New Holland TV145 Tractor Price, Specs, Review 2024

New Holland TV145 Tractor Price, Specs, Review 2024

New Holland TV145 Price, Reviews, Specs, Engine Oil Capacity, Weight, Serial Numbers, Attachments, Features & Pictures

New Holland TV145 Tractor is equipped with a New Holland turbocharged diesel 6-cylinder liquid-cooled 456 ci [7.5 L] engine, which delivers 145 hp [108.1 kW] power at a rated rpm 2200.

New Holland TV145 Tractor featured a New Holland 7.5L 6-cyl diesel engine, 4×4 articulated 4WD, hydrostatic power steering, hydraulic wet disc brakes, 4,000 lbs [1814 kg] Front lift, 8,700 lbs [3946 kg] Rear lift, 55 gal [208.2 L] fuel capacity, 18 Qts [17.0 L] oil capacity, infinite (3-range) forward and reverse gears.

Now, let’s find out the New Holland TV145 Tractor Price, Parts Specs, Weight, Attachments, Reviews, Serial numbers & Images.

New Holland TV145 Price 

New Holland TV145 Tractor Price, Specs, Review

New Holland TV145 Original Price:  NA

New Holland TV145 Serial Number

  • 2004: RVS022001
  • 2005: RVS022801
  • 2006: RVS023601
  • 2007: RVS055001
  • 2008: RVS055348

New Holland TV145 Review 

The New Holland tractor with the license plate number TV145 is a versatile bi-directional tractor. Its driver’s station can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing the driver to face either direction. This design makes it perfect for a wide variety of tasks such as mowing, baling, and snow removal.

The tractor is powered by a 4.5L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 145 horsepower. It is also equipped with a four-wheel drive system and a hydrostatic transmission.

Due to its versatility and durability, the TV145 is a popular choice for farmers and ranchers. It is also relatively affordable, providing great value for money. For a full review, please check this YouTube video.

New Holland TV145 Specs

New Holland TV145 Engine:

EngineNew Holland turbocharged diesel 6-cylinder liquid-cooled 456 ci [7.5 L]
Power:145 hp [108.1 kW]
Rated RPM:2200
Starter volts:12
Oil capacity:18 qts [17.0 L]
Coolant capacity:29 qts [27.4 L]

New Holland TV145 Transmission

Gears:infinite (3-range) forward and reverse

New Holland TV145 Dimensions

Weight (operating):14,715 lbs [6674 kg]
Wheelbase:118 inches [299 cm]
Length:183.8 inches [466 cm]
Width:77.4 inches [196 cm]
Height:122 inches [309 cm]

New Holland TV145 Power

Engine:145 hp [108.1 kW]
PTO (claimed):105 hp [78.3 kW]
Drawbar (tested):81.3 hp [60.6 kW]
PTO (tested):111.8 hp [83.4 kW]

New Holland TV145 Mechanical

Chassis:4×4 articulated 4WD
Steering:hydrostatic power
Brakes:hydraulic wet disc
Cab:Cab standard

New Holland TV145 Hydraulics

Type:closed center load sensing
Capacity:10.5 gal [39.7 L]
Pump flow:30 GPM [113.6 lpm]

New Holland TV145 PTO

Rear RPM:540/1000
Front RPM:540/1000

New Holland TV145 3 Point Hitch 

Rear Type:2
Rear lift:8,700 lbs [3946 kg]
Front Hitch:2
Front lift:4,000 lbs [1814 kg]

New Holland TV145 capacity

Fuel:55 gal [208.2 L]
Hydraulic system:10.5 gal [39.7 L]

New Holland TV145 Electrical

Charging amps:120

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