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PayByPlateMA –

PayByPlateMA: PayByPlateMA online, a new technology adopted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, allows motorists to display an official “Green”, electronic toll collection tag on the windshield.

The “Green” bill sticker, placed behind your current registration, will permit you to pass through an E-Z Pass or Fast Lane and to pay the toll at a reduced rate.

Are you interested in Paybyplatema’s online payment process? You are in the right place if you answered yes.

This article will explain the Paybyplatema online payment process, its features, benefits, and Pay By The Plate MA customer service. To learn how to use Paybyplatema services, and to book your tag, please refer to the following article.

What is PaybyPlateMA?, an electronic toll collection service, provides drivers with a unique license plate number that allows them to make online payments without having to use credit cards, checks, or cash.

Similar to the way Fast Lane was built in Massachusetts before Pay By Plate, this innovative process works. PayByPlate makes it easy to pay your tolls online.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, plates numbers can be assigned electronically and are guaranteed for 15 years. You can purchase the plates in person at any registry branch or online at To purchase the license plate, you will need to create an account online.

What is E-Zpass MA Sign-in?

E-ZPass MA, a Massachusetts-based electronic toll collection (ETC), is available. It allows motorists to buy and use a transponder in order to electronically pay tolls without having to stop. Although the E-ZPass MA can be used primarily for car travel, it can also work with bicyclists and pedestrians.

You will need to make an advance payment in order to verify your balance on your EZPass MA card when you are applying to open an account. Tolls will be taken off your account if you decide to use the road on your excursion.

You can see your account balance right away by visiting and signing into your login account.

A transponder that is free of charge is given upon registering to your E-ZPass Massachusetts account. The cost of tolls for Massachusetts roads is reduced by using the E-ZPass MA transponder. PaybyPlateMa is simple to use after you’ve studied the benefits and features.

To establish an account at E-ZPass MA You’ll need to make a prior payment in order to verify the PaybyPlateMa balance in your online account to make payment. You can make a payment through Direct Debit, which removes the funds from your account on the day you decide.

What Are The Benefits of the Pay by Plate MA Features? has many advantages over other online payment methods like cash, checks, or credit cards. These are the main features of the E-ZPass MA payment system:

  • Massachusetts law provides that drivers are issued with a unique plate number to permit parking permits. This number will be attached to the windshield of their vehicle.
  • offers a way to convert your Fast Lane account into an EZPass MA. You have the option to either keep your Fast Lane tag number or obtain a new plate number.
  • Drivers in Massachusetts can pay online for their transportation without the need to use credit cards, checks, or cash.
  • Drivers can monitor their toll usage online, and see the outstanding balances. They will be able to pay quickly when they need.

Requirements for Using the Portal

  • The following are the fundamental conditions that every user must follow:
  • Additionally, if the user wishes to access this login option users must input the model number of their car and the date of manufacturing.
  • License plates are an essential requirement for accessing this page of login.
  • The site requires a credit or debit card.

How to Login to

Follow these easy steps to gain access to the PaybyPlatema portal.

PayByPlateMA Login

  • Now click the Pay by Plate MA Log in button, as shown in the image above

Click Pay By Plate MA Log In button

  • After that, you must click then the Pay By Plate Ma Log-in button.
  • This page contains three sections that are empty: the invoice number received via email, the vehicle number, and State.
  • Fill in these sections with all the required details.
  • After that, you can click on the login to access your account.

How does the program work – pay online?

The driver pulls into one of Massachusetts’ E-Z Pass toll lanes or Fast Lane toll lanes. The driver then drives through the ungated lane at highway speeds, and out of the high-speed route in order to use this technology.

PayByPlateMA tags allow the driver to pay electronically for the toll. This allows them to bypass designated cash lanes, and drive directly through E-Z Pass and Fast Lane dedicated-toll collection gates at highway speeds.

  • PayByPlateMA tags can be placed on your vehicle’s windshield, behind your current registration sticker. E-ZPass MA tags can be placed over the standard EZPass toll tag.
  • PayByPlateMA signs can be attached to your vehicle’s windshield, in front of the vehicle’s license plate. If you wish to have the PayByPlateMA signs displayed on your vehicle’s windshield, in front of the license plate, please contact the dealer or attach them at the rear.
  • PayByPlateMA bills are mailed monthly and can be quickly and easily paid online at
  • If you have additional questions about PayByPlateMA, please feel free to call 1-877-371-6277 or visit

Troubleshooting Steps and Stages of Pay by Plate Massachusetts

If you’re having problems with logging in or opening on to your portal try to resolve the issue. This will resolve almost all technical issues. Let’s take a look at how to use the PaybyPlateMa portal’s troubleshooting methods.

  •  The primary step to take is to go to the official site.
  • Login using your password. Email/account number and password are required. When you first register for this site, you need these details.
  • If you get a “Connection Success” error message, you can skip the troubleshooting. If you can’t log in using the procedures above, you must.
  • You could begin the process by removing the cache and cookies in your browser. Clearing the history of your browser is the best solution for this step of troubleshooting.

  • When your user account’s login or website isn’t accessible, enable any reliable VPN, also called VPN. The site might not accept your I.P. address due to your geographic place of residence.

  • The above solutions are usually able to resolve the problem, they will allow you to use the portal as before. If this persists, contact our support. They’ll fix it fast. – Pay Online MA Accounts/Payment Options

PayByPlateMA will allow you to pay your tolls online with a Credit Card or Debit Card. You can also pay using the following payment options if you don’t wish to give your credit card information:

Check/Money Order

Cashier’s check or cashier’s check

Make checks payable to the U.S. With a notation for “toll fees”, dollars should be made payable in the U.S.

  • MassDOT
  • P.O. P.O. Box 8007
  • Auburn,
  • Massachusetts 01501-8007

PayByPlateMA bills can be paid at any of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles branch locations in the state with cash or money orders or by credit card.

PayByPlateMA – Terms & Conditions – Pay By Plate invoice

Download the Acceptable use Policy (AUP) and End User License Agreements (EULA) from their website.’s Privacy Policy can be downloaded from their website. This will allow you to understand the most important points about using this EZPass MA toll-free payment system.

Pay by Plate Massachusetts Customer Service allows you to pay toll charges online from any location. 24/7 customer service via phone: 1-866-274-9749 or by email at [email protected] is available to help and guide you throughout the PayByPlateMA online payment process.

If you need more information about the Pay By Plate MA service, please visit their website: or click on the “Contact Us” link.

  • EZDriveMA Address:
  • EZDriveMA Customer Service Center,
  • P.O. Box 8007,
  • Auburn,
  • Massachusetts 01501-8007
  • Fax: (508) 786-5222
  • Official Website:

Final Words

This is all about the Paybyplate Ezdrivema online payment at This article will explain how PaybyplateMa works.

If you want more details on PayByPlateMA or any other information related to other departments of MassDOT, please visit their official website: or you can let us know via the comments then visit my site

FAQs About PayByPlateMA

Is my current E-ZPass MA transponder compatible with PayByPlateMA?

It is. Yes, it is. Your current E-ZPass MA transponder (with your toll fees deducted) will continue to work in Massachusetts E-Z Pass Express lanes as well as any other HOT lane or HOV facility that accepts E-ZPass.

How do I sign up for the PayByPlateMA service?

To have your transponder PayByPlateMA set, sign up at the EZDriveMA site.

What happens to my current E-ZPass MA transponder after I activate the PayByPlate program?

Your existing E-ZPass MA transponder activated will continue to work on any HOT lane or HOV facility that accepts E-ZPass up until it expires.

What is the cost of the PayByPlateMA service?

PayByPlateMA Tolls cost $2.50 per trip plus any applicable fees and taxes. Once your trip has been completed, the total amount due will either be calculated using the actual highway speed when you arrive at the toll plaza, or any other applicable fees and taxes incurred before you reach it.

How do I pay for my PayByPlateMA tolls online?

You can pay both your current and any past due bill by visiting their website at To pay your balance online you will need registration on their website. However, this will only be one time.

How do I pay for the registration of the PaybyPlateMa?

There aren’t any registration fees for PaybyPlateMa. You must however deposit at least $20 into the account in order to be able to use this quick and easy toll-paying option. It could be as low as $20. You can either deposit it manually or connect your debit or credit card to make automatic withdrawals.

How do I get in touch with PaybyPlateMa’s help desk?

Similar to the other reason this is the reason. Contact an agent at no cost by dialing 877-627-745.

Why is PaybyPlateMa not available?

There could be a variety of reasons that could be the reason for PaybyPlateMa not functioning or being down for a short period of time. We recommend following our troubleshooting steps to resolve this problem.

You can either clear the cache and cookies from your history of browsing or sign up for the VPN. These methods can resolve the issue quickly. But, it is important to speak to the customer service rep if the issue persists.

Does the PaybyPlateMa login page accept users from outside of the United States?

Yes, it allows users who are not from within the United States. If you are a resident of any or all of the Federal States, you can benefit from PaybyPlateMa’s outstanding service and special discounts.