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Mahindra 4530

Mahindra 4530 Key Features

  • 2.4 L, 2,394 cm2, (146.1 cu·in) Displacement
  • Open center Hydraulic type
  • Two-post foldable ROPS Cabin type
  • Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline Engine
  • 12V, 96Ah Battery

Mahindra 4530 Specs

Model Mahindra 4530
Width 1,850 mm (72.8 in)
Weight 2,590 kg (5,710 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity 64.7 liters (17.1 US gal.; 14.2 Imp. gal)
Length 3,400 mm (133.9 in)
Cabin type Two-post foldable ROPS
Battery 12V, 96Ah


Engine model Mahindra NE342
Bore and stroke
Fuel type Diesel
Compression ratio rating: 2005-2009: 19.4:1
2010-2017: 18.0:1
Horsepower 2005-2009: 43.1 PS (31.7 kW; 42.5 HP) at 2,100 rpm
2010-2017: 44.6 PS (32.8 KW; 44.0 HP) at 2,100 rpm
Engine type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Cylinders 3
Displacement 2.4 L, 2,394 cm2, (146.1 cu·in)

Transmission and chassis

Transmission model
Gears 8 forward and 8 reverse
Steering type Hydrostatic power
Transmission type Synchro shuttle with dry with cerametallic lining clutch
Brakes Dry disc
Chassis 4×4 MFWD 4WD


Rear tires Ag: 13.6×28
Industrial: 16.9×24
Front tires Ag: 9.5×20
Industrial: 10.5/80×18

Three-Point Hitch

Lift capacity (at ends) 1,799 kg (3,967 lbs)
Control type Position and draft control
Caterogy II/I

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Rear PTO speed 540 rpm
Rear PTO type Independent

Hydraulic system

Pump flow 10.9 gpm (41.3 lpm)
Total flow 15.7 gpm (59.4 lpm)
Hydraulic type Open center
Steering flow 4.8 gpm (18.2 lpm)
Valves 2 (optional)

Mahindra 4530 Price & Wight




2,590 kg (5,710 lbs)

Mahindra 4530 Review

Mahindra 4530  FAQ

How much horsepower is a Mahindra 4530?             

 Mahindra’s 4530 horsepower is 44 hp (32.8 kW).

What is Mahindra 4530 Fuel capacity?        

 Mahindra 4530 has a 64.7 liters (17.1 US gal.; 14.2 Imp. gal) Fuel Capacity.

How much does a Mahindra 4530 weigh?         

Mahindra 4530 has an Operating Weight is 2,590 kg (5,710 lbs).

Mahindra 4530 Conclusion

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