Mahindra Max 24 4WD HST Tractor Price, Specs & Features 2023

Mahindra Max 24 4WD HST Price, Specs: Mahindra Max 24 4WD HST Tractor is equipped with a 3-cylinder powerful diesel engine 1318 CC Displacement, Four-stroke engine which generates 24.4  HP Power at rated rpm 2500.

Among its many exceptional features are Wet Disc Brakes, HST 2-Range Transmission, Single Plate Dry Clutch, Hydrostatic Power Steering, 1693-lb Operating Weight, 1400-lb Lift Capacity, and an Unlimited Number of Gears.

Mahindra Max 24 4WD HST Tractor

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Mahindra Max 24 4WD HST Tractor Price in the USA

Mahindra Max 24 4WD HST Tractor price: $15680

Mahindra Max 24 4WD HST Tractor price with loader: $20230

Mahindra Max 24 4WD HST Tractor Review

The Mahindra Max 24 4WD HST is a sub-compact tractor that delivers a well-rounded combination of power, performance, and versatility.

It’s equipped with a 24.5 horsepower diesel engine, offering ample strength for a range of tasks like mowing, tilling, loading, and snow removal.

The hydrostatic transmission (HST) ensures easy operation, even for those new to tractors.

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Mahindra Max 24 4WD HST Tractor Performance

Engine 3 cylinders
Transmission HST – 2 ranges
Hydraulics Open center
Operating Weight 1,693 to 2,857 lbs.
Horsepower 24.4 – 25.6
Tires Ag, industrial, or turf
Loader Lift up to 1,400 lbs
Warranty 7-year limited powertrain

Mahindra Max 24 4WD HST Tractor Attachments

Maximum Lift Height 75 in
Clearance with Attachment Dumped 60 in
Reach Maximum Height 23 in
Maximum Dump Angle 38 degree
Attachment Rollback Angle 20 degree
Transport Height (maximum) 71 in
Transport Overhang 39 in
Maximum Digging Depth 80 in
Digging Depth 78.5 in
Overall Operating Height 104.8 in
Loading Height 65 in

Mahindra Max 24 4WD HST Tractor Specification

Type Four-stroke
Cylinders 3
Engine HP (kW) 24.4 (18.2) @ 2500 (T4)
Compression Ratio 22:1
Displacement cubic inch3 (cc) 80.4 (1318)
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.1 gallons
Battery Capacity 12 volt, 45 amp hours
Alternator 12 volt, 50 amp hours
Type Single plate, dry
Type HST – 2 ranges
Number of Gears Infinite
Type Hydrostatic
Pump Output 2.7
Type Wet disc
Type Open center
Pump Output 4.6
3-Point Linkage Category 1,
Lift Capacity (lbs.) 1400
Rear Auxiliary Remote Valves 1 spool optional
Type Live
PTO RPM 540 @ 2376
Mid PTO RPM 2000 @ 2556
PTO HP (kW) 19.5 (14.4)
Total (lbs.) 1693
DIMENSIONS with Ag Tires
Overall Length Inches (mm) 104.1 (2645)
Overall Width Inches (mm) 50.7 (1290)
Overall Height Inches (mm) 81.5 (2070)
Turning Radius Min. Feet 7.2 (2.2)
TIRES Sizes and Options
Ag (Front / Rear) 6×12 / 9.5×16
Industrial (Front / Rear) 20×8-10 / 27×12.5-15
Turf 20×8-10 / 29×12.5-15

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