Massey Ferguson 4707 Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

Massey Ferguson 4707 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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About Massey Ferguson 4707

Massey Ferguson 4707 is a 4WD or 2WD utilitarian tractor from the 4700 Global series. Since 2016, the tractor has been manufactured by Massey Ferguson, a part of AGCO in Brazil and China.

Massey Ferguson 4707 Specs

It is the Massey Ferguson 4707 and is powered by a 3.3L (201.0 cu*in), three-cylinder diesel engine. The electric shuttle transmission has 12 reverse and 12 forward gears. It also features a wet disc clutch.

It was a utility tractor powered by the AGCO Power 33AWIC diesel motor.

It is a 3.3L 3 294 cms 2. (201.0 cu*in), three-cylinder turbocharged Diesel engine with 108.0 millimeters (4.25 in) bore size and 120.0 millimeters (4.72 inches) stroke.

The maximum engine output was 76 PS (55.9kW; 75.0HP).

Massey Ferguson’s 4707 model has power steering and dry disc brakes. Two-post folding ROPS or the cab (optional air conditioning), and 104.8 Liters (27.7 US gall. ; 23.1 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

Massey Ferguson 4707 Key Features

  • 3-cylinder 3.3L AGCO PowerTM Engine
  • Stability
  • Tight Turning Radius
  • 2WD/4WD
  • Adjustable Wheels
  • Durability
  • Heavy-duty
  • Transmission
  • Rear Three-Point Hitch
  • Ease of Use
  • Fender-mounted 3-point Control
  • Seat Options
  • Easy-reach Controls

Massey Ferguson 4707 Price

Price: 64,300 USD (Approx)

Massey Ferguson 4707  Weight

Weight: 3,390 kg (7,475 lbs)

Massey Ferguson 4707 Horsepower

Horsepower: 70 hp 52.2 kW

Massey Ferguson 4707 Oil Capacity

Oil Capacity: 12.5 ltrs

Massey Ferguson 4707 Fuel Capacity

Fuel Capacity: 104.8 liters (27.7 US gal.; 23.1 Imp. gal)

Massey Ferguson 4707 Lift Capacity

Lift Capacity: 4850.2 lbs (2,200 kg)

Attachments Of Massey Ferguson 4707

  • AGCO 936X Loader
  • AGCO 931X Loader

Massey Ferguson 4707 Sepcs


Fuel tank capacity 104.8 liters (27.7 US gal.; 23.1 Imp. gal)
Model MF 4700 Series MF 4707
Weight 2WD ROPS: 3,390 kg (7,475 lbs)
4WD ROPS: 3,510 kg (7,740 lbs)
Cabin type Two-post folding ROPS or Cab (optional with air-conditioning)
Wheelbase 2,240 mm (88.2 in)
Battery 12V, CCA 590A


Max: 75 hp (55.9 kW) | Rated: 70 hp (52.2 kW)
Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Bore and stroke 108.0 mm X 120.0 mm (4.25 in X 4.72 in)
Starter Electric
Fuel type Diesel
Engine model AGCO Power 33AWIC
Horsepower 76 PS (55.9 kW; 75.0 HP)
Intercooled turbocharger

Transmission and chassis

Final drive Planetary
Transmission model
Differential lock Electro-hydraulic rear
Gears 12 forward and 12 reverse
Steering type Power
Transmission type Power shuttle with wet disc clutch
Chassis 4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Brakes Wet disc

Three-Point Hitch

Control type
Lift capacity (at 610 mm/24 in) 2,200 kg (4,850 lbs)
Category II

Hydraulic system

Valves 1 to 3
SCV flow 17.2 GPM (65.1 lpm)
Hydraulic type Open center


Rear tires Ag: 420/85R30
Front tires Ag: 9.5L-15 (2WD), 320/85R24 (4WD)

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Rear PTO type Independent with electro-hydraulic wet disc clutch
Rear PTO speed 540/1000, 540/540E rpm

High Pressure Common Rail Direct

Massey Ferguson 4707 Riview Video

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FAQs – Massey Ferguson 4707

How much does a Massey Ferguson 4707 weigh?       

Massey Ferguson 4707 has an Operating Weight is 3,390 kg (7,475 lbs)

How much horsepower is a Massey Ferguson 4707?         

Massey Ferguson 4707 horsepower is 70 hp 52.2 kW

How Many Cylinders Does Massey Ferguson 4707 Have?      

Massey Ferguson 4707 Has 3 Cylinders.   

Which engine is in a Massey Ferguson 4707 tractor?           

Massey Ferguson 4707 has an AGCO Power 33AWIC Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline 3-cylinder Diesel engine. 

What is Massey Ferguson 4707 fuel capacity?             

Massey Ferguson 4707 has a 104.8 liters (27.7 US gal.; 23.1 Imp. gal) Fuel Tank Capacity.

What is Massey Ferguson 4707 Price?         

Massey Ferguson 4707 Price is $ 64,300.

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