Mahindra 4550 4WD Tractor Price, Specs, Features, Images 2023

Mahindra 4550 4WD Price, Specs: The all-new Mahindra 4550 4WD is an excellent performing tractor at a great value. Loaded with a variety of standard features, the Mahindra 4550 is an economical, rugged, compact 4WD utility tractor that offers ergonomic comfort and versatility. Plus, buyers now have the added advantage of Mahindra’s mCRD Tier 4 engine technology.

Mahindra 4550 tractors are equipped with 49 horsepower, rear hydraulic remotes, and a rear lift capability of 3,527 pounds. The Mahindra 4550L loader has a quick-attach bucket. 2,866lbs loader heave capacity: 20′ Equipment trailer, 10,400lbs capacity, 2′ Dovetail, Equipment ramps Titan 6′ rotary cutter, stump jumper, 55hp gearbox 6′ Titan box blade

Mahindra 4550 4WD Tractor

Mahindra 4550 4WD Tractor Price USA

Mahindra 4550 4WD Tractor price: $26590

Mahindra 4550 4WD Tractor price with loader: $33030

Mahindra 4550 4WD Tractor Performance

Engine Four-stroke
Transmission Sliding mesh with 8
Hydraulics Open center
Operating Weight 4,191 to 5,292 lbs.
Horsepower 41, 48 & 62
Tires Ag or Industrial
Loader Lifts up to 3,527 lbs.
Warranty 7-year limited powertrain

Mahindra 4550 4WD Tractor Attachments 

Cycle Times @ rpm 2500
Raise Boom 6.2
Lower Boom 4
Dump Attachment 2.7
Retract Attachment 2.7
Transport Height 89
Transport Overhang 51
Loading Reach 62.9
Reach From Swing Post 135
Bucket Rotation 155
Swing Arc 180
Stabilizer Spread Operating Position 89

Mahindra 4550 4WD Tractor Specification

Type Four-stroke
Cylinders 4
Engine HP (kW) @ rpm 41 (30.5) @ 2300 (T4)
Compression Ratio 18.7:1
Displacement cubic inch3 (cc) 166.7 (2732)
Fuel Tank Capacity 14.55 gallons
Battery Capacity 12 volt, 96 amp hours
Alternator 12 volt, 45 A
Type Dual
Type Sliding mesh
Number of Gears 8F / 2R
Type Hydrostatic Power
Pump Output 5.8
Type Fully enclosed dry disc
Type Open center
Pump Output 8.7
3-Point Linkage Category 1
Lift Capacity 3525
Rear Auxiliary 1 optional
Type Live
PTO RPM 540 @ 2058
PTO HP 31 (23.1)
Total (lbs.) 4191
DIMENSIONS with Ag Tires
Overall Length Inches 115.3 (2930)
Overall Width Inches 69.4 (1763)
Overall Height Inches 88 (2235)
Turning Radius Minimum 9.7 (3)
TIRES Sizes and Options
Ag 6×16 / 12.4×28
Industrial N/A

Mahindra 4550 4WD Tractor Implements

Medium Duty Offset

Medium Duty Offset

5 position offset
5 forward/5 reverse
Pan-tilt adjustment
Standard Duty Landscape Rakes

Standard Duty Landscape Rakes

4/16X1 tempered nes
SD Main frame 4X4 – 5/15
Various angle positions
Heavy Duty Landscape Rakes

Heavy-Duty Landscape Rakes

4/16X1 tempered nes
HD Main frame 5X3 – 3/8
Various angle positions

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