– Milestone Credit Card Activation 2023 The Milestone Credit Card’s web page allows credit card activation to be simple.

If you own an existing credit or debit card you are able to make use of it now. It isn’t possible to make purchases or for anything else until the card is activated.

Credit Card Activation Milestone At

Milestone Credit Card Activation is the process of making the card in use to make purchases. If you’ve recently purchased a credit card, you’ll have to activate it prior to making purchases or making use of it.

The card will not be available for use until it is delivered to you. It has to be activated and a pin placed.

In some cases, activation could appear to be a huge obstacle. However, we’ve made the process as easy as we can by offering step-by-step instructions. Read on to find out details about Milestone Credit Card and how to make use of it efficiently.

Step 1. It is the Milestone account login for credit cards is a possibility if one goes to the website here.

Step 2. Enter the username as well as password, then click the login tab.

Step 3. If you’re not yet registered on your Milestone Online account, then you need to sign up using this method.

Step 4: Click on the Register tab, to begin with, the process of registration.

Step 5. Include the birthdate, account number as well as social security number.

Milestone credit card login

  • Complete the registration by entering any additional information on the following screens.
  • After completing the registration, you will be able to log in to your account at any time you like.

Steps To Follow If You’ve Forgotten Your Username Or Password

  • If you have forgotten your login details, just go to the credit card login page.
  • After the page loads, look for the “Forgot your Username/Password?” link at the bottom of the login widget.
  • When you tap on it, a new page will appear.
  • Enter your username, last four digits of your account number, social security number, and birth date to change your password.
  • Fill in the following information to have your username changed. Fill in your email address, last four digits of the account number, social security number, and birth date.

Complete Instructions To Sign UP For Your Account

  1. After completing the registration process, new users will be directed to Milestone Card’s homepage.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see a “Register” box.
  3. When you click on it, a new registration page will open.
  4. To begin setting up an account, you must first enter your account number, birth date, and social security number.
  5. After that, you can create an account online by filling in the required fields.

How To Get Your Milestone Credit Card Activated?

  • Go to the Milestone Credit Card website,, to activate your Milestone Credit Card.
  • Log-in is available as soon as the website loads. The login area contains a link to activate your card (must log in).
  • Click it to be taken to a brand new login page
  • Enter your username and password to log in. Click the “Log In” button
  • Now, the user will be taken to to activate their card page. They can complete the process within minutes.

How do I log in to my Milestone Credit Card account?

  • To access your Milestone Credit Card account, go to and click the Login button.
  • The top right corner of the screen has a section called “Log in to our Secure Server”.
  • After entering your username, and password, click on “Log In”

How to Pay Milestone Credit Card Bill Payment Online?

You can pay the Milestone online credit card bill by signing in to your Milestone account.

  1. See the Milestone payment category.
  2. You will find the billing and payment section from there.
  3. After you have entered your payment information, such as your credit/debit card details or current account details; you will need to add your billing amount.
  4. If you have previously provided payment details, choose the method you wish to pay.
  5. Once you are done, click on the Pay tab to complete the payment process.

How to pay by Phone?

Call the Milestone customer service number at ( 866-453-2636. Follow the prompts for payment. Once you are done, confirm your payment.

Late fees & Interest rate?

The Milestone credit card has an APR of 24.90% and a late fee of up to $38.

How to cancel Milestone Credit Card?

Call 1-866-453-26636 to cancel your Milestone credit card. You should be aware that if you cannot cancel your application in the shortest time possible, your credit score might be impacted.

Customer Service Number

For the Milestone credit card, please call (866) 453-2636.

What Should You Know About Your Milestone Credit Card?

Milestone Gold Mastercard is a credit card issued to members by a non-profit Community Financial ServicesAssociation of America.

The Milestone Gold Mastercard was created for those with poor credit histories or people with credit problems. Just by making the first five monthly payments on time, you’ll be able to get a better credit line.

You could build credit by continuing to pay your bills on time and in full. You can choose to make a minimum payment of 2% to repay any amount you have spent on the card.

They don’t report late payments for up to 90 days. This ensures that your record doesn’t get worse before you can make amends.

The Milestone Gold Mastercard may be a good option for you if you don’t have a lot of credit history or have had credit problems. This unsecured credit card allows you to build a credit history and increase your score.

You can access your FICO(r), and track your progress with Account Serve(r). You can enroll in Account Serve(r), which will notify you of key account transactions such as new cards, major changes in spending for certain categories, card expiration warnings, and other important information.

You can also set up custom account alerts based on your spending habits. If you have never spent more than $75 in grocery stores per month, Account Serve(r), will send an alert asking you if the transaction was an error or intentional.

Wrapping Up

Milestone Cards specializes in credit cards for those with poor credit histories. The Milestone(r), Mastercard (r) is an excellent way to improve your credit score. It doesn’t require you to use your money as collateral because it is unsecured.

It’s ideal for people with poor credit. They can use it to improve their credit score and make a better financial future. You also get cash back rewards. We are glad that you have successfully activated your Milestone Credit Card online at

Keep checking back for more information and updates. Get unlimited benefits and rewards right now. Enjoy your shopping experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mobile app for milestone Mastercard?

Milestone Mastercard does not offer a mobile app, and it does not offer 24/7 customer support–most of its competitors do. Contact customer service by calling 866-453-26636 or emailing.

What app do I use for my milestone credit card?

Is there an app for the milestone credit card? Access your Milestone Mastercard account via The Bank of Missouri Mobile App, available for iOS and Android.

What is my milestone Account Number?

Your Milestone Credit Card account number can be found on your statement or on credit cards by looking at the 16-digit card number located on the front of your card. The last 6 numbers should be skipped. The 9 remaining digits make up your account number.

Can I use my milestone card at the ATM?

Yes. You can use your Milestone Mastercard to get cash advances at many financial institutions.

How do I check the balance on my Milestone credit card?

To check the balance of your Milestone Credit Card log in to your Genesis Financial Solutions Online Account. Call credit card customer service at 1-866-453-26636.