Mahindra 9125 P Tractor Price, Specifications, Review, Implements 2024

Mahindra 9125 P Tractor Price, Specifications, Review, Implements 2024

Mahindra 9125 P Tractor Price, Specs: Mahindra 9125 P Tractor comes with 4 cylinders, Four-stroke, Turbocharged, Direct Injection, 3529cc Water Cooled Diesel Engine which generates 120hp power at rated rpm 2300.

It is featured an adjustable headrest and armrests, a comfortable Air Ride seat to reduce driver fatigue and increase productivity, Full synchro mesh Type Transmission, Hydraulic wet disc Brakes, a 44.9 gal fuel tank, and 24 Forward / 24 Reverse speed gearbox,

Mahindra 9125 P Tractor with a lift capacity of up to 5,415 lbs at 62″ high with the Mahindra 9125CL loader, the Mahindra M9000 series maintains the highest loader lift capacity in its class.

Mahindra 9125 P Tractor

Mahindra 9125 P Tractor Price in the USA

Mahindra 9125 P Tractor price: $85570

Mahindra 9125 P Tractor price with loader: $95890

Mahindra 9125 P Tractor Performance

  • No DPF
    • No Diesel Particulate Filter
    • No regeneration required
    • No training
    • No operator involvement
    • No maintenance
    • No high heat
  • Best in class Hydraulic Power
    • Best-in-class hydraulic flow
    • The control valve is standard
    • 3 hydraulic remote outlet is standard with a 4th valve option
    • maximizes implements productivity
  • 3 Point Lift Power
    • Best-in-class lift capacity allows
    • Wide range of implements attachments possibilities
  • mComfort Seat
    • Extra cushion
    • Integrated armrests
    • Retractable seatbelt
    • Ultimate operator comfort
    • Air suspension is standard
  • Lift More In The Front
    • Highest loader lift capacity in its class
    • Skid steer style quick attach loader bucket is standard
    • Get more moved
    • Save more time
  • Optional Equipment
    • Self-leveling valve for loader
    • Multi-coupler kit

Mahindra 9125 P Tractor Attachments

9125 CL Loader with Bucket and Grille Guard
price – $10320
Height (to pin):162 inches
411 cm
Breakout force (at pin):6874 lbs
3118 kg
Lift to full height (at pin):5415 lbs
2456 kg

Mahindra 9125 P Tractor Specifications

Hp125 (93.1) @ 2300
Displacement215.6 (3532)
Pto Rpm540 @ 2220, 1000 @ 2227
TypeOpen center
Pump Output21.2
Lift Capacity7628
Loader Model9125L
Max Lift Height162
Digging Depth6.1
Lift Capacity5415
Breakout Force6874
Op Weight Total9385
TypePower shuttle w/ synchromesh
Speeds24F / 24R + 8 creepers
Ag380/85R24 / 480/80R38
Overall Length169.3
Overall Width90.9
Overall Height107

Mahindra 9125 P Tractor Price, Specifications, Review, Implements

Rotary Cutters

Rotary Cutters

Standard Duty
4 Rotary Cutter (Standard Duty) w/Chain Guard
Medium Duty
6 Rotary Cutter (Medium Duty) Shear Pin
Heavy Duty – Lift Type
10 Lift Type Rotary Cutter (Heavy Duty)
Box Blades

Box Blades

Standard Duty
5 Box Blade (Standard Duty)
Heavy Duty
8 Box Blade (Heavy Duty)
Loaders & Equipment

Loaders & Equipment

Loader Equipment
Large Grapple
Emax 25 L Loader with Bucket and Grill Guard

Mahindra 9125 P Tractor Review

The Mahindra 9125 P tractor is a reliable and versatile 95-horsepower utility tractor appreciated for its value. It derives its power from a 3.8-liter diesel engine capable of producing 95 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque.

The tractor is furnished with a 12×12 Power Shift transmission, ensuring smooth and responsive gear shifting. Notably, the 9125 P includes a four-wheel-drive system with a differential lock, providing exceptional traction across various operating conditions.

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