Lowe’s Price Match Policy: What do you need to Know!

Lowe’s Price Match Policy: Lowe’s is among some of the oldest retail stores in the USA, established around 1921 in North Carolina.

It began as a modest hardware store but grew to become one of the largest retail stores across the USA. Lowe’s offers pricing match policies and also price adjustments.

Lowe’s Price Match Policy

Does Lowe’s Offers Price Match?

Yes. Lowe’s has a superior price match policy for customers. Suppose you find a Lowe’s competitor with a lower cost than theirs.

You must bring the proof to the store and request a price match from Lowe’s. If they verify the advertisement to match the price and price match, they will offer to price match the product for you.

“Lowe’s Price” Match is known as Price Promise.

Lowe’s Online Price Match

If you discover a lower price from a qualifying online retailer, you can contact them at 1-877-465-6937, and they will not just price match, but also, their price match includes the price of the item as well as shipping charges.

In the same way, Lowe’s will beat their rivals with their price match guarantee.

Does Lowe’s have Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. There is a 30-day pricing adjustment procedure. One employee says, “We do not want you to be locked into a higher price for an item, even if it was on sale.

To adjust the price For price adjustments, go to their shop or online such as their website.

Lowe’s Price Match Criteria

Here are the requirements for price matching at Lowe’s:

  • If you find that a Lowe’s competitor is offering a lower price on an item, make sure you provide proof of the price that is comparable.
  • In addition, make certain that Lowes store does not price match coupons offered by competitors. If you’re using an online store, you may only apply a coupon code or price match for lower prices, but not both.

Lowe’s Process for Price Match

Although the majority of price match policies are comparable in the sense that they are similar, it is essential to understand and adhere to the particular procedure of the store.

  1. Go to the neighbourhood Lowes store and choose the item you wish to buy.
  2. Find a similar product in an online or local retailer. The term “identical” means that the brand size, dimensions and number of models must be identical.
  3. Check whether the item is otherwise prohibited.
  4. Find a store representative and share your results. (Bring an image of a local advertisement, a photograph or even a link to a website or app)
  5. If the product is subject to a price match, the seller will reduce the price immediately.

Lowe’s Exceptions for Price Match

After discussing the policy’s advantages and disadvantages, we can move on to the exclusions of the price match policy. The Lowes price match guarantee is not applicable to price match guarantees. apply to

  1. Service Pricing (Installation and labour or custom orders or special orders)
  2. Unverifiable Prices
  3. The items are out of stock (Items must be available in Lowes and its competitors)
  4. Clearance, Discounted, Damaged, Used, or Refurbished Goods/Merchandise
  5. Credit Terms, Loans, and or Financing Offers
  6. Free Items or Bundled Merchandise
  7. Discounts for Seniors, Military, or Employees
  8. Pricing or Printing Errors
  9. Coupons
  10. Prices from Auction/Bidding Sites (For instance, eBay)
  11. Purchases made outside of the 30 days

Price Adjustment Process

👉 Lowe’s offers a straightforward method to make price adjustments. If you have purchased anything at Lowe’s within thirty days of purchase, you can receive a refund in part when you discover that Lowe’s or its competitors offer the lowest prices.

👉 Lowe’s will reimburse any difference in price between Lowe’s prices and those of Lowe’s competitors. Lowe’s will also pay back any difference in price between Lowe’s price and the cost of other retailers for an item.

👉 For instance, if you purchase a $100 piece of merchandise at Lowe’s and then discover that Lowe’s competitor is offering it for sale at 80 dollars, Lowe’s will give 20 per cent of the purchase price.

➤ Official Website: www.lowes.com

Lowe’s Price Match Competitors

You may want to know that Lowe’s will match prices with numerous other retailers. Here’s a list of competitors on the internet:

  • Amazon.com
  • Walmart.com
  • Wayfair.com
  • Target.com
  • HomeDepot.com
  • BestBuy.com
  • AceHardware.com
  • BedBathandBeyond.com
  • TractorSupply.com
  • JCPenney.com

Lowe’s Price Matching Process

Although Lowe’s policy of price matching isn’t exclusive to the industry, It’s nevertheless crucial to adhere to the specific guidelines, conditions and conditions imposed by the company.

These are the guidelines needed to implement the price match policy of Lowe’s:

  • Begin by going to the closest Lowe’s store to search for the product you’re looking for. You can also locate the item you wish to purchase from your local retailer, but it doesn’t need the same name as Lowe’s.
  • Visit Lowe’s online and look up the exact product. You may also perform the same search for your local Lowe’s competitors to determine which ones have cheaper costs. Be aware that factors like model, brand, and product size must coincide.
  • Be sure that the item you’re trying to price match doesn’t exclude it from the low-cost price Match program. The items not included in The Lowe’s Price Match Program include free offers such as free books via mail rebates, sales tax incentives, Tax-free events, special promotions for one-time purchases, seasonal schedules sales such as Black Friday, buy-one promotions, and special events.
  • After you’ve gathered all the data, Find the closest store manager in your area, Lowe’s and share your findings. Printouts of your findings, photographs and local advertisements or even give them the link to your competitor’s site or application.
  • The agent will speedily complete their search to verify the details. They’ll also ensure that the product you’re looking to purchase isn’t included in the offer and is available across both sites. After verifying the information, you’ll be eligible for an offer based on your price match with the competitor.

How Long is Lowe’s Price Protection?

Lowe’s price protection lasts for 30 days from the date of the purchase. Also called”the price match promise” or the price drop policies, this store permits customers to claim their money back when the cost of the item decreases or the item is put on sale. This offer is valid if the item was purchased within the last 30 days.

What Are Brands Excluded from Lowe’s Price Match Policy?

Read the conditions and terms of Lowe’s Price Match Policy. There are certain brands and products which are not covered under the policy.

For example, Dacor, ICON, Fisher & Paykel, Monogram, SMEG, Liebherr, Weber, Kichler, and Nest are all exempt from a price match. There are a variety of other exemptions to the policy that include:

  • Service Prices: Lowe’s doesn’t price match services like labour, leasing pickup trucks for small projects, installing and removing appliances, carpet cleaner rental custom orders, special orders, and CO2 refills.
  • Price Unverifiable: Lowe’s can’t match the price if there’s no way to determine if the competitor has an immediate price reduction. You must provide the seller with evidence, usually verified via their website, local ads, or an app.
  • Stocks products: The store will not match the price if items are out of stock at Lowe’s or the particular stores of competitors.
  • Special Offers: It doesn’t match discounted products’ prices, fall in the category of clearance items bundles or free products, used electronic devices or second-hand or refurbished products.
  • Financing Products: Don’t compare to products financed under loans; financing offers and credits.

Additional Exclusion categories of Lowe’s price match include:

  • Products are discounted for senior citizens, employees, senior citizens or military personnel
  • Coupons printed or digital coupons or printed coupons
  • Prices printed incorrectly
  • Items that are outside of the “30-day” timeframe
  • Prices that have been sought via auctions or bidding websites

Does Lowe’s Accept Competitor Coupons?

It’s not true; Lowe’s does not accept coupons from competitors.

Lowe’s will offer you the lowest prices for the items you require. They will match the lowest price you can find when the item complies with their price match policy requirements.

Lowe’s customers can choose to price the same as a competitor’s or apply coupons from Lowe’s coupon to obtain the lowest cost, but they cannot do both.

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Summary of this Article

What do you know from this article on the price match policy of Lowe? The company offers a large price match policy for customers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments section below, and we’ll gladly provide answers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lowes policy on price adjustments?

If you can find an offer lower than the current price of the same product in stock at another local retailer, we’ll match that price at the time of the purchase. Bring the ad photo or printout and present it to an associate to confirm prices on the competitors’ site or ad to complete the price match.

Does Lowe’s price match after purchase?

Can You Price Match After Purchase? Yes, you can price match the purchase at Lowe’s within 30-days. If you’ve bought something that’s gone up in price, take it to Lowe’s to receive a price adjustment.

Does Lowes price match and beat by 10?

Lowe’s is ranked first in the price-match rankings since it doesn’t only match the prices of its competitors; it will beat any competitor’s advertised price by 10% when you find a lower offer. Its competition Home Depot does the same, however, with more restrictions.

Does Lowes price match online prices in store?

If you discover a cheaper cost for the same product on an online or local retail rival (including shipping and delivery charges), simply bring us the current ad of your competitor or printed copy, photo display on your smartphone or an app, and we’ll match the price.

What kind of merchandise does Lowe’s offer?

Lowe’s provides a variety of items to help you improve your homes, such as appliances, furniture, furniture, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, tools, paint, electrical equipment, and installation services. Lowe’s also provides gardening and lawn items and seasonal requirements. Lowe’s also offers a wedding section which includes everything from centrepieces, location rentals and event furniture rentals!

How Generous Lowe’s Price Match Policy is?

Lowe’s will not just honour their competitors’ prices and offer an adjustment process that permits customers to get credit on the original purchase if they find out in the first 30 days.

This price match policy at Lowe’s Match Policy means you don’t have to be concerned about paying more for the exact product! Lowe’s also accepts prices from online stores if the purchaser can print a catalogue or website displaying Lowe’s price and product.