MGM Grand Buffet Price, Menu, And Hours In 2022

MGM Grand Buffet Price, Menu, And Hours

MGM Grand Buffet Price, Menu, And Hours: Las Vegas buffets are just one of the many things that almost everyone has at least once in Sin City.

A lot of the top resorts offer buffets with every meal from a weekday brunch through weekend dinner.

The MGM Grand buffet has recently reopened after a long absence along with its MGM Grand buffet is ready to welcome guests back for breakfast and much more.

MGM Resorts are known for quality on all levels, so it’s not a surprise that the MGM Grand buffet is a time-tested popular. Covid has put the sourness out of a number of the things that happen in Las Vegas, including the famous buffets.

When things get going you can be sure you can trust that MGM Grand is taking every measure to safeguard the health and security of their guests as well as their employees.

With all that said what do you think about it is true that the MGM Grand buffet is the same as it was in the past? Are they still offering unlimited draft wines and draft beers? What’s with the bloody marys and all the amazing food? Are you still getting a great bargain that will save you money while still enjoying your favorite food in Las Vegas? We have the answer to all these questions as well as more.

MGM Grand Buffet Menu

It is said that breakfast can be the biggest breakfast of the day, and when you consider the amazing food you can find on the MGM Grand buffet for that breakfast that is the first meal of the day We couldn’t be more in agreement.

Buffets are a great option because they cater to anyone and when they serve food as delicious as those at the MGM Grand buffet, breakfast has been elevated to a new level.

The MGM Grand Buffet is open at 7 am, which means you’ll be able to get a morning start on the exploration of Las Vegas, or maybe it’s your last meal before retiring after all night in the casino. All you need to do is make sure you’re hungry.

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MGM Grand Buffet Menu

After over a year without a buffet, Las Vegas is more than content to welcome MGM Grand back to the city. MGM Grand buffet back, especially when they’re serving the most popular breakfast dishes.

There are cold and hot stations in the buffet, and there are choices like omelets that are made to order in the omelet stations with everything that you’d want in the omelets.

There are other breakfast meals that are a hit, such as light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes eggs of all kinds baked ham, and breakfast dishes all over the place. Also, fresh fruits and fresh pastries satisfy that sweet craving.

Let’s say you’re not a fan of traditional breakfast foods. Your idea of beginning your day off right is to dip your fork into fresh fish from the seafood counter or enjoy smoking a perfect piece of salmon sandwich on a freshly baked bagel.

Breakfast at the MGM Grand buffet has you covered. There’s no need to limit breakfast to toast and cereal particularly when you’re ready for brunch.

Weekday and Weekend Brunch at the MGM Grand’s Buffet

Brunch offers the best of the two worlds. You can enjoy all your breakfast food items, paired with healthy and delicious food items.

It also has a hefty dessert buffet too. In the end, what is the MGM Grand dining experience be without a grand finale such as Bailey’s cheesecake to complete the dinner?

If you visit the MGM Grand buffet is open on a weekday the breakfast buffet just is transformed into lunch with little fuss, but on weekends, brunch can be an event on its own.

There are all your classic brunch favorites like soups, fried chicken, and salads available from the buffet of salads, as well as delicious pasta.

Weekday and Weekend Brunch at the MGM Grand’s Buffet

However, let’s look at the things that make this Vegas buffet worth the time. The first thing to note is that there are unlimited beverages. Bloody marys that are unlimited, bottomless alcohol, wine, and champagne brunch seem like fantastic ways to have fun during a lazy weekend.

Its seafood menu is luxurious with seafood like snow crabs, smoked salmon as well as shrimp cocktails. The menu is full of other favorites on the cutting station such as the perfect prime rib as well as baked ham, roasted turkey, and much more.

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Where are you likely to find yourself this weekend for a weekend brunch? The MGM buffet is a must among your choices for a glass of sparkling wine, or any other unlimited drinks, have champagne brunch and fill your plate with your most-loved meals while sharing delicious food with your most loved people.

Buffet Hours at the MGM Grand

Buffet Hours at the MGM Grand

After being shut for the majority of last year due to the pandemic Covid-19 The MGM Grand Buffet is now open to guests for a limited time during the daytime. The most popular Vegas Buffet is now open from Thursdays through Mondays, from 7 am to 2 pm.

It’s not the place to go for a midweek or weekend meal, however, should you be looking for a champagne brunch eggs benedict, eggs Benedict, or the freshly customized omelet buffet that you’re looking for, then the MGM is a great buffet to enjoy an early morning breakfast or one of your favorites for lunch.

It is a must to know that the MGM Grand Buffet is closed on Wednesdays and Tuesdays.

MGM Grand Prices

Since the MGM buffet is only open during breakfast, lunch, or lunch. There aren’t any separate prices for dinner, as you can find in hotels and resorts serving dinner buffets.

In comparison to other buffets on the Las Vegas Strip, the MGM Grand buffet pricing is one of the top Vegas bargains, particularly when you’re visiting with an appetite that is healthy.

During the week Breakfast buffets are available for $27.99 each. If you’re bringing a small child under 5, the meal is included in the price.

There is no charge for children under 5. MGM Grand buffet currently doesn’t provide any discounts for children who are over the age of five. If you’re arriving a bit later on a weekday for brunch or lunchtime, the cost is identical.

MGM Grand Prices

Of course, the food gets more expensive during the weekend, so a visit at weekends will be a little more expensive.

The weekend buffet price is $36.99 for each person. Breakfast is included on Friday and Saturday along with weekend brunch, breakfast on Sundays, and brunch on weekends.

Meal $ Price Hours

Monday, Friday

Adults $27.99
Kids under 5: Free


8am – 3pm

Saturday & Sunday

Adults: $36.99
Kids under 5: Free


8am – 3pm

Location & Parking

The MGM Grand Buffet is at 3799 Las Vegas Blvd shown on the map below.

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Once into MGM Grand. MGM Grand, follow your route until you reach an arrow in red below.

MGM Grand Buffet Near Me

Bottom Line

MGM Resorts doesn’t mess around with food, specifically their buffet. Its menu of breakfast, lunch, and evening dining pleasure is delicious and decadent.

After a night of fun on the Strip or to get ready for a long day in Las Vegas There’s a no better place than MGM Grand Buffet. MGM Grand buffet to sip on a few cocktails and satisfy your hunger.

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Does the MGM Grand offer breakfast?

You can enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet at the MGM in case you’re comfortable having to get up early to grab yourself a meal. Its MGM Grand buffet starts serving breakfast around 8 am and is considered to be one of the most highly rated Las Vegas buffets.

How much is the MGM breakfast buffet?

The buffet prices for breakfast at MGM are comparable to the price you’d spend on breakfast in another hotel located on the Strip. During the week the price is $27.99 for each person. Breakfast, brunch on weekends, and lunch buffets cost $36.99 in total. Children under 5 can eat for free with the payment of an adult.

How do I get a free buffet at the MGM Grand?

It is possible to have your meals on The MGM Grand buffet comped for many reasons, however, the best way to secure an unreserved spot at the front of the line for buffets is to look for specials and offers which include a free buffet ticket.