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MyGroundBIZ Account: It is My Ground BIZ’s website that permits users to log in to their MyBizAccount.

Through your MygroundBizAccount you will be able to access many benefits such as company-related announcements, news about the business, videos of successful stories, offers on cars and trucks along with E-Forms, and lastly statements of charges.

If you decide to start reading this post, you’ll discover that we’ve included the most essential details to your My Ground Biz Account login.

In this article, we’ve included the My Ground Biz account as well as other important information to help you complete your login, change your password, and utilize the provided information to your advantage. The details of this account can be accessed by the website.

fedex company

What is

FedEx is a well-known business that has its hands in the shipping and courier business. The head office of FedEx is in Moon Township in Pennsylvania. (USA). It was initially known as the RPS (USA). Roadway Package System when it was established.

The MyGroundBIZ portal along with MyBizAccount is connected to members and the people who use them.

In this article, you’ll find the entire information and the steps to utilize the MyBizAccount FedEx login. This article is an aid for using you to use your MygroundBizAccount.

MyGroundBizAccount – FedEx

My Ground Biz helps service providers stay up to date with news from the company and success stories that feature FedEx Ground contractors, opportunities/links to connect with vendors, and the option to purchase and sell cars.

Through My Ground Biz, My Ground Biz web portal users have access to the account section to see all information that is unique to their service provider. It covers settlement, charge statements, eForms, etc.

In a nutshell, MyGround Biz is a one-stop location for small businesses or service firms to control their contract information and paperwork through FedEx Ground.

Assume you own a firm or a for-profit entity that is registered under US or Canadian state or provincial law. In that case, you could make a contract with FedEx Ground.

It is required that service providers employ their employees to offer services such as delivery, pickup, or transportation services for customers within a mutually agreed-on service zone.

 Portal Name MyGroundBiz
Official Website
Notifications Company news, Opportunities
Used By Independent Businesses and Service Providers

How to Create My Ground Biz Account or MyGroundBIZ ID?

If you’re one of the business owners trying to get in touch with FedEx Ground Biz You need to begin by creating Your MyBizAccount first. It’s easy to follow the steps below.

MygroundBizAccount or MyGroundBIZ ID

  •  Do you see the image above? Click on it, then select the Create Account option to create the account you want to use. My Ground Biz Account
  • Then, you will see the Mybizaccount on the FedEx Com Ground page, fill in the information such as the First Name and Last Name as well as email address and Password (create one) Then verify it or confirm it
  •  Simply click “I do not consider myself a machine” and try to solve the captcha
  •  Click Create Account to sign up for your brand new MygroundBizAccount.
  •  Be sure to ensure that you provide authentic details. This will be your main account.
  •  You will then be asked to choose the type of business you want to use in My Biz Account The options include FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Ground, and so on. You can also look at the alternatives.
  •  In the final step, you verify the email ID that you have linked to the account.

How to Login to My Ground Biz Account? 

Get access to the features or benefits of the app to follow the Steps to MyGroundBiz FedEx Sign-in instructions.

How to Login to MyGroundBIZAccount

  •  Enter Your FedEx ID and click – Login. Follow these instructions if you’re having website issues.
  •  Open the MygroundBizAccountusing another link:

Login to MyGroundBIZAccount

  •  Look at the picture above. You will see a choice to login into your My Ground Biz Account. Select this option.

My Ground Biz Account Login

  •  Input the information of your email that is associated with your MyGroundBIZAccount
  • Enter a password if you don’t have one.
  •  Click Sign In and it will redirect you to your current webpage directly to the MyGroundBizAccount.
  •  If the above link does not work you face trouble, you can also click on the website at


  •  You will need to provide your FedEx ID and password. After that, click on the Sign-In option as per the image above.

How to Reset My Ground Biz Account Login Password?

You should make sure you reset the MyGroundBIZ password immediately quickly as possible. Below are the steps below to follow to reset to reset or change your password to the MyBizAccount FedEx.

Login to MyGroundBIZAccount

  •  Then to access MyGroundBizAccount, click on Sign In

How to Reset MygroundBizAccount Login Password

  •  Then please go to the button – Forgot Password?

Reset MygroundBizAccount Login Password

  •  Then enter your MyBiz Fedex-associated email address into the box.
  •  You can reset the password for your My Ground Biz FedEx password by clicking Reset Password
  •  Open an email inbox (Gmail Outlook, yahoo, etc.).
  •  You should receive an email message from FedEx to reset the password to MyBizAccount FedEx.

Note: There is an easy way to reset the password. All you have to do is, call 1-855-NEW-PSWD (1-855-639-7793) to get your new password. Pretty easy, right?

However, make sure to call from the phone number you have registered on your MyGroundBizaccount; otherwise, you won’t get any response.

MyBizAccount Is Not Working? 

Many users have encountered issues with their computers and accessing MyGroundBiz. Therefore, we thought it would be beneficial to create a section with all the common steps to resolve MyGroundBiz problems.

Before we get into the details It is important to note it is the case that MyGroundBiz portal will be scheduled for periodic maintenance every Sunday, between 12 a.m. ET from 12 a.m. EST until 6 a.m. (EST). In this period there is a chance that the system may not be operational or available and you should keep this in your mind.

“Either username or password do not match” Error Message

If you see the message mentioned above, you entered an incorrect username or password. Most often passwords are not correct. It could be a mistaken user ID, so be sure to keep your eyes on it.

In those using the MyGround Biz contractor portal, passwords must be case-sensitive. verify your credentials and ensure that you are using the correct Uppercase as well as Lowercase character.

If you’ve tried every possible variation of your password you can remember and none is working you may reset your MyGroundBizaccount account password by calling 1-855-NEWPSWD (1-855-639-7793).

If you are in a situation where the worst happens in the event that nothing appears to work in your favor If you are not getting results, reach out to the helpdesk, and start an issue by dialing 800-HELPMIS (1-800-435-7647).

 Customer Support

With all the information included in this article on MGBA FedEx, you will not have difficulties. If however, you encounter any issues, you can use the details we have provided in the following paragraphs.

Users who have problems having issues with MyGroundBizAccount are able to call 1-800-HELPMIS (1-800-435-7647) to get assistance. The lines are open all week 7 a.m. till midnight, and on Saturday 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. Other contact details information is provided below.


We hope you enjoy this article. My Ground Biz has provided some improvements to getting access to Your My Ground Biz Account.

We’re hoping that the issues you encountered will be solved through the contact information.

If we did not address the pressing issues you face it is your responsibility to notify us via feedback or suggestions.

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What is the portal MyGroundBIZ?

MyGroundBIZ is MyGroundBIZis an online portal that is available to employees who have been registered for the facilities or services like Line-haul and FedEx P & D – Pick-up and Delivery. You can access all details of these facilities by accessing your MygroundBizAccount. You can go to the portal – [] or the website – []

What kind of resources are invovled with the MyBizAccount Fedex Com Ground account?

You will be able to gain access to information, such as news and information on sales of vehicles after logging in to your MyGroundBizAccount.
There’s more information about the car or truck-related earnings. You’ll also find tales of achievement along with links to vendor sites, as well as details about the company and business, such as statements of transactions, reimbursement, and eForms, in addition to other things. It is required to be a MyGroundBIZ registered member.

If I want to find the best Fedex Mygroundbiz contracting opportunities, what should I do?

You must open the link to visit the website: You will get all the opportunities here.

What is the Fedex Ground Biz contact website?

FedEx Contractor has a portal at You can retrieve the entire details of your business including Charge statements, Settlement Statements, e-Forms, and much more when you log into the MyGroundBizAccount Contractor portal.

Is there any similarity between FedEx Ground and FedEx?

The only thing that is similar between Fed Ex and FedEx Ground is that FedexGround is a part or subordinate Corporation of the main corporation FedEx.

What does the message Error code:110 mean?

If you encounter Error Code 110, this means your account doesn’t exist. You must contact 1 800 HELP to get support (+1-800-435-7647).

Can I access Mygroundbiz Account Login from my mobile device?

Yes, Mygroundbiz Account Login is usually accessible from mobile devices. Access the portal through a web browser on any Mobile phone or Tablet device.

Can I track packages through Mygroundbiz Account Login?

Yes, Mygroundbiz Account Login often provides a package tracking feature, allowing contractors to monitor the status and location of packages they are handling.

Can I access financial information, such as settlement statements, through Mygroundbiz Account Login?

Yes, Mygroundbiz Account Login typically provides access to financial information, including settlement statements, earnings reports, and other financial records related to your contractor business.

Can I update my business information through the Mygroundbiz Account Login portal?

Yes, Mygroundbiz Account Login usually allows contractors to update their business information, such as contact details, business addresses, and other relevant information.

How can I reset my password for Mygroundbiz Account Login if I forget it?

If you forget your password for Mygroundbiz Account Login, you can usually find a “Forgot Password” link on the login page. Follow the instructions provided to reset your password securely.

Can I communicate with other contractors or UPS representatives through Mygroundbiz Account Login?

Yes, Mygroundbiz Account Login may provide communication channels, such as messaging or forums, to facilitate communication and collaboration among contractors and UPS representatives.

Can I access important announcements or updates from UPS through Mygroundbiz Account Login?

Yes, Mygroundbiz Account Login often provides access to company announcements, updates, policy changes, and other relevant information communicated by UPS.