MyCUinfo Login on CU Boulder Employee Portal

What is MyCUInfo login?

MyCUinfo Login: Today, we’ll discuss the MyCUInfo Login on the MyCUInfo Boulder portal. We will provide essential information regarding this portal for logins.

the login requirements, My CUInfo login procedures, as well as other information related to it. Continue reading the article until the very end and then successfully sign into MyCUInfo Boulder.

What is MyCUInfo?

MyCUInfo is an online portal that is provided through the Colorado Edu of the University of Colorado Boulder.

Through this portal, students are able to access all essential information connected to Colorado Boulder. The portal also offers information on scholarships, jobs, and other details that students might want.


The University of Colorado Boulder offers more than 150 academic programs and has nine colleges and schools.

The number of students who attend Colorado Boulder is around 35,000 (as of January 20, 2022). The state was founded before the five months Colorado was declared an official state in 1876.

Student Benefits of CU Portal Boulder

  • Online Student Centre Access Online Student Centre
  • Find out more about your course
  • Course schedule check
  • Registering courses in your Shopping Cart
  • Make sure you check the time of the assignment.
  • FTQ – Faculty Course Questionnaire
  • Registration forms and access to them.
  • Switch courses and drop them.
  • Easily change your schedule
  • Research on the course
  • Transcripts
  • Access to Degree Audit’s information
  • Pay attention to the bills, and then make the payment
  • Application to College Opportunity Fund
  • Scholarship service review
  • Verifying whether an application is in good condition
  • Choose/receive a health insurance plan

Additionally, you can access numerous student services, including libraries and the study abroad College Opportunity Fund, Financial aid accessibility to form submissions, viewing and approving reward assignments, and many more.

We now know the benefits that are provided through CU Portal Boulder Let’s know the requirements.

MyCUInfo University of Colorado Boulder Portal Login Requirements

  • Official Portal Boulder CU web address
  • MyCUInfo Boulder login with a valid Student ID, password, and student account
  • The most up-to-date and current internet browser
  • Personal computer, smartphone laptop, tablet, or personal computer
  • High-speed internet connectivity that is uninterrupted and uninterrupted. speed

Now that we’ve completed the necessary steps Let us now know how to use the MyCUInfo Boulder log-in procedure.

How to Login to the MyCUInfo University of Colorado Boulder?

Follow the steps below to sign in to MyCUInfo, the MyCUInfo University of Colorado Boulder portal with success. Follow them in the order given.

Login to MyCUInfo

  • Click Log in to MyCUInfo.

Click Log in to MyCUInfo

  • Enter your user name in the box below.
  • Next, enter your IDikey Username.
  • Click the Login button.

Now you are aware of the steps to follow for the MyCUInfo Boulder login.

Important: Once you’ve been added to the HR Database, your Identikey email will be created. You will first need to enable your email address on the official system.

After activating it, you can log in using the username and password you mentioned earlier to gain access to all services provided at The University Campus.

MyCUInfo Login Help

If you’re facing any issues that are related to the MCUInfo log-in or any other technical issue and you need to immediately contact MyCUInfo Portal. The problem will be solved or the issue resolved within a matter of minutes.

MYCUInfo Contact Details are as below,

Contact Number: 303-735-4357

Official Portal:

Official Email address: [email protected]


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What is Identikey username & password?

Identikey Username and Password include your first name’s initial two letters and your last name’s initial two letters. It is comprised of 4 digits which are random.

I am facing a problem using my CUBoulder login on MyCUInfo Portal.

If you’re facing a log-in problem with the MyCUInfo Contact us at 303-735-4357 and [email protected]

What benefits do the students get from the portal?

Students can avail themselves of a variety of benefits spread across four categories including financial information as well as academic resources, student services, access to, and modifications of their personal data.

Students are able to gain access to their schedules for work, their timings and information regarding their courses, the ability to alter the course (drop out) as well as a preview of scholarship-related services, and more.

Please click the link to know more about the benefits: