Outback Steakhouse Survey at www.Telloutback.com – Win $1000 Cash

Outback Steakhouse Survey: Do you know that by sharing your story with the company, you could get $1000 in cash!!

Unbelievable right? However, it’s the truth. Outback Steakhouse will pay $1000 to lucky winners who participate in the survey at www.telloutback.com.

You’ll be asked these questions based on your previous encounter in the survey. So, if you’ve visited an outback steakhouse, you should take part in the study on the website www.telloutback.com/outback-survey and provide the business with honest feedback, and give yourself the chance to win $1000 cash doing a few simple steps.

outback steakhouse survey

This article will give you complete information on the tell outback surveys. Let us go further and look at the full details of telloutback.com and find out if you will be one of the lucky winners of the $1000 cash prize.

Why You Should Take Outback Steakhouse Customer Satisfaction Survey

Outback Steakhouse is a restaurant chain across America that offers its patrons an authentic dining experience. It was founded in 1988.

Since then, it has grown its operations, serving customers from over 1000 establishments—outback steakhouses across Chile, Costa Rica, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Outback steakhouses are keen to understand their customers’ experiences, which is why they conduct a customer satisfaction survey.

The name of the survey is a steakhouse guest feedback survey, also known as feedback from the outback. The survey is conducted online through the site www.telloutback.com.

Outback Steakhouse’s primary purpose is to determine the customers satisfaction who went to the restaurant the last time.

The information collected from the survey of customers will allow them to improve the services and products they offer, and customers will experience more satisfaction the next time.

Outback Survey Details

The restaurant offers customers the chance to win a big prize of $1000 in money or gift cards valued at $50.

Is The Purchase Necessary? No
Age Limit 18 Years & Above
Prize Details Grand Prize Of $1000 or A $50 Gift Card
Location Any Restaurant Of Outback Steakhouse
Entry Method Online & By Mail
Official Survey Website www.telloutback.com, www.outbacklistens.com, and www.outbackfeedback.com

Outback Customer Survey Prizes

In taking part in the customer survey conducted in outback prizes, you stand a chance to win these prizes:

  • The prize for the winner is $1000 cash
  • $50 Bloomin’ Brands gift card (100 cards)

To be eligible for the prizes mentioned above, there are specific rules to which you must adhere. They are listed below.

Outback Steakhouse Guest Satisfaction Survey Rules

  • The survey is open to residents in this area: the U.S.A., the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.
  • It is required that the person be aged 18 or older.
  • There is no limit on participating in the survey, either offline or online.
  • They will then be notified via telephone or mail.
  • Employees of restaurants, as well as their family members and friends, cannot take part in this survey.

Outback SteakHouse Customer Satisfaction survey Requirements

Before you are eligible to take part in this poll, you need to meet the following prerequisites:

  • First of all, you need an internet-connected device that is reliable and has an up-to-date browser
  • You must be able to communicate, read, and comprehend English and Spanish.
  • You’ll probably remember your recent visit to Outback Steak House. Outback Steak House
  • You’ll need to show a receipt of outbacksteakhouse.com. Outback Steakhouse store

Once you have completed all of these requirements and completed, you’ll be able to participate in the survey with no anxiety.

How to Take Outback Steakhouse Survey at www.telloutback.com?

  • Go to telloutback.com – the official web address for the Outback Steakhouse feedback survey.
  • Choose the language you are at ease with – English or Spanish- for the Telloutback outback survey.

Take Outback Steakhouse Survey

  • Input the 18 numbers that are located on the receipt from the store, and then click on the Start button.
  • It would help if you now answered a few questions about your previous visit.
  • Complete the form with accurate information Based on your previous visit experience.
  • You must select the correct answer to your question and continue tapping after each question.
  • After all, questions are answered, you need to input your contact details like your phone number and email ID to enter the draw.
  • Type in all details requested, together with the postal code.
  • Check the information you filled in. Click on the submit button to join the sweepstakes for the Telloutback survey.
  • You will receive an email from Telloutback.com with the confirmation that your survey submission has been accepted for the survey of Tell Outback.

outback steakhouse feedback survey

How To Participate In Outback Steakhouse Survey?

You can take part in this survey through two methods.

  1. Online
  2. Entry via mail.

Online Entry

  • This method requires you to purchase. Therefore, you go to any of the outlets and request the steak.
  • You must keep the receipt to keep with you.
  • The next step is to visit the official survey website for the restaurant.
  • Then, you must enter the 18-digit survey number found on the receipt.
  • You must input the date and date of your last trip to the restaurant.
  • A variety of questions will be displayed on the screen, and you must complete them promptly.
  • In the next step, you must include the name of your address and your contact number.
  • Your name will be included in the drawing for the sweepstakes.


  • This method is not a requirement for the purchase of anything.
  • You need to purchase a postcard measuring 3”x5″ and include your address, name, mobile number, birth date, city and state, zip code, and email ID.
  • The final step is to mail the mailer to the mailing address provided by the sweepstakes.

Telloutback Survey Contact Information

Contact the Outback steak house via their official website, which is listed below:

Official contact information: www.outback.com


I hope you enjoy the details in this article and that you are now aware of how to participate in the Telloutback.com survey. If you’ve any concerns regarding this, contact me via the comment box.

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Outback Steakhouse Related To FAQs

Do my points expire?

Your points expire at the end of 6 months from their date of earning. Also, rewards are valid for 90 days.

What is the meaning of outback 5 digit restaurant number?

Contact your supervisor to see if he could provide you with the outback five-digit restaurant number. If it’s a fax number, it can be found on the official website’s contact information.

Can employees of a company take an outback telloutback.com survey?

Every employee is forbidden from taking this survey. telloutback.com survey. If you’re no longer an employee, you can go to the outback a telloutback.com outback right now.

Which device should I use to access the Tell outback.com?

You can use your computer to browse the www.telloutback.com outback website, or you can also use smartphones, but for a better view, utilize your computer.

How do i Complain to Outback?

Do you encounter any issues trying to access outbacksteakhouse.com? Outback Steakhouse survey, there are numerous sites to lodge your complaint;

  • Contact customer support
  • Check out outback’s page on Facebook
  • Tweet outback steakhouse
  • You can send them an email through Instagram.

These are the locations to make a complaint about Outback steakhouse.