Monarch Electric Tractor hp, Price, Key Features & Review 2023

Monarch Electric Tractor hp, Price, Key Features, Safety & Charging Time

The Monarch Electric Tractor is a brand-new, groundbreaking product that is making waves in the farming business. This electric tractor is made to be good for the earth, save money, and work well.

With its strong electric motor, the Monarch Electric Tractor can do many things on the farm, from plowing fields to pulling big loads.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Monarch Electric Tractor’s features and benefits, as well as how it has changed the farming business.

Whether you are a farmer looking to improve your equipment or a person who cares about the environment, you won’t want to miss the Monarch Electric Tractor.

Monarch Electric Tractor Price

Monarch Electric Tractor

The price of the Monarch electric tractor, specifically the MK-V model, is $88,998. It is important to note that prices may vary based on additional features, taxes, and extras. It is recommended to contact Monarch Tractor or an authorized dealer for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Monarch Electric Tractor Charging Time

The Monarch MK-V electric tractor can be fully charged with an 80 amp charger in 5–6 hours or with a 40 amp charger in 10–12 hours.

It’s important to remember that charging times can change depending on the charger and other things. Also, after a full charge, the Monarch MK-V electric tractor can run for more than 10 hours.

The tractor has a J1772 Type 1 charge port, and an AC Level 2 charger can be used to charge it.

Because the Monarch MK-V electric tractor can move in both directions, it can be used in the field as a powerful generator.

MK-V Standard Space

Price Starts at $88,998*
Peak Motor Power 70 hp
Drive Train 4 Wheel Drive
Charge Port J1772 Type 1 (up to 80 A)
PTO Power 40 hp
3-Point Hitch CAT I/II
  • Power: The Monarch MK-V electric tractor delivers 70 HP motor power for maximum performance It has a 40 HP continuous and 70 HP peak, 540 PTO RPM
  • Battery: The tractor is equipped with a battery pack for better productivity. The tractor’s battery has an estimated run time of 14+ hours.
  • Transmission: The Monarch MK-V electric tractor is equipped with a 12-speed gearbox and clutch control.
  • Safety Features: The Monarch Tractor is equipped with safety features including roll and collision prevention, vision-based Power Take Off (PTO) safety, and 360° cameras.

Monarch Electric Tractor Key Features and Information

  • 100% Electric: The Monarch Tractor is powered entirely by electricity, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel-powered tractors.
  • Driver Optional: The tractor can be operated with or without a driver, offering flexibility and automation in farming operations.
  • Data-Driven: The Monarch Tractor utilizes data-driven technology to optimize farming practices and increase efficiency.
  • Safety Features: The tractor is equipped with safety features such as rollover protection, real-time alerts, and a sensor suite to ensure safe operation.
  • Production: Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn has partnered with Monarch Tractors to produce the MK-V all-electric tractors. The first Monarch electric tractors have been produced at Foxconn’s facility in Lordstown, Ohio
  • Power: The Monarch electric drivetrain is capable of providing 40HP (30KW) of continuous power and short-duration peak power up to 75HP (55KW).

Monarch Electric Tractor Smart Screen

  • The Monarch Electric Tractor has a smart screen built in.
  • The smart screen gives you access to the tractor’s controls and shows real-time information like 360° camera views, tractor performance reports, and diagnostics for repair.
  • The smart screen also lets you get in without a key and has settings that are easy to understand.
  • Farmers can also use a smartphone or other personal device to control the tractor from a distance.
  • The smart screen on the Monarch Electric Tractor has advanced safety features like roll and accident prevention, PTO (Power Take Off) safety based on vision, and 360° cameras.
  • With its smart screen and other features, the Monarch Electric Tractor is a data-driven and self-driving farm tool that can help farmers boost productivity and efficiency while cutting down on pollution.

Monarch MK-V electric tractor

  • The battery life of the Monarch MK-V electric tractor is estimated to be around 14 hours on a full charge. This runtime may vary depending on the farm, operation, and implement being used
  • The tractor is equipped with a battery pack that provides power for its 70 HP motor
  • The battery is designed to last for more than two times the life of the tractor itself, which is approximately 4,000 hours or four years
  • It is important to note that actual battery life may depend on various factors such as usage patterns, terrain, and operating conditions.

Monarch Electric Tractor Safety

The Monarch Electric Tractor comes with a number of safety features to keep the driver, workers, animals, tools, and food safe. Here are some of the safety features listed in:

  • Roll and collision prevention: The Monarch Electric Tractor is equipped with a full sensor suite that provides real-time pitch measurements and alerts the driver of potential rollover risks. The tractor also features collision prevention and human detection
  • PTO safety: The Monarch Electric Tractor has vision-based Power Take Off (PTO) safety to prevent accidents
  • 360° cameras: The Monarch Electric Tractor is equipped with 360° cameras that provide full visibility and control
  • Monarch Safe Mode: The Monarch Safe Mode enables 360° situational awareness that protects the driver, surrounding workers, livestock, implements, and crops from collisions.
  • Driver optional: The Monarch Electric Tractor offers a driver-optional feature, which can improve safety by reducing the risk of accidents caused by human error.

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Final Words

That was all about the Monarch Electric Tractor  Price, Specs, Review, and Key Features, but if you have any queries regarding this post, then please comment below in the comment box, We will solve your problem as soon as possible, thanks for visiting our site and stay tuned to our site for more new stuff like this.

Monarch Electric Tractor FAQ 

How much is a Monarch electric tractor?

The MK-V now has a suggested retail price of $88,998. The MK-V reservation pricing will be honored for all North American orders placed before this date. Customers who place MK-V reservations before January 14, 2023, will receive the original price.

What is the price of Monarch electric tractor in India?

Additional Information. Monarch MK-V Tractor comes with a starting price of Rs. 56,28,502 lakhs.

How many MK-V tractors can my operator manage?

An operator’s proficiency and the difficulty of the job determine how many tractors they can handle at once. However, the Monarch Tractor is user-friendly, and the manufacturer offers training and support to ensure its customers succeed.

How do I service my MK-V tractor?

The Monarch Tractor has fewer moving components than regular tractors, making it easier to maintain. The company provides a maintenance plan and customer service to ensure that tractor drivers keep their vehicles in top shape.

What are the benefits of an electric tractor?

Zero emissions from the exhaust, lower running expenses, and less noise pollution are just a few of the advantages that electric tractors have over their diesel-powered counterparts. They can be used as an environmentally preferable and long-lasting substitute for fossil fuels.

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