Oliver 1850 Value, Price, Specs, Weight & History 2024

Oliver 1850 Value, Price, Specs, Weight & History 2024

Oliver 1850 Price, Specs, Review, Horsepower, Attachments, Weight, Engine Oil Capacity, & Pictures

Oliver 1850 Row-Crop tractor is equipped with a Waukesha-Oliver gasoline 6-cylinder liquid-cooled 310 ci [5.1 L] engine, which produces 92 hp [68.6 kW]  power at rated rpm 2400.

The Oliver 1850 Row-Crop tractor is featured with a Waukesha-Oliver 5.1L 6-cyl gasoline, Perkins 5.8L 6-cyl diesel, and  Waukesha-Oliver 5.1L 6-cyl LP Gas engine, 8 qts [7.6 L] Oil capacity, 6000 lbs [2721 kg] Rear lift (at 24″/610mm), and 16,225 lbs [7359 kg] weight.

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Oliver 1850 Price

Oliver 1850 Value, Price, Specs, Weight & History

Oliver 1850 Tractor Original Price:  $8,500 (1969 )

Oliver 1850 Specs


Original price (USD)
   $8,500 (1969

Oliver 1850 Serial Numbers

Year Serial Numbers

Engines overview

Waukesha-Oliver 5.1L 6-cyl gasoline
Perkins 5.8L 6-cyl diesel
Waukesha-Oliver 5.1L 6-cyl LP Gas

Gasoline ENGINE

ENGINEWaukesha-Oliver gasoline 6-cylinder liquid-cooled 310 ci [5.1 L]
Bore/Stroke:3.875×4.375 inches [98 x 111 mm]
Air cleaner:dry with pre-cleaner
Rated RPM:2400
Starter volts:12
Oil capacity:8 qts [7.6 L]
Coolant capacity:20 qts [18.9 L]


ENGINEPerkins diesel 6-cylinder liquid-cooled 354 ci [5.8 L]
Bore/Stroke:3.88×5.00 inches [99 x 127 mm]
Air cleaner:dry with pre-cleaner
Rated RPM:2400
Starter volts:12
Oil capacity:12 qts [11.4 L]
Coolant capacity:20 qts [18.9 L]


ENGINEWaukesha-Oliver LP Gas 6-cylinder liquid-cooled 310 ci [5.1 L]
Bore/Stroke:3.875×4.375 inches [98 x 111 mm]
Starter volts:12
Oil capacity:8 qts [7.6 L]
Coolant capacity:20 qts [18.9 L]


Rear Type:II
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm):6000 lbs [2721 kg]

Oliver 1850 Transmission

Gears:6 forward and 2 reverse
Clutch:330mm dry disc
Oil capacity:43 qts [40.7 L]


Type:open center
Capacity:5 gal [18.9 L]
Pressure:2500 psi [172.4 bar]
Valves:2 to 4
Pump flow:15.9 gpm [60.2 lpm]


Gas Fuel:34.5 gal [130.6 L]
Diesel Fuel:31.5 gal [119.2 L]
LP-gas Fuel:42 gal [159.0 L]
 78 gal [295.2 L] *
Hydraulic system:5 gal [18.9 L]

Oliver 1850 Power

Gas PTO (claimed):92 hp [68.6 kW]
Diesel PTO (claimed):92 hp [68.6 kW]
LP-gas PTO (claimed):90 hp [67.1 kW]
Drawbar (tested):84.52 hp [63.0 kW]
PTO (tested):92.94 hp [69.3 kW]

Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear PTO:independent
Rear RPM:540


Chassis:4×2 2WD
 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Steering:power assist
Brakes:differential disc
Cab:Open operator station. Oliver Continental Cab is optional with available air-conditioning.

Oliver 1850 Dimensions

Weight (operating):8,965 lbs [4066 kg] (2WD gas)
 9,265 lbs [4202 kg] (2WD diesel)
 10,605 lbs [4810 kg] (4WD gas)
 10,965 lbs [4973 kg] (4WD diesel)
Weight (ballasted):16,225 lbs [7359 kg]
2WD Wheelbase:103 inches [261 cm]
4WD Wheelbase:86.25 inches [219 cm]
2WD Length:159.5 inches [405 cm]
4WD Length:152.5 inches [387 cm]
Width:86.5 inches [219 cm] *
Height (steering wheel):78.5 inches [199 cm]
Ground clearance:25.5 inches [64 cm]
[23/36 cm]68 to 89.5 inches 2WD}
[172 to 227 cm] {2WD} 66/70.75/80 inches {4WD}
[167/179/203 cm] Front tread:
9.25/14.5 inches
Rear tread:68 to 89.5 inches
[172 to 227 cm]

Oliver 1850 Tires

2WD Ag front:7.50-15
4WD Ag front:12.4/11-24
Ag rear:18.4-34
2WD Ag front:7.50-18
4WD Ag front:13.6/12-24
2WD Ag rear:15.5-38
4WD Ag rear:23.1-30
4WD Ag rear:23.1-34

Oliver 1850 Weight

Operating8,965 lbs (2WD gas)
4066 kg
 9,265 lbs (2WD diesel)
4202 kg
 10,605 lbs (4WD gas)
4810 kg
 10,965 lbs (4WD diesel)
4973 kg
Ballasted16,225 lbs
7359 kg


Number:1 (gas)
 2 (diesel)
Volts:12 (gas)
 6 (diesel)

Oliver 1850 Attachments

Attachment overview

Oliver 1610 loader
Oliver 1810 loader

Oliver 1610 Loader 

Loader type:Oliver 1610
Height (to pin):106.5 inches [270 cm]
Clearance, dumped bucket:75.5 inches [191 cm]
Dump reach:39 inches [99 cm]
Dump angle:69
Reach ground:54 inches [137 cm]
Breakout force (lift):3200 lbs [1451 kg]
Lift to full height (at pin):2000 lbs [907 kg]
Bucket width:48 inches [121 cm]
 68 inches [172 cm]

Oliver 1810 loader

Loader type:Oliver 1810
Height (to pin):168 inches [426 cm]
Clearance, dumped bucket:140 inches [355 cm]
Dump reach:36 inches [91 cm]
Dump angle:45
Reach ground:87 inches [220 cm]
Breakout force (lift):4500 lbs [2041 kg]
Lift to full height (at pin):2500 lbs [1134 kg]
Bucket width:78 inches [198 cm]

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Oliver 1850 Problems

The Oliver 1850 tractor has been around for a long time, and users have talked about a number of problems with it. Some of the problems that have been brought up are:

  • Hydraulic fluid leak: One user reported that the tractor leaks hydraulic fluid from the rear drive seal
  • Slow hydraulic pump: Another user reported that the hydraulic pump is slow when using the loader
  • Loss of power: A user reported that their Oliver 1850 diesel tractor was losing power and that it was not a simple linkage issue
  • Transmission issues: A user reported that they had an issue with the transmission and that the fourth gear needed to be replaced to keep the fifth and sixth gears working.

Even with these problems, some users have said that the Oliver 1850 tractor has good points. For example, one user said that the seat adjustment is great and that the power steering is cool.

Someone else said that they have a special type with heat and air conditioning.

Oliver 1850 Review

The Oliver 1850 was a utility tractor produced from 1967 to 1974 with a Perkins 178D diesel engine that produced 84 horsepower. It had multiple transmission and hydraulic options, making it reliable, powerful, and versatile. It was used for various tasks such as ploughing, mowing, baling, and loading. For More Details Check Out The YouTube Video.

Final Words

That’s all about the Oliver 1850 Tractor Price, Specs, Review, Attachments, and Features. But If you have any problem regarding this post, then please comment in the below comment box. I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Thanks.


How much horsepower is an 1850 Oliver?

1850 Oliver horsepower is 92 hp 68.6 kW.

What engine is in an 1850 Oliver tractor?

Tests conducted in Nebraska revealed that the Oliver 1850 diesel’s Perkins 354 cid engine, Hydra Power Shift at each of its six speeds, and 2,400 RPM output of 93 horsepower impressed. Yes, people paid more attention to the tractors that were painted purple or lavender. They have many pieces by Oliver, but this one is the most popular.

How much does an Oliver 1850 weigh?

Oliver 1850 weight is 8,965 lbs (2WD gas) 4066 kg.

Can I fit an 8.3 engine in an Oliver 1850?

Yes, you can fit an 8.3 engine in an Oliver 1850. You can reach out to Marty Abfall with Ag-Repower for more information on the fitting process.

Why do I have to continually turn the steering wheel to the left while driving my Oliver 1850?

If you have to continually turn the steering wheel to the left, it could be a steering issue. It’s recommended to have a professional inspect and diagnose the problem.

What is the water temperature range for an Oliver 1850?

The water temperature for an Oliver 1850 typically stays between 170 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

How can I fix the oil cooler on my Oliver 1850?

If the oil cooler on your Oliver 1850 looks fine but you’re still having problems, it’s best to get a professional’s help to figure out what’s wrong and fix it.