Mahindra 7095 4WD Cab Tractor Price, Specs & Features

Mahindra 7095 4WD Cab Price, Specs: Mahindra 7095 4WD Cab Tractor comes with 4 cylinders, Four-stroke, Turbocharged, Direct Injection, 3529cc, Water Cooled Diesel Engine, which generates 95hp power at rated rpm 2300.

Its best in class features such as Open Center With Position & Draft Control hydraulics, mComfort seat, Full Synchro Mesh with Forward/Reverse Power Shuttle & Constant Mesh Range transmission, and Power Shuttle with Torsional Damper.

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Mahindra 7095 4WD Cab Tractor

In this post, you can get to know about the Mahindra 7095 4WD Cab Tractor Price, Specs, Performance, Attachments, and more so please read this post at the last and get details about Mahindra 7095 4WD Cab Tractor.

Mahindra 7095 4WD Cab Tractor Price in the USA

Mahindra 7095 4WD Cab Tractor price: $61250
Mahindra 7095 4WD Cab Tractor price with loader: $70000

Mahindra 7095 4WD Cab Tractor Performance

  • No DPF
    • No Diesel Particulate filter
    • No regeneration required
    • No operator involvements
    • Eliminates Lost time & maintenance
  • Built Stout For Heavy Duty Chores
    • Heavier standard weight to handle larger implements
    • Longest wheelbase in its class
    • Outstanding durability and operator comfort
  • PST
    • The standard 15*15 power shuttle
    • Widest range of speeds in its class
    • More efficient operation
    • Put more power to the ground
  • mComfort Seat
    • Extra cushioning for operator relief
    • Integrated armrests for less fatigue
    • Retractable seatbelt for easy access
    • Ultimate all-day operator comfort
  • Lift More In The Front
    • Highest loader lift capacity in class
    • Skid steer style quick attach loader bucket is standard
    • get more moved
    • Save more time
  • 540 E PTO
    • Economy PTO
    • Less fuel consumption
    • Reduced nolse levels
    • Increased savings
    • More efficient operation

Mahindra 7095 4WD Cab Tractor Attachments

7095CL Loader

Mahindra 7095 4WD Cab Tractor Specification

Cylinders 4
HP 95 (70.8) @ 2300
Displacement 215.4 (3531)
PTO RPM 540 @ 1993; 540E @ 1469
Type Open center
Pump Output 17
Lift Capacity 5500
Loader Model 7095CL
Max Lift Height 139
Digging Depth 8.75
Lift Capacity 4200
Breakout Force 6050
Op Weight Total 8250
Overall Length 167 (4250)
Overall Width 80.7 (2050)
Type Fully Synchromesh
Speeds 15F / 15R
Ag 12.4R24 / 18.4R30
Industrial 12.5/80 x 18 / 19.5L x 24

Mahindra 7095 4WD Cab Tractor Implements

Rear Blades

Rear Blades

Standard Duty
4 Economy Blade
Medium Duty
5 Medium Duty Blade with Tilt (50 HP)
Heavy Duty
6 Heavy Duty Blade (70 HP)
Landscape Rakes

Landscape Rakes

Standard Duty
4 Landscape Rake (Standard Duty)
Heavy Duty
6 Landscape Rake (Heavy Duty)

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