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MyUPMC Login is a website for people who are patients at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. This website’s interface is very simple and easy to understand.

Users can get to this website by just following a few easy steps. Patients can also keep an eye on their medical records online. You can also schedule appointments online through this site.

To get to the My UPMC Login Portal, go to, the official login site. After you get to the login page, you can access the portal successfully by following the instructions below.

You should also know what to do each step to get to the MyUPMC Login Portal. Because if you have everything you need to log in before you start, the steps will be much easier to follow.

The list of requirements can also help you avoid problems when trying to log in. So, follow the list below and then move on to the main steps to access the My UPMC Login Account at

Features of MyUPMC Portal

On the portal, you can do a lot of things:

  • You can talk to the doctor and look at your medical records.
  • Set up dates and times.
  • Keep track of the state of your records.
  • Taking a look at the patient’s medical history and test results.
  • Reorder your prescriptions.
  • Get the most out of your health plan.
  • Bills for medical care are paid.
  • You can even use proxy access to take care of your family health record.
  • Use the app to find out how to get out of the hospital.
  • 24*7 Doctors visit around the clock.

About UPMC

About UPMC

UPMC is another name for the University of Pittsburg Medical Center. It is a $21 billion international non-profit health organization with 40 medical institutions, more than 89,000 certified employees, 8,000 facilities, 700 medical centers, including doctors’ offices and ambulatory sites, health insurance for 3.7 million people, and private and international ventures.

Advantages of MyUPMC Login

Having an MYUPMC account gives you the following perks.

  • It’s easy to talk to your doctor.
  • Keeping track of the appointments and schedules.
  • Ordering your medicines again.
  • Bill Payment.

Now that you know what myUPMC is and the benefits of having an account, we’ll show you how to log in. But first, you should know that there are some requirements you have to meet before you can log in.

Requirements For MyUPMC Login Portal

Here is a list of important things you’ll need to access the My UPMC Login Portal as you follow the steps.

  • You will need a cell phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • Also, make sure your device is connected to the internet.
  • It would help if you also had your Username and your Password.
  • You should also know the correct web address (URL) for the MyUPMC Login website.

Steps to Access MyUPMC Login at

Here are the steps you need to take to log in to your My UPMC Login Account successfully.

MyUPMC Login Homepage

  • Click the “Log In” button at the top right of the website once you’re there.

login to myupmc portal

  • Then it would help if you put your valid Username and Password in their spaces.
  • Then, look over the written information to ensure nothing goes wrong, and click the “Log In” button.
  • After that, you will be taken to the MyUPMC Login Portal.

How to Register an Account on MyUPMC Portal?

Please follow the steps below to get into your MyUPMC account successfully.

How to Register an Account on MyUPMC Portal

  • Tap the “create account” button, which is shown in the image below.

select create account from menubar

  • Fill out the form with your information.

register an account on myupmc portal

  • After you’ve filled in those details, tap the “Continue” button and try to follow all the on-screen instructions.

How Can I Reset MyUPMC Username?

In the meantime, here are some quick steps to follow if you forget your username for the MyUPMC login:

How Can I Reset MyUPMC Username

  • Under the password field, click “Forgot Username?”

reset myupmc username

  • Type in your personal information, like your first and last name, date of birth, and last four digits of your social security number. Click “Email Me My Username.”
  • When you get to the next page, follow the rest of the instructions to get your username back.

How to Reset MyUPMC Login Password?

If you can’t enter your password, try the steps below to reset it successfully.

How to Register an Account on MyUPMC Portal

  • Below the blank space for the password, you will see a link that says “Forgot password.”

click on forgot password in myupmc login page

  • You will now be asked to fill in details like your SSN, date of birth, and a few other things. To do this accurately, tap the “complete form to continue” button.

reset myupmc login password

  • Once you press that button, you’ll be given instructions on how to reset your password. Just keep doing what they say to do.

MyUPMC Login Help

In this section, you’ll find the MyUPMC contact information you need to get any help or support.

  • Dial: 1.866884.8579
  • You can even check their help page or contact us page using:

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Final Word

So, that’s all there is to know about the MyUPMC login page at I’ve given you all the information you need to log in to MyUPMC. I hope this article helped you a lot, and if you have any questions, you can call the number above or write to me in the comments. I will help you.

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What is the easiest way to log in to MyUPMC?

Open the official website for MyUPMC login by going to the portal at Then, use your login to get into your account. The easiest way to do it might be to use your phone to open it from anywhere.

What is the main portal link for MyUPMC?

Click on this link,, to go to the official site.

I am facing a problem with MyUPMC portal. Whom should I call?

If you can’t get to the website, you can call 1.866.884.8579.

I cannot access my MyUPMC account on my mobile.

  • Check to see if your phone can connect to the internet well.
  • Check to see if the username and password you’re using are right.

Why I am not able to access to the MyUPMC login portal email?

If you have permission to use the MyUPMC patient portal’s email, then you are the only one who can use the mail services. If you are trying to use email services without permission, you must stop immediately.

What is the my hub UPMC login?

Your official link is the Hub, my UPMC portal login. Open the official login page and try to log in with the same information you usually use.

Is the www myupmc com login secure?

Your privacy is kept safe by the fact that the login is very safe and secure. Your privacy is important to My UPMC. So, don’t worry about the safety of your information the next time you try to use the UPMCportal.