfold it to discover what’s inside: a unique offer auction, an internet sweepstakes promo code Instant Reward Supermarket Gift card.

the Automatic Award Bonus Food Promotion or two free Game Coupon codes for tickets with four-game indicators that can be used on the monopoly board.

Ways to Play and Win Monopoly Sweepstakes at

  • Instant discount and win prizes: If your ticket contains the Instant Reward voucher You will be awarded Instant Win Award. Instant Win Award.
  • Monopoly Sweepstakes and the online Game: It is evident that the game tickets include specific online codes that give you additional benefits online. Simply open your web browser and then go to and register yourself by adhering to the rules of the game.

Remember to input the unique 12-digit alphanumeric code. After you’ve submitted your key, you can find out if you’ve been awarded a prize in a contest. You’ll be able to earn one MONOPOLY Sweepstakes Entry per file.

  • Through Coupon Code mailing: However, you can send an HTML0 Promotional code to verify that you’ve won an amount in a lottery. Put your full name along with your last and first names along with your complete postal address, telephone number, birth date, and the legally signed signature of your entire name on a 3×5 inch card and send it to the address listed below:

MONOPOLY Sweepstakes,

P.O. Box 441208,


GA 30160.

NOTE: Each mail offers only one entry.

  • Play and Collect Game: To ensure that your ticket display stickers, ensure that you are in the exact reward area positions on the game’s official screen. Play the game board to win the reward you have been given.

Details of Prize Of The Sweepstake at

If you’ve participated before in the game of Monopoly. You’ll be added to the competition. When the registration period comes close, the contest organizer must announce the name of the winners.

172,017,713 number of Instant Win Game Prizes
Reward ItemsReward Cost and WorthNumber Of Rewards
Grocery Gift Card$5,0005
Grocery Gift Card$1,00050
Grocery Gift Card$1001,500
Grocery Gift Card$502,600
Burger King Gift Card$255,000
MasterCard Gift Card$255,000
Visa Gift Card$255,000
Microsoft Xbox Gift Card$253,000
AMC Theaters Gift Card$252,000
GAP Gift Card$252,000
JCPenney Gift Card$252,000
Macy’s Gift Card$252,000
Nike Gift Card$252,000
Fandango Gift Card$251,000
Regal Cinemas Gift Card$251,000
Domino’s Gift Card$202,000
Rouxbe Cooking SchoolNA14,000,000
Grocery Gift Card$1025,000
Grocery Gift Card$5200,000
Free ProductNA97,751,550
Two Free Game TicketsNA60,000,000
325,338,010 numbers of Online Game Prizes
Reward ItemsReward Cost and WorthNumber Of Rewards
Grocery Gift Card$1,00050
Grocery Gift Card$500200
Grocery Gift Card$200500
Grocery Gift Card$1001,000
Grocery Gift Card$505,000
Grocery Gift Card$2531,250
Rouxbe Cooking School$24.991,000,000
Nickelodeon 40-pack Oliver’s labels$21.99300,000
Nickelodeon 12-count Oliver’s labels$5600,000
Fandango Reward TokensNA272,500,000
Google Play Dora ebook, Dora’s Big Buddy Race99¢180,000
Google Play Dora ebook, Meet Kate!99¢144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Pablo!99¢144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Naiya!99¢144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Emma!99¢144,000
Google Play  Dora eBook, Meet  Alana!99¢144,000
Two Free Game TicketsNA50,000,000
1,753,271 number of  Collect and Win Game Prizes
Reward ItemsReward Cost and WorthNumber Of Rewards
Cash (30 year annuity)$1,000,0003
Vacation Home$1,000,0003
Cash or Luxury Car$100,00015
Home Makeover$40,00025
Vehicle of your choice$35,00025
College Tuition$20,00050
Family Vacation$10,00050
Gas Grill & Groceries$1,500100
LED HD TV$1,500100
Grocery Gift Card$1,000100
Laptop Computer$1,000100
Smart Watch$300600
Grocery Gift Card$500350
Family Picnic$200750
Grocery Gift Card$1002,500
Grocery Gift Card$505,000
Grocery Gift Card$2510,000
Gift Card Mall$2510,000
Fandango Gift Card$2510,000
Grocery Gift Card$1525,000
Grocery Gift Card$1037,000
Grocery Gift Card$5800,000

Play Monopoly

Final Words

In the Playmonopoly Sweepstakes, you’re going to be the lucky winner of a staggering $2 million dollars. All you need to do was join the contest and win at the right date and time.

I am sure you will appreciate my Playmonopoly codes Sweepstakes Survey article. Whether you have any concerns, you could still email us or access the Play Monopoly Sweepstakes official site at

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How do you play Monopoly step by step?

Every player rolls a pair of dice. The player who has the highest score wins. Each player’s turn is when players roll dice, and then move their token by the same number of spaces. If the dice hits an asset, utility, or railroad, they could buy the deed at the bank and take possession of the credit card to purchase the property.

Can I play Monopoly game online?

Play Monopoly online with your friends on the PC, Xbox, or PlayStation using Monopoly Plus and using a mobile phone or tablet using the Monopoly App or on a Nintendo Switch using Monopoly to play on Nintendo Switch, or on smart TVs using a Chromecast.

Can you play Monopoly for free on PC?

Is Monopoly available on the PC? For the download to play and enjoy the original Monopoly to the PC game, you’ll need to spend money for the game. It usually is priced between $13 and $21, but maybe more.