Minecraft Villager Jobs And Trading Guide – 2023

Minecraft Villager Jobs And Trading

These Minecraft villager jobs are the chance to explore a wide range of careers and a wealth of possibilities, with everything from shepherding to weaponsmithing that is available to villagers to explore.

If you’re in the company of numerous residents who have jobs, you’ll be capable of purchasing and trading various kinds of equipment. This could help you avoid a lot of headaches, particularly when it comes to accumulating items regularly.

If you’re in search of a brief overview of all Minecraft villager jobs, and what they do, look up our video tutorial that’s at the very top.

Villagers are a crucial part of the gameplay in Minecraft. They are found in villages that are created naturally by the game or constructed from players’ own.

Villagers offer a wide range of goods and services for players, which include farming, trading and craft. Knowing the various jobs villagers can be employed in is vital for players looking to fully benefit from games mechanic

How many Minecraft villager jobs are there?

In Minecraft, villagers can have one of several jobs, which are assigned randomly when they are first spawned or created.

These jobs determine what the villager will do during their day-to-day activities. The different jobs available to villagers are:

How many Minecraft villager jobs are there


Farmers are responsible for growing crops and breeding animals. Additionally, they can exchange foodstuffs like bread, potatoes, and vegetables.


Librarians specialize in trading books and enchanted books. They can also offer players discounts on book-related trades.


Priests exchange goods with players for enchanting-related things like lapis lazuli and emeralds.


Blacksmiths trade tools, weapons, and armour with players. They can also repair damaged items and offer discounts on certain trades.


Butchers are responsible for trading meat and leather-related items with players.


Nitwits are a special type of villager that cannot have a job. They cannot trade with players and have no practical use in the game.


Cartographers trade maps and related items with players. They can also offer discounts on certain trades.


Fishermen trade fish-related items with players, such as raw fish and cooked fish.

Villager jobs and trades
Villager Job Job Block Trades
Armorer Blast Furnace Chain, iron, enchanted diamond armour
Butcher Smoker Meats, berries, stew
Cartographer Cartography Table Banners, compass, banner patterns, maps
Cleric Brewing Stand Ender pearls, Redstone dust, flowstone dust, potion ingredients
Farmer Composter Crops and foods
Fisherman Barrel Campfires and fishing items
Fletcher Fletching Table Bows, crossbows, arrows
Leatherworker Cauldron Turtle scutes, rabbit hides, leather items
Librarian Lectern Enchanted books, clocks, compass, name tags, glass, ink sacs, lanterns, books, and quill
Mason Stonecutter Polished stone, terracotta, clay, quartz
Shepherd Loom Shears, wool, dyes, paintings, beds
Toolsmith Smithing Table Minerals, bells, tools
Weaponsmith Grindstone Minerals, bells, enchanted weapons

It’s much easier to acquire certain materials if you are willing to invest some time in developing your village than it is searching the world for them.

As Villagers gain more experience trading with you, the quality of their trades will improve. To unlock better items, invest in the early trades.

Villagers who have jobs will wear a badge to indicate their level of experience. The most skilled villagers offer the best trades.

Level Name Total Villager experience required
1 Novice Available from start
2 Apprentice 10
3 Journeyman 70
4 Expert 150
5 Master 250

Minecraft villager jobs

Want a villager to have a certain type of profession? Well, you will need to hunt down the right job block. Happily, we have listed each job block below alongside which job they will work with.

Here is the list:

Armourer: Blast Furnace
Butcher: Smoker
Cartographer: Cartography Table
Cleric: Brewing Stand
Farmer: Composter
Fisherman: Barrel
Fletcher: Fletching Table
Leatherworker: Cauldron
Librarian: Lectern
Masons: Stonecutter
Shepherd: Loom
Toolsmith: Smithing Table
Weaponsmith: Grindstone

How to breed your Minecraft villagers?

Before we start breeding our villagers, we need to understand how the villager breeding system works. Villagers can only breed when certain conditions are met. The first requirement is that there be enough seats for everyone.
The people must be able to eat, which is the second requirement.

breed your Minecraft villagers

Building Your Village

We must first build a village for the villagers to dwell in before we can begin breeding them. We can do this by building several houses and placing beds inside them. It’s crucial to guarantee that the community has enough beds to accommodate all the villagers. We should also build a farm and stockpile food so that we can feed the villagers when needed.

Finding Villagers to Breed

Once we have built our village, we need to find two villagers to breed. We can either find them in existing villages or create our own by curing zombie villagers with a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple.

Preparing for Breeding

Before we can start breeding our villagers, we need to prepare the village for their arrival. We should make sure that there are enough doors and job stations for the villagers to use. We should also create a designated area for the baby villagers to grow up in.

Breeding Your Villagers

We must make sure that both the male and female villagers have access to their own bedrooms and are well-fed before we can begin breeding our villagers.

Raising Baby Villagers

A newborn villager must be raised once it is created.. We should create a designated area for the baby villager to grow up in, which should include a bed and a job station. We should also make sure that the baby villager has enough food to eat.

Creating a Thriving Village

We should keep giving our villagers the tools they require to prosper as our village expands.
and can build new houses, create more job stations, and expand our farm to ensure that there is enough food for everyone. We should also trade with our villagers to unlock new resources and items.

Troubleshooting Villager Breeding

If our villagers are not breeding, there may be several reasons why. The first issue is that there might not be enough beds for the locals.
Second, the people might not have access to enough food. Finally, there may not be enough available spaces for the new baby villagers to grow up in. We should always make sure that these conditions are met before trying to breed our villagers.

 Minecraft villager Details

Even more Minecraft villager details

If lightning strikes a Villager or close to one, they will become a Witch. I don’t mean that they will try to sell you healing crystals. Witches can be dangerous so make sure you get rid of them.

Villagers may raid villages from time to time. If you are able to defend the village, you will be awarded the title of ‘Hero of the Village.’ You’ll be able to get higher rates for trades and even receive gifts from the local townsfolk. It pays to be kind.

An attack on a Villager can turn the village against you and lead to higher trade demands. This can be offset by saving them or taking their last item in a trade. But it is far easier to not attack them at all.

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What are the 15 Minecraft villager jobs?

Here is the list:

  • Armourer: Blast Furnace.
  • Butcher: Smoker.
  • Cartographer: Cartography Table.
  • Cleric: Brewing Stand.
  • Farmer: Composter.
  • Fisherman: Barrel.
  • Fletcher: Fletching Table.
  • Leatherworker: Cauldron.

Who is the rarest villager in Minecraft?

The swamp villager is one of the rarest types of villagers in Minecraft. This is because it’s very uncommon for villagers to spawn in a swamp biome. They can be encountered if two players breed in a swamp biome.

What does a butcher trade in Minecraft?

Butcher: Trades meats, berries, stew, and kelp blocks. Cartographer: Trades maps, compasses, banners + patterns.

What is the rarest village house in Minecraft?

Blacksmiths, butchers, and churches are the rarest buildings. While small villages might not have all of these, large villages could have multiple.