Order or Origin Codes List 2024 - Gold Coins, Diamonds

Order or Origin Codes List 2024 – Gold Coins, Diamonds

Order or Origin Codes List 2024 – Gold Coins, Diamonds

Order or Origin Codes – Hello guys !! are you looking for an Order or Origin Codes 2024? This is the right place where you will get a list of new redeem codes for the Origin code.

Players can redeem codes to get Gold coins, diamonds, Hero EXP, and much more than also have a guide for you that how to redeem them, and more information.

We have a detailed list of all currently valid and working new Order or Origin redeem codes. If you are unsure how to redeem an Order or Origin Code so we have mentioned below steps that how to do them.

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Order or Origin Codes

Order or Origin: Tapzen PTE made Time Warrior, a fun game for iOS and Android phones that lets you play while you’re not using them.

Build a team of heroes and place them on the game board smartly to beat your opponents. Earn different currencies to buy new units, upgrade them, equip them, and rank them up to increase their power.

If you need clarification on how to use codes in Order or Origin, see below the codes list! Bookmark this page by hitting CTRL + D on the keyboard.

List of Order or Origin Codes

The valid origin code 2022 is listed below; utilize it as quickly as possible before it expires.

New Working Codes for Order or Origin

  • oooHNY2022 = X rewards
  • ooo1top =X rewards (NEW)
  • ooo2win = Redeem code for a free reward (NEW)
  • ooo5pub = 500x -Diamonds, 2x -Small Pile of AFK Profit
  • ooo3egg = Redeem for 300x -Diamonds, 43,000 -Hero EXP
  • ooo4fan = 3x Elite Gear Chests, 300x -Diamonds,
  • ooo2win = Received for  300x -Diamonds, 40,000 -Gold Coins
  • ooo1top = Redeem for 3x Basic Recruit Coupons, 300x Diamonds

Expired Origin Codes:

  • 5thElite = Get 10,000 -Gold Coins & 500 -Diamonds
  • 7thGiant = Redeem for 500 Diamonds, 10,000 Gold Coins
  • 3rdCheer = Small Pile of AFK Profit & 300 -Diamonds
  • 1stArrow = Get 300 -Diamonds & 8 -Hours of Hero EXP
  • 2ndBonus = 8 Hours of Gold &  300 Diamonds

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How to Redeem the Order of Origin code

We have given simple instructions for getting prizes in the form of Order of Origins gifts. Let’s look at how to utilize gift coupons in Order of Origin.

Step 1: Start the Order of Origin game and log in account.

Step 2: Locate the Avtar Icon in the upper left corner of the game screen by clicking on it.

Step 3: Then, a new window will appear then click on the ” Redeem ” button.

Step 4: Next, enter the redeemable code where we supplied it in the Enter Code box.

Step 5: Last, tap on the ” Confirm “ button to get the reward in your game account.

How to get more Order of Origin codes

New Order or Origin Codes are posted on the game’s official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord pages.

Regularly check back to this page to see what has been recently added as we will be keeping track of new codes!

That’s all of the order or origin codes that are presently available! If you come across any that need to be added to our lists, please notify us in the comments, and we’ll add them as soon as possible.

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We hope you enjoyed it and found out all about the Order of Origin codes in this article. We tried to respond to your questions regarding the guide on valid Origin codes and the process of redeeming codes.

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Order or Origin Codes – FAQs

What is an origin code?

To the payer, a point of origin code indicates where or how the patient was referred for the stay.

Why Origin is not working?

The cache can regularly get corrupted for a number of reasons, such as a recent infection recovery or system reset. most of the cache issue the application.

Do the origin codes work on EA Play?

If you own a key that says “Origin,” you should be able to use it on the EA app.

What does Origin stand for?

Its origin, source, Genesis, or root is where it starts to exist or do something. The word “origin” refers to the individuals or objects from which something is eventually generated and the factors that operate before the item itself comes into being.

What are Order or Origin codes?

It is unclear what Order or Origin codes specifically refer to, as there are multiple search results for different types of codes

What is Point of Origin codes?

Point of Origin codes are codes used in medical billing to indicate the source of the referral for admission or visit

How do I redeem a promo code on Origin?

To redeem a promo code on Origin, you can enter the code on the Review Order page during checkout and click Apply code