Mahindra 6065 Power Shuttle Tractor Price, Specs, Attachments & Features 2023

Mahindra 6065 Power Shuttle Price, Specs: Mahindra 6065 4WD Tractor is equipped with 3 cylinders, Four-stroke, Turbocharged, Intercooled, Direct Injection, 2650cc Water Cooled Diesel Engine, which delivers 62hp at rated rpm 2100.

It’s best in class features such as Responsive hydraulic controls, Longer engine life, Reliable transmission offering ease of use all the time, 15F / 15R Number Speeds, Low engine RPM for quieter, cooler running, Oil Immersed Brakes, and 2195 Lift Capacity.

Mahindra 6065 Power Shuttle Tractor

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Mahindra 6065 Power Shuttle Tractor Price in the USA

Mahindra 6065 Power Shuttle Tractor price: $35690

Mahindra 6065 Power Shuttle Tractor price with loader: $43820

Mahindra 6065 Power Shuttle Tractor Performance

  • Work In Comfort
    • mComfort Seat
    • Extra cushioning to support you
    • Integrated armrests for less fatigue
    • Retractable seatbelt for easy access
    • Ultimate operator all-day comfort
  • No DP Filter
    • No regeneration downtime
    • No operator involvement
    • No extra training required
    • No maintenance
  • Built Stout For Heavy-Duty Performance
    • largest tires for better traction
    • Heavier standard weight to handle the largest implements
    • Longest wheelbase for increased stability and safety

Mahindra 6065 Power Shuttle Tractor Attachments

6075 4L Loader with Bucket and Grille Guard
 price – $8130

Mahindra 6065 Power Shuttle Tractor Specification

Cylinders 3
Hp 62 (46.2) @ 2100
Displacement 161.5 (2648)
Pto Rpm 540 @ 1993
Type Open center
Pump Output 11.1
Lift Capacity 4850
Loader Model 6075-4L
Max Lift Height 133
Digging Depth 5.5
Lift Capacity 3450
Breakout Force 5000
Op Weight Total 6746
Type Full synchromesh
Speeds 15F / 15R
Ag 9.5L x 15 / 16.9 x 28

Mahindra 6065 2WD Power Shuttle Tractor Implements

Rear Blades

Rear Blades

Standard Duty
4 Economy Blade
5 Economy Blade
Medium Duty
5 Medium Duty Blade with Tilt (50 HP)
Heavy Duty
6 Heavy Duty Blade (70 HP)
Landscape Rakes Heavy Duty Landscape Rake

Landscape Rakes

Standard Duty
4 Landscape Rake (Standard Duty)
Heavy Duty
6 Landscape Rake (Heavy Duty)

Mahindra 6065 Power Shuttle Tractor Review Video

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