Lowes Hours – Opening, Closing & Holiday Hours – 2022

Lowes Hours – Opening, Closing & Holiday Hours

Lowes Hours: If you’re planning to go to Lowes during the opening hours It is important to know what hours Lowes opens, what are the closing hours, opening hours, and Holiday Hours for Lowe.

It’s not necessary to fret regarding Lowe’s hours as we’ve got all the details that you require in the following table.

Lowe’s is a store that sells a wide range assortment of household improvement and construction materials. The store has items for projects large and small, such as tools, appliances flooring, roofing, and flooring.

Lowe’s also provides installation services for a variety of products they sell. Lowe’s stores sell high-quality products and services at affordable prices. To satisfy customers, the stores should remain open as long as is possible.

What time does Lowe’s Open?

Lowe’s opens from 6 am every day from Monday to Saturday, and Sunday’s opening is at 7 am.

what time does Lowe’s Close?

Lowes is closed at 9:00 on Monday through Saturday and Sunday. The store closes at 8 pm.

Lowes offers customers a wide range of options, including appliances, hardware, as well as home improvements. Lowes also has a wide selection of products, like tools as well as paint, lumber, and kitchen appliances.

Lowe’s is a shop that is open throughout the year except for certain holidays. The majority of stores are open from about 7 am until 8 pm. On weekends, the store could be closed later or have reduced hours. The majority of Lowes locations are shut during Thanksgiving, Easter as well as Christmas Day.

Lowes Hours

Lowes Hours – Today, Saturday & Sunday Hours

In short: The Lowes Store opens at 6:00 am and closes at 9 pm every day from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, the store is open from 07:00 AM to 08:00 PM.

Lowe’s Hours of Operation, Today & Tomorrow

Days Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday     6 am. 9 pm.
Tuesday 6 am. 9 pm.
Wednesday 6 am. 9 pm.
Thursday 6 am. 9 pm.
Friday 6 am. 9 pm.

Lowes Hours Table

Lowes Saturday Hours

Their normal business hours are observed on weekends and they are open all times a day.

Day Timing
  Saturday  06:00 am to 9:00pm

Lowes Sunday Hours

Day Timing
  Sunday   07:00am to 8:00pm

Lowes Holiday Hours

On the holidays, many businesses conduct a lot of business. Lowe’s has the same effect and their sales increase during the season of Christmas. They offer amazing holiday deals as well as discounts.

Lowe’s is open throughout the Christmas season except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Lowe’s shuts its doors on these days to give employees time to spend in their homes with families. The doors reopen for business on the next day.

Lowes Hours open on these Holidays

Days Status
  Happy New Year   Open
Martin Luther King Day Open
President Day Open
Good Friday Open
Easter Open
Memorial Day Open
Independence  Day Open
Labor Day Open
Columbus Day Open
The day before Thanksgiving Open
Black Friday Open
Happy Christmas Evening Open
Mother Day Open
Happy New Year’s Evening Open
Father’s Day Open
Boxing Day Open

Lowes Hours on Christmas Eve

Lowes is typically a bustling store in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. A lot of people are shopping for last-minute gifts and Lowes is often one of the places people go to. The employees of Lowes are often full of activity during this time and they work hard to assist customers to find the items they require.

Lowes Hours Before Easter Day

Lowes is an online retailer for home improvement which is accessible on Sundays throughout the Easter weekend. A lot of customers take advantage of that extended hours in order to finish the Easter-related shopping.

Lowes has a wide selection of Easter-themed products including baskets, candy, and decorations, to help shoppers enjoy the celebration. The store also offers a variety of discounts and sales available throughout the weekend.

Lowes Hours Before Thanksgiving Day

Lowe’s is an American chain of appliances and home improvement stores. For November 25, Thanksgiving Day, Lowe’s offers special discounts to its customers. The discount varies from store to store but typically ranges from 10 percent to 25% off the majority of products. Some stores also offer discounts on furniture and appliances.

Lowes close on these Holidays.

Days Status
  Christmas Day   Close
Thanksgiving Day Close

Lowes’ Online Deals & Shop

Lowe’s offers deals online for customers who wish to shop at the convenience of their homes. The deals include free shipping on orders that qualify and discounts on certain products.

Alongside the online sales, Lowe’s also has a shop section on their website, where customers can buy products directly. The shop section contains a range of categories like appliances and tools, paint, and flooring.

For Lowe’s Online: Click Here

Find Lowes Hours Near Me:

Find a store near you with their store locator. Their store locator can assist you in finding Lowes hours, location along with their telephone numbers, Google Map, location hours along with address along with Google Map. You can find stores by entering your address, and zip code, and then entering the search option by clicking on it.

Find Lowes Hours Near Me

Services provided By Lowes Hours

Appliance Installation Services

Your Installer Will:

  • Dishwashers
  • Over-the-range microwaves
  • Wall ovens
  • Cooktops
  • Gas ranges
  • Gas dryers
  • Gas dryer and gas range hookups are offered in some markets.

Attic Ladder Installation

Your Installer Will:

  • Get rid of your old attic ladder, if it exists.
  • Install your brand new attic ladder
  • Check that it’s functioning in a proper manner
  • Clean up the work location and then remove the old unit

Blinds, Shades & Shutters Installation

  • Blinds
  • Window Shades
  • Interior Shutters

Kitchen Design & Cabinet Installation

  • KraftMaid Custom Cabinets
  • Shenandoah Custom Cabinets
  • Diamond Custom Cabinets
  • Schuler Custom Cabinets
  • In-Stock Kitchen Custom Cabinets
Lowes Services Lowes Services
Carpet Installation Dishwasher Installation Services
Countertop Design & Installation Evaporative Cooler Installation
Door Installation Fencing Installation
Decking Installation Garage Door & Garage Door Opener Installation
Garbage Disposal Installation Standby Generator Installation
Graber Shop at Home Hardwood Floor Installation
HVAC Installation HVAC Service
Laminate Floor Installation Lighting & Ceiling Fan Installation
Playset Installation Roofing Replacement & Installation
Shed Installation Shower Door Installation
Tile Floor Installation Toilet Installation
Vanity Installation Vinyl Floor Installation
Water Heater Installation Window Air Conditioner Installation
Window Replacement & Installation Water Softener Installation

Lowes Hours Customer Services

Sales :8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. (ET), 7 days a week (1-877-465-6937)

Repair, Warranties, and Protection Plans 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. (ET), 7 days a week (1-888-775-6937)

Customer Care : 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. (ET), 7 days a week (1-800-445-6937)

Pro Desk Services: 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. (ET), 7 days a week (1-844-569-4776)

Lowes Credit Account Services:

Lowes Credit Account Services

Contact Number {1-800-508-2520}

Credit Account Services Lowes

Contact Number {1-800-444-1480}

Account Services Lowes Credit

Contact Number {1-866-232-7443}

Lowes Return and Exchange Services

Lowes Return and Exchange Services lets customers exchange or return items that they bought at Lowes. Customers are able to return or exchange products at any time, regardless of whether they have receipts or not.

If a buyer has the receipt, they’ll receive a refund in form of a credit to the store. If a buyer does not have any receipts and is not able to provide credit to the store for the value at present of the item.

Return It in Store

  1. Bring the appropriate products into your neighborhood Lowe’s Store.
  2. Go to the desk of customer service.
  3. Present proof of purchase as well as an acceptable photo ID.

Shipping Options Services

Lowe’s mobile application lets you make purchases online and take them home for no cost in the store. When you want to place an order simply add the items to the cart, then select the store pickup option, and then move to the check-out. A notification email will be sent. The customer will receive an email after the order is confirmed.

When you get the email Go to the store. The items will be ready for collection once they’ve been wrapped.

The free shipping service is offered by Lowe’s. Signing up as a Lowe’s customer and making an order of $45 or more, will allow you to ship for free. In the checkout process, you will be required to select the date of delivery.

Items that qualify will be eligible for free shipping. The majority of Lowe’s customers, registered or not must adhere to the guidelines.

In order to be eligible for delivery free your purchase must total the amount of US$45.

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About Lowes:

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is a Fortune 500 American retail company that runs a chain of appliances and home improvement stores across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

It was founded on the year 1946 by Lucious Lowe, who was born in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, the company has been listed publicly on the New York Stock Exchange since the year 1961.

In January of 2016, Lowe’s operated 2,368 stores throughout Canada, the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The company is ranked 73rd on the Fortune 500 list.


Lowe’s hours are extremely accommodating to the customers who visit, as the majority of stores open at 6:00 am and close by 9:00 pm. But, Lowe’s closes on the days of Easter Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Be sure to verify Lowes’s time of operation before shopping. then visit my site Tractorsinfo.net.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are Lowes hours today?

The hours for Lowe’s today are 6 am until 9 pm from Monday to Saturday and from 7 8 pm from Monday through Sunday.

What time does Lowes Open?

Lowes starts at 6:30 am from Monday through Saturday, and closes the store opens at 7 am every Sunday. This is because Lowes is a store that is open to the general public throughout the early hours of the day. The store would like to be up and running as early as it can be so that customers have the opportunity to shop for items before they get started on their day.

What are Lowes Store Hours?

The store hours at Lowes are 08:00 until 09:00 pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday, hours are from 08:00 AM to 08:00 at.

What time does Lowe’s open today?

Lowe’s starts at 6:30 am on weekdays and 7 AM on Sundays.

What time does Lowe’s open on Sunday?

Lowe’s is open from 7 am every Sunday. This gives customers enough time to browse before closing at 8 p.m.

What time does Lowe’s close on Sunday?

Lowe’s closes at 8 pm on Sundays. This gives their employees the time to be with their families as well as prepare for the workweek. The store is usually open early on Mondays at 6:30 am therefore employees take a short time between opening and closing.

What time does Lowe’s open tomorrow?

The following question inquires about the time Lowe’s will open on Monday in the event that the days listed are from Monday to Saturday. If Sunday is also included the opening hours would be between 7:15 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. Lowe’s typically opens at the time of 6:00 a.m. on weekdays and it’s likely it will be open at the same time on Sunday.

How to find Lowe’s Home Improvement near me?

There are many methods to locate Lowe’s stores close to you. The most straightforward method is to go to Lowe’s website and then use its store search. You can search using a zipcode or address. You can install the Lowe’s app on your phone and then use the store locator this is the best way. Another method to locate the nearest Lowe’s close to you is to locate Lowe’s using Google Maps.

What time is Lowe’s open till?

Store hours are from 9 pm on Mondays and Saturdays, and from 8 pm on Sundays. This is the normal timing for the opening and closing of the store.

How to find Lowe’s hours near me?

 Enter your address and zip code into the search field to locate the nearest store. Click On The Link To Find Store Location.

What time does lowes open in show low, az?

Lowes is open for the show, AZ The hours are from 6 am until 9:00 midnight each day, all week long.