NokScoot Baggage Allowance: Baggage Fees and Policy

NokScoot Baggage Allowance: Baggage Fees and Policy

NokScoot Baggage Allowance: Are you thinking of traveling on NokScoot Airlines? Knowing what the policy on baggage allowance is is vital for a smooth and easy trip.

In this post, we’ll discuss all the important details concerning NokScoot’s baggage policy, including the check-in baggage limit as well as hand-carry baggage allowances baggage costs, and much more. So let’s take a look!

NokScoot Carry Baggage Allowance

NokScoot allows passengers to carry one bag of cabin luggage along with one personal item, such as a briefcase, camera bag, or small backpack, onto the aircraft. You must ensure that your carry-on luggage fits in one of the NokScoot overhead bins or under the seat directly in front of you.

Carry-on baggage should not exceed 114 centimeters when combined length, width, and height.

“All handles and wheels, except for certain musical instruments, can fit in the NokScoot overhead compartment or under-seat area accessible when embarking.”

NokScoot Baggage Allowance

Baggage should meet the size limit for carry-on bags set by NokScoot.

NokScoot allows travelers on aircraft that have at least 50 passengers to carry a single personal item on the NokScoot aircraft, due to the small ceiling space.

Scoot Hand Carry Baggage Allowance

NokScoot allows travelers to take a set amount of hand luggage onboard. The allowance for hand luggage comprises a personal item as well as a cabin bag.

  • Scoot and ScootPlus allow the majority of passengers to use up to 2 pieces of baggage in cabins.
  • The maximum weight of luggage in the cabin is 10kg for economy baggage and 15 kg in the case of ScootPlus.
  • In Economy class, passengers are limited to carrying one piece of cabin baggage, with a maximum weight of 7kg. Additionally, passengers carrying laptops are allowed an extra 3kg.
  • The allowance for cabin baggage in ScootBiz class is restricted to two pieces with a maximum weight of 15kg.
  • ScootPlus tickets include a free baggage allowance of up to 20kg (44.1 pounds).

Hand Carry Luggage Size

  • The dimensions of carry-on luggage should not exceed 54cm by 38cm by 23cm (total linear dimensions should not surpass the 115cm limit) to fit into the overhead compartment of the cabin of the aircraft.
  • To place the bag or personal item on the seat in front of you, it should have dimensions of 40cm x 30cm and 10cm.

Check-In Allowance

Minimum 15kg (33 lbs), maximum 40kg (88.2 lbs). But, your allowance for luggage will be contingent on the type of airfare you purchased. The maximum allowance will be applied. This page contains all the information you to know about the Scoot Check-In Baggage Limit.

  • Fly tickets or the Fly-Promo fare cannot provide a baggage allowance. However, you can purchase an allowance of 15kg (33 lbs) allowance, and a maximum of 40kg (88.2 lbs) at an additional charge.
  • FlyBag and FlyBagEat rates include a free baggage allowance of up to 15kg (33lbs)
  • ScootPlus ticket prices include a free allowance for luggage at least 20kg (44.1lbs)

Can I Check-In 2 Bags with Scoot?

Yes, passengers are generally allowed to check in multiple bags with NokScoot. However, the number of bags and weight limits may vary depending on your ticket class and destination. Some tickets may include additional baggage allowances, while others may require an additional fee for extra bags. It’s essential to review your ticket details or consult with NokScoot’s customer service to determine the specific baggage allowance for your flight.

How to Add Baggage in Scoot after Booking

If you’re looking to add baggage allowances to your Scoot flight following booking, there are a couple of options to consider:

  • Control your booking on the Internet: buy additional baggage allowances for up to four hours prior to your departure time by clicking “Manage my reservation” on the Scoot website.
  • Contact the Scoot Call Center: you can buy additional baggage allowances by calling to the Scoot Contact Centre.
  • Buy at the airport: If you’d prefer to purchase additional baggage allowances on the way to the airport.

Please note that baggage that is checked or carried on has various allowances and rules. Each fare and ticket type has its own terms and baggage restrictions.

It is therefore important to review your ticket before packing to ensure that you are aware of the specific terms of your flight.

Scoot FlyBag Option

NokScoot offers a convenient service called”the “Scoot FlyBag.” This package lets passengers purchase their check-in baggage in advance at a discount.

By choosing Scoot FlyBag Scoot FlyBag, you can save money over purchasing extra baggage when you arrive at an airport.

We recommend looking into this package when you are in the process of booking so that you can enjoy the advantages of reduced baggage costs.

Carry-on baggage allowance:

  • Every Scoot and ScootPlus traveler can carry 2 bags of cabin luggage.
  • The carry-on luggage should fit within the dimension of 54cm x 38cm and 23 cm (total linear dimensions must not be more than 120cm) to fit into the overhead compartment of the cabin of the aircraft.
  • The bag or item you carry should be within the dimensions of 40cm x 30cm and 10cm in order to fit on the seat in front of you.
  • Passengers can carry up to 10kg baggage allowance in the cabin, which is three times more than low-cost airlines.

Checked baggage allowance:

  • Scoot Airlines varies the allowance for baggage for travelers depending on the bundle of tickets they purchase.
  • The passengers that purchase either the FlyBag as well as the FlyBagEat fare bundle can enjoy 20kg of free check-in baggage in a single bag.
  • Customers who purchase ScootBiz fare bundles ScootBiz fare bundle will be able to take up to 30kg of checked baggage.
  • The airline doesn’t allow passengers who don’t purchase an airfare bundle to use any baggage allowances for check-in.
  • As per local OHS regulations, Each bag that is checked must not exceed 32kg.

It’s important to know that there could be additional charges or fees for baggage above the standard price. Passengers must verify their tickets prior to packing to make sure they are aware of the conditions applicable to their particular flight.

Scoot Fee Chart

To access the Scoot Fees Chart for flight routes, you can visit the official website of Flyscoot

The fees chart provides information on baggage fees, seat selection fees, in-flight meals, in-flight shopping, and other in-flight services. You can see below information and destination to view the specific fees for your flight

Scoot Fee Chart: Click Here

Nokscoot Baggage Allowance India

Nokscoot Airlines has specific baggage allowance rules for cabin baggage and checked baggage. This is a brief outline of the baggage allowances for Nokscoot Airlines in India:

Cabin Baggage Allowance:

  • Economy Class One piece of baggage that has a maximum weight of 7kg.
  • ScootPlus Class: Two bags of cabin baggage that have an aggregate capacity of 15kg.

Checked Baggage Allowance:

  • Passengers can buy up to 40kg of baggage allowance on the Internet.
  • Each checked bag can not weigh more than 32 kg.
  • The amount of checked baggage allowance is contingent on the dimensions, weight, and class of travel.

Knowing that restrictions and dimensions could apply to checked or cabin baggage is crucial.

We advise passengers to check the official website or directly call Nokscoot Airlines for the most up-to-date and accurate details regarding baggage allowances.


In the end, knowing the baggage allowance policy at NokScoot is vital to ensure a comfortable trip.

Being aware of the limits for checked-in baggage and hand-carry baggage allowances, baggage fees and other pertinent information will help you prepare your trip to avoid any unpleasant unexpected surprises on the way to your airport.


What is the size of the bag on NOK Air?

56cm X 36cm X 23cm

Who owns NOK Air?

Nok Airlines Public Company Limited manages Nok Air, a budget airline. We are delighted to have Thai Airways International as our principal shareholder, along with other investors who eagerly anticipate our company.

How many bags can you check in for Scoot?

15 pieces

Is food free on Scoot Airlines?

Passengers who travel on the Scoot Plus (equivalent to the premium economy) cabin are served meals at the cost of their ticket. The number of meals you can enjoy will be contingent on the location you fly towards and away from.

Does Scoot provide free water?

Also, water can be available for purchase. Also, as you are aware of these facts prior to boarding, you will not be dissatisfied.

A tip to remember is to Bring your own water refillable bottle since Scoot Airlines provides a water station before boarding. So you’ll have access to your own water on the plane prior to leaving.

Can I bring my own food on the Scoot flight?

Consumption outside of food and drinks is not permitted on the board.