Mahindra 2545 4WD Shuttle Tractor Price, Specs & Attachements 2023

Mahindra 2545 4WD Shuttle Price, Specs: Mahindra 2545 4WD SHUTTLE Tractor comes with a 4-cylinder powerful 2732 CC Displacement engine that produces 37.4 HP Power at 2400 rpm.

Its best-in-class features such as Synchromesh Type Transmission, 12F X 12R speed gearbox, Wet Disc Brakes, and Hydrostatic power Steering so easy to move from one place to another place.

Mahindra 2545 4WD SHUTTLE Tractor is one of the most profitable products of the Mahindra Tractor Series.

Mahindra 2545 4WD Shuttle Tractor

In this post, you can learn about the Mahindra 2545 4WD Shuttle Tractor Price, Specs, Performance, Attachments, and more so please read this post at last and get details about Mahindra 2545 4WD Shuttle Tractor.

Mahindra 2545 4WD Shuttle Tractor Price USA

Mahindra 2545 4WD Shuttle Tractor price: $25410
Mahindra 2545 4WD Shuttle Tractor price with loader: $32130

Mahindra 2545 4WD Shuttle Tractor Performance

Engine Four-stroke
Transmission Synchro shuttle 12
Hydraulics Open center
Operating Weight 3,130 to 5,070 lbs.
Horsepower 37.4, 40, 55, 65
Tires Ag, industrial, or turf
Loader Lift to 3,122 lbs.
Warranty 7-year limited powertrain

Mahindra 2545 4WD Shuttle Tractor Attachments

Maximum Lift Height 101.4
Clearance with Bucket Fully Dumped 79.3
Reach Maximum Dump Angle 21.5
Maximum Dump Angle 40
Attachment Rollback Angle 30
Transport Height (max) 119
Transport overhang 44.7
Maximum Digging Depth 94
Digging Depth 92
Overall Operating Height 120
Loading Height 63
Loading Reach 51

Mahindra 2545 4WD Shuttle Tractor Specification

Type Naturally Aspirated
Cylinder 4
Engine HP (kW) @rpm 37.4 (27.5) @ 2400
Compression Ratio 18.7:1
Displacement cubic 166.7 (2732)
Fuel Tank Capacity 9.0 gallons
Battery Capacity 12 V, 80 AH
Alternator 12 V 45A
Type Damper
Type HST-3 range
Number of Gears Infinite
Type Hydrostatic
Pump Output 4.1
Type Wet Disc
Type Open Center
Pump Output gpm 7.6
3-Point Linkage Category 1
Lift Capacity (lbs.) 2646
Rear Auxiliary Remote Valves 1 spool optional
Type Independent
PTO RPM 540 @ 2400
PTO HP (kW) 31 (23.1)
Total (lbs) 3130
DIMENSIONS with Industrial Tires
Overall Length Inches 119.3 (3030)
Overall Width Inches 63.2 (1605)
Overall Height Inches 94.4 (2400)
Turning Radius Minimum Feet 7.87 (2.4)
TIRES Sizes and Options
Ag 7-16 6PR / 11.2-24 4PR
Industrial 10-16.5 / 43×16-20
Turf N/A

Mahindra 2545 4WD Shuttle Tractor Implements

Mahindra 2545 4WD Shuttle Tractor

3 Point Hitch Finish Mowers

Quick hitch
Numerous adjustable
Low maintenance
3 Point Quick Hitch

3 Point Quick Hitch

Heavy duty construction
Adapter Kit
Economy Rear Blades

Economy Rear Blades

Quick Hitch compatible
Can Pivot 150 or 300 forward
Slide adjustable

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