NYCAPS ESS ❤️ Nycaps Ess Login Portal

What exactly is NYCAPS ESS? NYCAPS ESS is a portal for employee self-service (ESS). Nycaps ESS is widely used in New York.

Employees of the state can now access and manage personal and professional information about a variety of benefits and taxes thanks to this service.

Nycaps ESS empowers employees to independently review their information rather than relying on the Human Resources department.

They can do it whenever they want by simply logging into the ESS portal.

How to login to Nycaps ESS?

How to reset the Nycaps ESS user password?

Password reset instructions:

  • Visit the login page.
  • Read the instructions under “lost password.”
  • Accurately answer security questions.
  • If you’re unsure of the answers, email NYCAPS Central at employe[email protected], and they’ll fix the password issue.

The new user at Nycaps ESS?

  • Your agency-issued seven-digit Employee ID will be your user ID.
  • Your password is the last two digits of your SSN, followed by an underscore (“_”), three capital letters of your birth month, your two-digit birthdate, and your birth year.

What distinguishes the ESS system and portal?

ESS site lets you review job-related data. Employees can update their information through ESS portal. It includes bank and contact information.

ESS is software. Users can convert enterprise data into executive reports. Building, staffing, and accountancy. This is the EIS (Executive Information System).

Frequently asked questions

What can I do in Employee Self‐Service (ESS)?

• The table to the right identifies all actions that can
be taken in ESS.

When can I access ESS?

• ESS is available 24/7.

However, brief maintenance windows may occur evenings
starting at 8:30 PM and on Sundays.

How do I access ESS?

• From work, please use the Intranet website:

• From home or a public location, please use the
Internet website:

Your User ID is your 7-digit Employee ID/PMS Reference #
provided by your agency or found on your pay stub.

Your Initial Password consists of the last 2 digits of your
SSN, an underscore (“_”), the first 3 letters of your birth
month (must be upper case), your birthday including the
leading zero, and your birth year (e.g., the password for an
employee with an SSN of XXX-XX-XX99 and a birth date of
January 01, 1910 would be 99_JAN011910).

Trouble Logging in? Please click the “ESS User Guide” link on
the ESS log in page, or contact NYCAPS Central at
[email protected]