Mahindra 9125 S Tractor Price, Specs & Features 2023

Mahindra 9125 S  Price, Specs: Mahindra 9125 S Tractor comes with 4 cylinders, Four-stroke, Turbocharged, Direct Injection, 3529cc, Water Cooled Diesel Engine which produces 120hp at rated rpm 2300.

Greater hydraulic power and a 3-point lift capability of 3392 kg will increase productivity while allowing you to use a larger variety of tools and accessories to complete your tasks.

Mahindra 9125 S Tractor

In this post, you can get to know about the Mahindra 9125 S Tractor Price, Specs, Performance, Attachments, and more so please read this post at the last and get details about Mahindra 9125 S Tractor.

Mahindra 9125 S Tractor Price in the USA

Mahindra 9125 S Tractor price: $80000

Mahindra 9125 S Tractor price with loader: $90320

Mahindra 9125 S Tractor Feature

  • No DPF
    • No Diesel Particulate Filter
    • No regeneration required
    • No training
    • No operator involvement
    • No additional maintenance
    • No high heat plus no regeneration = more fuel saving
  • Best in class Hydraulic Power
    • Best-in-class hydraulic flow
    • The control valve is standard
    • 3 hydraulic remote outlet is standard with a 4th valve option
    • maximizes implements productivity
  • 3 Point Lift Power
    • Best-in-class lift capacity allows
    • Wide range of implements attachments possibilities
  • mComfort Seat
    • Extra cushion
    • Integrated armrests
    • Retractable seatbelt
    • Ultimate operator comfort
    • Air suspension is standard
  • Lift More In The Front
    • Highest loader lift capacity in its class
    • Skid steer style quick attach loader bucket is standard
    • Get more moved
    • Save more time
  • Optional Equipment
    • Self-leveling valve for loader
    • Multi-coupler kit to connect all loader hoses at once with a snap

Mahindra 9125 S Tractor Attachments

9125 CL Loader with Bucket and Grille Guard
Height (to pin): 162 inches
411 cm
Breakout force (at pin): 6874 lbs
3118 kg
Lift to full height (at pin): 5415 lbs
2456 kg

Mahindra 9125 S Tractor Specification

Cylinders 4
Hp 125 (93.1) @ 2300
Displacement 215.6 (3532)
Pto Rpm 540 @ 2220, 1000
Type Open center
Pump Output 21.2
Lift Capacity 5787
Loader Model 9125L
Max Lift Height 162
Digging Depth 6.1
Lift Capacity 5415
Breakout Force 6874
Op Weight Total 9385
Type Power Shuttle
Speeds 12F / 12R
Ag 380/85R24 / 480/80R38
Overall Length (in) 169.3
Overall Width (in) 90.9
Overall Height (in) 107

Mahindra 9125 S Tractor Implements

Landscape RakesLandscape Rakes
Standard Duty
4 Landscape Rake (Standard Duty)
5 Landscape Rake (Standard Duty)
Heavy Duty
6 Landscape Rake (Heavy Duty)
Rear BladesRear Blades
Standard Duty
4 Economy Blade
Medium Duty
5 Medium Duty Blade with Tilt (50 HP)
Heavy Duty
6 Heavy Duty Blade (70 HP)
Dealer Installed Parts KitsDealer Installed Parts Kits
Grille Guard
Single Spool Auxiliary Valve Kit
Mulch Kit

Mahindra 9125 S Tractor Review Video

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