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The content of this article concerns or E-ZPass ma. In this article, you will look at all the major aspects of PayByPlate and E-ZPass and its login process on We’ve included the essential details about options, EZ pass ma information as well as payment options.

After reading this article, you’ll be able to log in to or face any technical problems associated with

What is PayByPlate or E-ZPass – Online?

Pay by Plate is an electronic parking system that aids customers in collecting electronic fees. This is achieved by using license plate video images of vehicles.

This only applies to Massachusetts highways that have tolls. As opposed to the past when we used to travel and stand in lines for mass tolls, the Pay By Plate Ma has made things easier when you travel without your Pay by Plate ma account.

Paybyplatema’s online service will inform you via your address for mail to receive the paybyplayema invoice.

Paybyplayematechnology Paybyplayematechnology simplifies the lives of those who wish to travel and does not worry about toll booths and massive toll payments.

With accessible, riders can enjoy their journey with ease. on the internet is an electronic system for tolling used in Massachusetts with PayByPlate or EZPass, travelers can pay their tolls and charges easily.

What is Pay by Plate MA online?

pay by plate online system is a system that assists with toll payments. It is able to recognize the license plates the vehicle’s registration plate has. Pay by plate system will then recognize the license plates of the vehicles.

the system then sends pay by plate system will then send payment by plate bill to the addresses of the person who owns the car that is an authorized buyer.

Pay by Platema’s bill pay payment online makes it much easier to make bill payments online.

This is an improved method, compared to the days when people had to pay a massive toll waiting in line.

You can look up these charges on official carters such as EzDriveMA’s customer service center.

About EZ Pass Ma

The transponders in the EZ pass MAare provided for gratis. Also, it offers discounted tolls. When you pay with it, transponders in this system are attached to your windshield.

It’s usually located just behind your rearview mirror. The device will be able to read toll-station transponders, and the EZ Pass MAaccount will consequently change. Pay Online Benefits

  • Access to the system for toll-paying
  • It is extremely beneficial for Massachusetts residents
  • The photos or videos from the plate on the vehicles are used to post toll transactions. It will then validate the payment with the plasma

How to Login Into

Follow the steps carefully because they only work when they are properly followed in the correct order.


  • You can select Pay By MA once you have opened your login link in accordance with the image above.
  • Then, add the details you want to include such as Invoice-Number, Vehicle-Number, and State information.
  • After entering the details After you have entered the information, click Log In. Pay Account or Payment Options

To learn more about pay, and the video and images collection that includes the plates of vehicles, visit this website:

This system is designed for those who are not residents of the Massachusetts state of Massachusetts as well as within Massachusetts. Massachusetts.

You must link your debit or credit card to your bank account number as well as your bank routing number to to make payments on the web.

It is recommended not to access or open pay if you don’t have the payment form.

If you’re an elderly person who is over 65 years old there is the option of paying the bill in case you are unsure or do not prefer to utilize the to-pay method.

It is more convenient to mail the bill by using the US Mail service directly to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – EZ Drive MA PaymentProcessing Center.

Address Details of Bill Payment

If you are not comfortable with paying online bill pay, then you can send mail to the given address.

Official Website:

Email: [email protected]

EZ DRIVE MA Payment Processing Center (Don’t prefer sending cash)

P.O. Box 847840,
Boston, MA 02284-7840


For sending Mail manually,

EZ DRIVE MA Customer Service Center

P.O.Box 8007
Auburn MA – 01501 8007

If you experience any issues with the payment by platema or another technological paybyplatema problem going to be reported directly to customer support.

EZ DRIVE MA Customer Service Center,

27, Midstate Drive,
Auburn, MA – 01501 1800

Fax: 508-786-5222


It was a case of is an official website that can be utilized along with EZDrive by people from Massachusetts state as well as people outside of the state traveling from Massachusetts.

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It is an account that you can open for E-Z pass MA services. Once you open your E-Z account, you will get a free transponder and you will be able to travel on MA Roads at discounted tolls.

How to book an appointment with EZ DRIVE Customer Service Center?

Use the link – to book an appointment for completing a transaction.

Does EZ accept all out-of-state transponders issues by out-of-states?

Yes, if an EZ toll agency has issued transponders from out-of-state, they are accepted by EZDRIVEMA.