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Navy TWMS Login: Navy TWMS Login is a site where users can modify and access personal records for themselves.

It is the TWMS Navy Self-Service Portal was developed to cut down on time and allow employees the ability to access their military documents.

The main purpose of the site is to give users rapid and simple access to the data they require to get their work accomplished.

About United States Navy

The United States Navy (USN) is the naval warfare division that is part of the U.S. Armed Forces and one of the seven uniformed service branches that comprise the United States.

It provides navy expertise, potential maritime power, and military preparedness in support of government officials of the U.S. government in peacetime and during the war. It is the biggest and most powerful navy in the world.

United States Navy was founded in 1794. It is the biggest and most powerful naval force in the world with the largest combined tonnage of the battle fleet and the largest fleet of aircraft carriers, with 11 in service and two more carriers under construction.

With 319,421 members currently on active duty and 109,671 members in the Ready Reserve, the Navy is the third-largest of all the service branches. It is home to 282 combat vessels and over 3,700 operating aircraft in March 2017.

What is Navy TWMS Login Portal?

The Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS) Navy is an online portal that employees can use to view their personal records.

It lets employees view their personal records, take advantage of training, and access information like notifications of Personnel Action (SF50s).

It also provides up-to-date information via an information push via the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS).

TWMS NMCI Navy Mil Self-Service gives employees access to the records of their service members without having to call any specific department to request the records.

They can also access the Naval Acquisition Development Program (NADP) Employee Orientation Training via TWMS. Navy TWMS.

What are the Benefits of TWMS Navy Self-Service Login?

There are many advantages to using the TWMS Navy Self-Service login account. A few of them are as follows:

  • Employees will have the ability to access their information using the traditional/common access card (CAC) as well as a personal identification code (PIN)
  • They may also enroll in the course
  • Employees are able to review their performance evaluations and award history
  • Employees can access their personal records online. This is accessible to active workers, retirees, and their families.
  • Employees can check their balance of leave on the internet.
  • After retirement, the retiree must show either a CAC or a “Letter of Confirmation of Identification” from TWMS NMCI customer service in order to confirm identity with TWMS.
  • The employees from those who use the Navy TWMS Login Portal are able to obtain badges and records.
  • By default, retirees’ access to all TWMS enterprise applications is blocked up until security clearance confirmation is completed.

What are the Requirements for Navy TWMS Login?

  • Navy TWMS Login web address.
  • TWMS Navy Login valid username and password.
  • Internet browser that works with the Navy TWMS military login website.
  • Laptop, PC, Smartphone, or Tablet with a reliable internet connection.

How to Login into the Navy TWMS Self-Service Portal?

This is the step by procedure to sign in to your account on Navy TWMS Mil Portal.

  • Visit the Navy TWMS Login official website at with your CAC.
  • Hit” Ok” to proceed “Ok” button to proceed to the portal on the internet.

Login into Navy TWMS Self-Service Portal

  • Then, enter your PIN, then click” Continue. “Continue” button.
  • Input your TWMS password and then click” Login” and then click the “Login” button to access TWMS Navy. You will be able to access your account.

How to Reset Navy TWMS Login Password?

Have you lost the TWMS Navy username and password? If so, follow this step-by-process guide to reset your password:

  • Visit the Navy TWMS Login official website at
  • Click on it to open the “Forgot Password?” link.
  • Enter your email address or username to reset your password.
  • An email will arrive at your registered email address, with instructions on how to reset your TWMS Navy password for login.
  • Simply click on” Reset Password” or click on the “Reset Password” link and set a new password to the account. Navy Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS) account.

TWMS Navy Helpdesk Contact Information

If you have issues connecting to the Navy TWMS Login Portal, you can get in touch with the Terms NMCI Navy customer service. The following are the contact numbers of the NMCI Help Desk:

Final Words

This is all about the Navy TWMS Login at We’ve provided all information related to Navy TWMS Self-Service, including benefits of TWMS Navy Benefits.

Navy TWMS login guide the TWMS Navy Mil password reset password reset, the NMCI help desk contact information, and much other information. If you have any additional concerns, you can email us using the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is Navy TWMS?

TWMS is an encrypted, secure web-based Department of Navy (DON) system that allows you to look up, print, and edit specific information regarding your personal employment history using one user-friendly, easy-to-use program. It is important to verify the accuracy of employment data can impact your benefits, leave, pay, or other official information.

Q.2 How do I access Navy TWMS?

Access TWMS

Log into TWMS ( with your CAC, using Internet Explorer or Firefox. Select OK, proceed to Application, type in your PIN Click Continue, then click No. continue to do the task I was doing.

Q.3 How do I find training in TWMS?

To complete the course complete the training, sign in to TWMS and use it to access the Navigation Bar on the left side, then select “Online Training & Notices” then select “Available Training” near the top of the next screen. Search for the alphabetically-listed courses to find “NADP Employee Orientation Training (CEU: 1)”, select the training and you’ll be directed to …