Mahindra 1640 Shuttle Tractor Price, Specification & Features 2024

Mahindra 1640 Shuttle Tractor Price, Specification & Features 2024

MAHINDRA 1640 Shuttle Price, Specs: In this post, you can get to know about the Mahindra 1640 Shuttle Tractor Price, Specs, Performance, Attachments, and more so please read this post at last and get details about Mahindra 1640 Shuttle Tractor.

Mahindra 1640 Shuttle Tractor

Mahindra 1640 Shuttle Tractor Price

Mahindra 1640 Shuttle Tractor price: $24050

Mahindra 1640 Shuttle Tractor price with loader: $29190

Mahindra 1640 Shuttle Tractor Feature

  • No DPF
    • No Diesel Particulate Filter
    • No regeneration required
    • No training
    • No operator involvement or training
    • No maintenance, Just fuel up and go
    • No high heat plus no regeneration = more fuel saving
  • mcomfort Seat
    • Extra cushion
    • Integrated armrests
    • Retractable seatbelt
    • Ultimate operator comfort
  • Lift More At the Rear
    • Highest 3-point lift capacity in its class
    • Do more with your implements
  • Lift More In The Front
    • Highest loader lift capacity in its class
    • Skid steer style quick attach loader bucket is standard
    • Get more moved
    • Save more time
  • More Battery Power
    • Highest cold cranking amps in its class
    • Easy starting in unfavorable conditions
  • Operator Convenience
    • Cup holder
    • Easily accessible 12v socket
    • The mounted toolbox comes standard

Mahindra 1640 Shuttle Tractor Attachments

55B Backhoe w 16 Bucket
72 Mid Mount Mower

Mahindra 1640 Shuttle Tractor Specification

Hp38.7 (28.8) @ 2400
Displacement166.7 (2732)
Pto Rpm540 @ 2376
TypeOpen center
Pump Output7.7
Lift Capacity2646

Mahindra 1640 Shuttle Tractor Implements



Emax 26B Backhoe
85B Backhoe
2540B Backhoe w 16 Bucket
Mid-Mount Mowers

Mid-Mount Mowers

72 Mid Mount Mower
Emax 25M 60 Mid Mount Mower
54 Mid Mower
Finishing Mowers

Finishing Mowers

5 Finishing Mower (60)
6 Finishing Mower (72)
Rear Blades

Rear Blades

Standard Duty
4 Economy Blade
5 Economy Blade
Medium Duty
5 Medium Duty Blade with Tilt (50 HP)
Landscape Rakes

Landscape Rakes

Standard Duty
4 Landscape Rake (Standard Duty)
5 Landscape Rake (Standard Duty)
Heavy Duty
6 Landscape Rake (Heavy Duty)

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